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The Meditational Face-lift

The benefits of daily meditations prove innumerous. Meditation can improve your concentration level and allow you to make better decisions. But just by changing the position in which you meditate, you can turn your daily healing mantra into a natural face-lift treatment.

Normally you would sit in an upright position to meditate. Now, to maximize the beautifying potential of your daily meditationals try this:

1. Gently rotate your neck in circles for one minute. Then roll your shoulders forward and then backwards for one minute. The point of these mini exercises is to relax your neck. It is almost impossible to relax your face and enjoy a natural facelift with a tense neck.

2. Next, lie on your bed and place your neck over the edge of the bed. Granted, your spiritual guru may argument against such a position fearing that you will doze off, but you can handle this.

3. Now, pause your daily meditation in this position with your head tilting downward. Remain in this position for no more that five minutes to avoid a head rush and feeling dizzy.

4. Once your arise from this position, repeat the neck and shoulder mini exercises.

Tilting your head downwards for five minutes offers several face-lifting benefits:

    a. The downward position helps counter the daily pull of gravity on your skin- even if it is for just five minutes. b. The position brings more blood to your face so that excess toxins and excess fatty acids can get transported away from your face. Puffy eyes and a double chin will certainly benefit from the removal of unwanted circulating fats. c. Psychologically, placing yourself in a new position or a new orientation helps alter your mode of thinking. When you alter your thinking models, your brain cells work in new ways- a process that keeps you mentally young and sharp.

Now, your meditational face-lift is done. Use daily for optimum results.

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