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Over 98% of adults are infected with a parasite that causes rosacea & acne. A team of doctors in China isolated a small unseen parasite called human demodex that can cause people’s complexion to become rough, lumpy and reddish, as well as hair loss, premature aging of the skin, enlarged pores and acne. The parasite looks like a microscopic worm and it feeds off our skin. It takes only 10 days to grow from egg to full size and it multiplies at an extremely rapid rate if not treated properly, leading to Acne Rosacea – a bizarre type of skin rash that occurs primarily on the face.

It was noted in their studies that babies did not have the parasite at birth, but contracted days later when babies were touched by other humans, and the infection grows with us as we get older.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, many theories about the origin of rosacea have been put forth but doctors and dermatologists are starting to accept the fact that bad complexion is due to this parasite.

Dermatologists usually recommend antibiotics like tetracycline for treating Rosacea & Acne, but the results greatly vary, often with little or no effect at all since they are not formulated to get rid of this parasite. After 30 years of research on over 900,000 patients worldwide, this team of the doctors discovered that the use of Seabuckthorn oil combined with other ingredients and applied externally to the affected areas can kill the human demodex parasite and restore the skin to its natural beauty. The results, as reported by patients and doctors worldwide, are amazing and achieved within days after starting the treatment. Also people with normal skin should be aware that they could further enhance it by diminishing their count of human demodex. To view the complete FaceDoctor Line visit us on line at and see what it has done for others !!!!

Penis Rash – Important Causes, Symptoms and Best Treatment

There are many causes for penis rashes. Some are mild and easily treated whereas others are a little more serious and will take time to heal. There are three common conditions that cause penis rash. These are penis acne, penis eczema, and penis scabies. All of these conditions are treatable and, if detected early enough, will not cause any lasting damage to the penis. Let’s look at these conditions in greater detail, so that painful penis rashes can become a thing of the past.

Penis Rash Causes

Three common conditions that cause penis rash are penis acne, penis eczema, and penis scabies.

Penis Acne – The skin on the penis is the same as any other part of the body. The only difference is that penis skin is erogenous and therefore more sensitive. Thus, the causes of penis acne are the same as acne on the face, neck, and back, and are typically begun by bacteria or hormonal influx.

Bacterial penis acne is caused by bacteria called ‘Propiorubacterium’, which lives in the skin’s hair follicles. These bacteria produce an enzyme, which dissolves oil (sebum) produced by the skin. However, on occasions the bacteria produce too much of the enzyme and this then bursts the hair follicles. The area around the hair follicle then becomes red, inflamed, and infected.

Hormonal penis acne is caused by ‘androgens’ in men. This hormone is secreted during puberty. It increases the size of the skin glands and also amplifies oil production. This, in turn, can then create a food source for bacteria, which are attracted to the area and then infect the site.

Penis Eczema – Also know as ‘Atopic Dermatitis,’ eczema is often genetically inherited and can be triggered by allergens such as, soaps and detergents. Sufferers of this type of eczema are also likely to have hay-fever, asthma, and other allergies.

Penis Scabies – Scabies on the penis are caused by an eight-legged mite that is microscopic in size. This mite is transferred via clothing, bedding and sexual contact. It may take as little as a few days to notice these mites, or as long as 4-6 weeks. It just depends on the sensitivity of the penis skin.

Penis Rash Symptoms

While all penis rashes have similar symptoms, some are more profound than others. By looking at the penis rash carefully and then noting down the symptoms, it may be possible to diagnose the problem and find a suitable treatment. Penis acne, penis eczema, and penis scabies have the following symptoms:

Penis Acne – Can appear as a rash, with the skin being red and inflamed, having bumps, and even white heads or other lesions.

Penis Eczema – The penis skin may be itchy, a rash may appear, and the skin may feel as though it is burning. Skin breaks may also become apparent, with the skin oozing and becoming crusty or rough to the touch. In addition, red bumps may appear along with painful cracks.

Penis Scabies – The mites will cause the sufferer to itch, especially at night, which may result in sores appearing. The penis skin will become inflamed and a penis rash will become visible, small lesions may also appear on the skin. Usually, no more than 10 mites will be on the penis at one time and they will leave a small ‘S’ shaped track under the skin; so look carefully for any signs of activity.

In extreme cases, the sufferer may have crusted scabies. This presents itself as a thick, dry, scaly rash, which spreads across an area of skin. This type of penis scabies is the hardest to treat and is the most contagious as thousands of mites can be present.

Penis Rash Treatment

It is important that the penis rash is treated as quickly as possible to avoid permanent penis skin damage and sensitivity reduction. Penis acne, penis eczema, and penis scabies can be treated as follows:

Penis Acne – It is important not to squeeze or pop any penis acne blemishes as this may cause scarring on the skin of the penis. Instead, cleanse the infected area of the penis with an antibacterial wash made for sensitive skin. In addition, apply an acne spot treatment or antibacterial cream to the area. This will reduce the inflammation and redness.

Penis Eczema – The cause of the allergic reaction, if any, must be removed. Change soaps and detergents, wear different clothing, and use alternatives to latex condoms for protection. If the condition does not rectify itself, a medical practitioner must be consulted. They will most likely prescribe a hydrocortisone cream, which must be applied to the affected area daily.

Penis Scabies – A prescription medicine is used to treat scabies, therefore a visit to a medical practitioner is a must if it is suspected that this is the cause of the penis rash. In addition, it is important that anything that the sufferer has come into contact with is cleaned or thoroughly vacuumed. This includes all clothing, bed linen, towels, and furniture. Also, try to avoid scratching the penis and keep any sores clean.

For all conditions, it is also recommended that a penis specific creme, (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), is used daily. This type of product protects the skin of the penis from further damage and, it helps the skin heal and rejuvenate. As, this product contains vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that keep the skin of the penis in optimal condition at all times.

Anti-Aging Tips – How to Stay Young Forever

Premature Aging is one deep concern most of the young people in the US are suffering from. Aging is unavoidable but it looks good with age, not before that. Each one of us wants to age gracefully. Leading a better, faster and smarter life very much depends on your aging process. If you are a little casual or careless in your plan and action, it proves to be a painful journey for the rest of your life.

In a world where work has become a part of our lives, continuous stress and pressure cannot be avoided. Adding to this, pollution and unhealthy diet affect our day to day physical existence. We cannot prevent the signs of aging as we grow older each day. And all these have been definitely manifested in our appearance and skin through dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, weakness etc. In order to look younger and better, men and women all over the world try out things like plastic surgery, anti-aging solutions such as supplements, creams, herbal and oral treatments and more. Since the first option seems to be costlier, the majority opt for the treatments which seem to be cost effective and all in vogue.

There are a lot of antiaging products available in the market and all of them can be placed into three major categories. In the first place, hormones are advertised stating that they can reverse the aging process without any side effects. In other words, hormones can control the symptoms of aging. The second popular category is of those products that contain anti-oxidants. Presence of vitamins such as C, E and A helps in removing free radicals from the skin before these free radicals can pose any threat to skin cells and contribute to the aging process. The third in the category list are natural and herbal antiaging products which are widely used these days. These remedies contain a number of plant medicines that are known to have a great ability to prevent and reverse aging signs.

A large number of people think that artificial creams and lotions available in the market are the best antiaging treatments and provide positive results. This seems like a general myth. A significant number of people who have better knowledge about the ingredients will say that artificial creams and lotions are effective because they contain collagen. But most people are unaware of the fact that it is not possible for the skin to absorb collagen from an external source. This is basically because the collagen molecule is too large for the skin to absorb.

In the present situation, the anti aging supplements are gaining popularity. The anti aging supplements work from the inside to the outside. In fact these anti-aging supplements lead to a rise in the production of anti-aging hormones that support you in aging gracefully.

Research has shown that physically active people who exercise frequently show less signs of aging as they grow older than those who seldom do any exercise. Exercise can improve your stamina, keep your body healthy, improve your muscle tone and keep your skin younger, smooth and supple. Although lotions, creams and even surgery can also delay the signs of aging, exercise is one anti-aging method that you can do anytime, and one that provides a lot of other health benefits.

You can control the aging of the skin by the type of food you take. Fiber rich food substances are found to have good resistance against aging. In fact they help to remove all the bad cholesterol which is deposited in the body that activate oxidation and aging process.

Dark fruits such as acai berries, black raspberries, cherries, red grapes, wild blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, black currants, and chokeberry all contain high concentrations of anthocyanins.

Anthocyanin-rich vegetables include red cabbage, eggplant, and purple corn. Curiously, anthocyanins themselves are rapidly excreted from the body. Scientists believe that anthocyanins work by changing blood chemistry while they are being digested, and that this effect is what accounts for the anti-aging properties of dark fruits.

In order to get the visible anti-aging results you need to get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins from your diet, plus taking anti-aging supplements can doubly ensure that you are moving the clock back. If you would like to look your terribly best even in your forties, anti aging supplements are the best choice accessible to you. But anti-aging supplements will extremely work when you’ve got a correct diet. Make sure that you continue to eat healthy and take exercise regularly. The right food and consistent exercise not only work as anti-aging for your appearance, but they also help you to have a youthful outlook on life. For any further information on natural cure and anti-aging, Please visit our website at for a free consultation.

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Pinkish blots on the skin and excessive dryness are among the main signs to recognize rosacea as a medical condition; recent research shows that the responsible is a bacterium that is not a stranger from psoriasis and arthritis either. However, the real causes of rosacea are still unexplained. Unfortunately, many people claim to have noticed no signs of improvement despite the administration of the prescribed traditional drugs. Should you suffer from this skin condition, it is always a good idea to try natural remedies such as neem, cat’s claw, Colloidal Silver or aloe in association with the drug treatment. Herbal extracts are completely safe to use and they are often reported to work great even in the nastiest of cases.

In the country of origin, India, neem is considered a real panacea given its extensive healing properties particularly in the treatment of viral infections. This evergreen majestic tree has been mentioned in Indian medical records that are four thousand years old; its most used parts have been the bark and the leaves. The active substances in the neem extract have a powerful antifungal and antibacterial action, thus being excellent for various skin diseases. For the treatment of rosacea it would be best to apply neem oil – which has a higher concentration – on the clean skin, preferably after shower. Gently massage it into the skin and let it make its effect. Results should not be long to appear. You may alternate the use of neem oil with some form of aloe gel. Aloe is also recognized for the moisturizing and healing properties at the skin level.

With a large specter of therapeutic action, cat’s claw is a considered a sacred herb in the native rain forest. It is a vine with small thorns at the base of the leaves, which grows up climbing on trees. For centuries, this herb has been considered a valuable medical help particularly in the treatment of infections thanks to its ability to stimulate the immune system. Therefore, when used in skin disease such as rosacea, cat’s claw extract will stimulate the natural body defenses, increasing the reaction of the organism to the unwanted activity of viruses or bacteria. The immuno-stimulation function is the main reason for the combination of cat’s claw with other anti-fungal substances.

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Skin Whitening Injections – How They Work

You can say I was compelled to write this article because of a friend of mine. She had heard of skin lightening injections and pills and was determined to try them in her effort to get a lighter skin tone. I have promised her I will do a bit of research and let her know. I am a great advocate of natural ingredients for all my skin problems. So I was a bit surprised by her decision. In fact this procedure is quite popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia. In a forum on skin care I discovered that it is becoming easily available in Singapore too. But any way here is the result of my research.

What Skin Whitening Injections Do

These injections promise a whiter skin while removing all kinds of skin blemishes like scars and pigmentation marks. They claim to improve the texture of the skin by making them more supple and moisturized. Over all they promise to give you a better and glowing skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It seems the phials solve all your skin related problems.

What Exactly Is the Procedure for Skin Whitening Injection Treatment?

These injections have glutathione as an active ingredient. Glutathione is a known antioxidant. In fact it comes as pills too and used as skin whitening pill. In fact glutathione is used to treat toxicity, acne, cancer, HIV, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, hepatitis, liver dysfunction. But it is more popular for its skin whitening property. Vitamin C and glutathione are combined to give an over all lighter skin tone. Usually 1.25g/5ml vitamin c is combined with 600mg glutathione powder for the injection purpose. The injection should be taken twice a week or once in 3 days. But the dose may be enhanced to 2 ampoules per session if you want enhanced or faster result.

How Long the Treatment Should Continue

Each set contains 10 ampoules. After the first set has been completed maintenance does of one or two injections per month may be continued. The treatment may be done as intravenous drip or normal injection.

Danger and Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injections

Glutathione which is the key component of this skin whitening injection causes nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain and in some cases the ultimate end may be fatal. And be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

If you want to prevent eye wrinkles, you need to start doing certain things, right away. If you are already seeing undereye wrinkles or tiny lines at the corners of your eyes, it’s not too late to repair the damage, but, once again, you need to get started today. Here’s what you need to do.

Let’s start with prevention. Prevention is important, no matter the quality of your skin’s health, today. If you don’t protect and improve it, you’ll be kicking yourself in a few years.

Sun Protection

Sunglasses can help prevent eye wrinkles more than anything else. But, these tiny sunglasses that people are wearing today are merely a fashion statement. They do not provide adequate protection.

To prevent undereye wrinkles and crow’s feet, you need UV blocking sunglasses that are large enough to cover the area beneath and around the eyes. Basically, the larger they are, the better.

Many cosmetic manufacturers have taken to adding sun screening compounds to their product. This is a controversial subject that I could not possibly cover here completely, but I would recommend that you avoid the daily use of products with an SPF rating. We’re just not sure what those chemical compounds can do to the skin. The only compound that has been proven safe and effective is zinc oxide, but don’t get it too close to your eyes.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Bagging, dark circles and undereye wrinkles increase when a person does not get enough rest. Nighttime is repair time for the cells of the body. If you are not getting eight hours, then the repair work cannot be completed.

Help your skin repair itself by using a nourishing cream at night. Some of the best solutions for repairing and fading, as well as preventing eye wrinkles, are found in creams designed for bedtime.

Make sure that the cream is free of artificial preservatives and fragrances. These compounds cause allergic reactions, irritation, inflammation and will disturb your sleep.

Repairing Undereye wrinkles

Now, let’s get to “repairing” those eye wrinkles. How can that be accomplished? Safe and effective ingredients are the keys.

In clinical studies, specific compounds have been shown to reduce wrinkles, bags, dark circles and other signs of aging in the area around the eyes. The compounds are all natural extracts from plants, fruits and other botanicals. Nature provided everything that we needed. We just needed the scientists to put it all together for us.

Look for an ingredient called EYELISS; it is a patented protein peptide that has been shown to improve the appearance measurably after one to two months of use. These claims have been evaluated by industry regulating programs and found to be entirely justified.

The best cream that I have seen for undereye wrinkles combines EYELISS with Canadian Brown Algae Extract, coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E and active Manuka honey. In order to repair and prevent damage caused by aging, including eye wrinkles, you need effective antioxidants and that’s what all of these ingredients actually are.

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