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Preventing Wrinkles Before They Start

In the fight against aging and wrinkles, prevention is your best weapon.  Even if you already have some fine lines or sagging, preventing any further signs of aging will keep you looking your youngest while allowing you to repair the wrinkles and lines you’ve already developed.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moist skin always looks firmer, healthier, and younger.  A simple regimen to follow is to wash your face twice a day and follow up with an application of a quality skin cream.  Washing your face too often can also dry out your skin, so stick to gentle soaps and only wash once in the morning and once before bed.  Every skin type is different, so the products you use will be specific to your needs, but avoid removing too much oil from your face to keep it looking smoother and younger.

Hydrate Your Body

Hydration and moisture is even more effective when coming from inside your body rather than applying creams and lotions to the surface.  Drink plenty of water every day and your skin will be glowing with hydrated radiance.  Fruit juices can have this effect as well while also providing you with additional vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to stay beautiful.

Important Things To Avoid

Smoking, drinking, and exposure to the sun will play a huge part in the development of wrinkles, sagging, blemishes, and other skin problems that can make you look older.  If you want to look young and healthy, smoking should be the first thing to go.  Reducing or limiting your drinking can also keep you looking much healthier.  Excessive alcohol use can not only dehydrate you, but it can have a lasting visible effect on your skin and complexion.  Exposure to the sun is another major cause of wrinkles and premature aging to be sure to always protect yourself with sunblock and shades.

Overall Good Health

Getting plenty of rest, exercise, and proper nutrition will play a large part in your overall appearance.  Relaxed and well rested faces tend to look much younger.  Exercise will stimulate the blood flow to your skin which will keep it healthier and smoother.  Sticking to a good diet and enhancing it with vitamins and antioxidants will definitely affect the way your skin looks and feels.  Overall good health is apparent at a glance, so take care of yourself and you’ll notice the change in your skin tone, texture, and complexion.

Skin Treatments That Will Fight the Effects of Aging

In the search for the fountain of youth, many different skin treatments have been tried and experimented with.  Some things work for certain people while different techniques work for others.  Also, not everyone has the same skin types or signs of aging as each other.  There are many tips and treatments out there you can try, but to save yourself some time, energy, and money, do some research first to make sure you’re using something that’s been proven to work.

Creams and Lotions

Possibly one of the most confusing aspects of anti-aging is walking into the skin cream section for the first time and trying to decipher what all the different ingredients are and what they’re supposed to do.  Some creams will sell themselves pretty convincingly on the package, but their ingredients may not be able to do what they promise.  Creams that contain collagen may not give you the desired affect as your skin cannot absorb the collagen molecules.  However, a cream that promotes collagen and elastin production will help your skin manufacture the components it needs to stay young and supple.

Dietary Supplements

As with the ingredients in face creams, if your body can’t absorb a mineral or vitamin, it’s no use to you as a supplement.   Make sure you understand how any minerals or vitamins you intend to take are supposed to work.  Adding antioxidants to your diet or taking them a supplement is a great way to keep your skin healthy and fight the free radicals you are exposed to from the environment.  Sticking to natural or organic supplements will ensure that you aren’t adding any extra chemicals or toxins into your system which could cause more harm to your skin.

Relaxation and Pampering

A rested face tends to have more of a glow.  Get plenty of sleep to allow your skin and body to repair itself.  Using techniques to deal with stress will also have a visible effect on wrinkles, lines, and blemishes.  Feeling tense or worn out all day can add years to your face, so make sure you take some time for yourself to unwind and reduce the amount of frowns and furrowed brows you have throughout the day.

Surgery and Botox

As a last resort, some people may choose to use plastics surgery or botox injections to reverse the effects of aging.  If you’re planning on taking this route, make sure to educate yourself on the procedure and be sure of your reasons for undergoing the more drastic measures of surgery.  Keep in mind that you may not always get the results you want and that the effects of botox will wear off within about six months.  If you decide to go ahead with a surgical procedure, take care of your face in the future to prevent signs of additional aging before they start.