The Okinawan Diet – the Anti Aging Diet Secret

The Okinawan diet is the anti-aging and lifestyle secrets resulting from more than twenty-five years of research on the Okinawan people of Japan. These people not only live longer than any other culture in the world, but they also have approximately one-fifth the rate of cancer and almost half the rate of heart disease of the United States. Obesity and disability rates are extremely rare leaving these people to lead long active lives.

The diet of the Okinawan people focuses on the consumption foods low in calorie density rather than on the type of carbohydrates they contain. In fact, this diet is mostly a combination of foods with a high level of complex carbs that are low in fat. The Okinawan diet consists of five main components:

1. Vegetables and plant based products

Unlike typical western recommendations, the Okinawan diet consists of at least ten to twelve varieties of vegetables each day. Some of the main staples in this diet include green peppers, sweet potatoes, and bean sprouts, which are high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, A, and zinc, and with the exception of potatoes, have a low GI rating. This means that on this diet, you are satisfying your hunger with vitamin rich foods and not gaining weight like with high amounts of breads and starches.

2. Flavonoids

Flavonoids are another important component of this anti-aging diet. These foods are important for their ability to prevent heart disease and cancer as well as their antioxidant properties. To reap the benefits of these powerful nutrients, the diet includes three servings a day of foods like tofu, soy, miso soup, and legumes. Other flavonoids included in the diet include things such as onions and apples.

3. Fatty acids

Fatty acids like omega 3s fight wrinkles while maintaining good heart health. Since your body is incapable of producing these components, they need to be absorbed through foods like fish. Some of the most popular choices include trout, salmon, sardines, and trout with the exception of large species like tuna because of the mercury they commonly contain. If you are looking for omega 3s without having to eat fish, flax seed oil and capsules made from molecularly distilled fish oil are healthy alternatives.

4. Calcium

The Okinawan diet recommends three daily servings of items such as tofu, soymilk, tempeh, and yogurt to fill the void of traditional milk consumption. These foods are calcium rich and provide other important nutrients such as protein. Yogurt is particularly important because the special bacteria that it is made with aids and maintains your digestive system while preventing diabetes and encouraging fat loss.

5. Refrain from overeating

Referred to as ‘hara hachi bu’ by the Okinawan people, it means to stop eating when you are eighty percent full to prevent the weight gain and strain caused by overeating. Good eating habits are greatly encouraged as well; Okinawan’s feel you should eat slowly while sitting in a pleasant social environment.

So there you go.

The anti-aging secrets included in the diet are not some magic water or certain potion, but rather a straightforward approach to living a happy and healthy life. It combines antioxidant and vitamin rich foods with a laid back approach to life. By following the Okinawan diet, you can prevent wrinkles and improve your overall wellbeing.

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