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Art of Aging – How Aging Can Be Done Wisely and Mindfully

Art of Aging – How Aging Can Be Done Wisely and Mindfully

We live in a world in which youth is celebrated and even glorified. So for many people, the realization that they are growing older can be depressed, because they see aging as a limitation both physically and mentally. But aging does not have to mean setting boundaries. In fact, aging can be liberating if we accept the fact that getting older is part of the cycle of life. The art of aging involves the ability to discern what is important in life and the ability to live each day mindfully and with intention.

Wisdom. This word can be difficult to forgive and may require that we spend some time thinking about its meaning. It can be said that wisdom is a quality of mind, a state of being wise, the ability to discern, and to understand. In the process of aging and having spent a number years on earth, we learn valuable lessons based on our experiences in life. As a result, we generally become better at discerning what works and does not work in life in general and in relationships with others. And in the process of learning these valuable life lessons, we come to understand what is really important in life and are better able to share this wisdom with others.

Live each day mindfully. Live each day with intention and with mindfulness. Live in the present, which is oftentimes hard to do. Although we learn from our past mistakes, it is not helpful wishing we could turn back the clock and do things over again and sometimes in a better way. If we keep wishing to go backward, we will never get anywhere; Instead, we will just grow old and wither away, full of regrets. The art of living mindfully takes practice and, as we age, we generally have more time to pursue life with intention. Therefore, each day should begin with a commitment to live in the present with no regrets and a goal of being mindful of each moment of our life journey.

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. No matter what we do, we can not escape from growing old. On the other hand, we can control the way we view the aging process, which includes accepting the wrinkles on our face, the sagging skin, and even the loss of mental and physical agility. We can not prevent something from happening that is intrinsic to life itself, and we will never be happy if we spend our time doing battle with the aging process. Rather, we should celebrate aging and do all we can to stay physically and mentally healthy in the process.

A positive outlook on aging is key. The Buddha schools that we are of the nature to grow old. Understanding this inescapable truth can help us create a more positive attitude about the aging process. There is also evidence suggesting older persons with a more positive outlook on aging live longer than those with a negative perspective. Moreover, it can be unhealthy for us to hold a negative attitude about getting older because of the stress it can create. It is the wise person, therefore, who celebrates aging. So applaud the aging process, maintain a positive outlook, and enjoy each moment of every day. It is beneficial to your mental and physical health!

Janet L. Gillis, Ph.D.

Certified Life Coach

Vidalia Coaching