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Best Skin Care: Top 10 Skin Care Tips

Healthy skin is probably the most important aspect of natural beauty-enhancement. Below you will find the top 10 best skin care tips. Though there are certainly more than 10 important tips to getting the most beautiful skin possible, this skin care tips list is limited to the top 10 that cover the critical points of skin care. Here they are:

1. Know Your Skin Type. Determining your skin type is the first thing that must be done because it will determine the products you choose and the daily regimen that you will follow. There is no one product that will suit every skin type. Your type will be classified as dry, oily, or combination. Look for products that specifically deal with your particular type.

2. Drink Plenty of Water. This cannot be stressed enough. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin moist and will aid in your overall health. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and it requires a lot of water in order to be at its best. This is one of the most important tips for overall best skin care.

3. Cleanse the skin twice a day. Every day we are exposed to dust, free radicals and outside pollutants that can damage our skin. Even though our skin doesn’t look “dirty”, we must be sure to cleanse regularly and twice a day is the recommended amount. When bathing or cleansing your face, use lukewarm water instead of very hot or very cold water because both of those may damage the skin as well.

4. Treat your skin gently. Scrubbing the skin or exfoliating too often is not good for your skin. Never rub, but gently massage the cleanser into your face using upward circular motions. As you age, the skin loses its elasticity and rubbing it or pulling it can actually cause the skin to sag.

5. Use a moisturizer. Dry skin looks bad because it’s not getting the proper nutrients that it needs. The dryness will actually cause your outer layer of skin to crack which results in an unattractive look. Choose a moisturizer that is right for your skin type and apply it over damp skin. Also ensure it’s a good quality product that contains the necessary nutrients for best skin care.

6. NEVER use body soap on the face. This type of soap is meant for use below the neck. Only use cleansers that are made for the face because they are much more gentle on your skin.

7. Use Sunscreen. This point cannot be stressed enough. Using sunscreen will protect your skin against the harmful UV radiation from the sun. You may think that if it’s cloudy that you don’t need sunscreen, but that’s not true. Skin cancer can be caused by exposure to UV rays so don’t forget this very important skin care tip.

8. Exercise and get plenty of sleep. Both are essential for great skin and overall health. Lack of sleep and lack of exercise are both causes of sagging skin and wrinkles. Both exercise and sleep will help you to overcome any stress in your life which makes you look and feel better.

9. Don’t ignore skin conditions. Be sure to pay attention to your skin and if you notice any abnormalities, consult your dermatologist immediately. It’s best to find out what the condition is before you start self-diagnosing and treating it yourself, which could lead to more problems.

10. Try to beat stress. Though we all have stress in our lives, there are ways to lessen it. Understand that stress is harmful in so many ways to your health and to your appearance. It will harm the skin as well so be mindful of this and try to do things to help lessen the stress in your life.

5 Skin Diseases

Our skin is an important organ. Without it, we can’t have the sense of touch, protect the body from external bacterial invasion, regulate body temperature and have a waterproof barrier.

Here is the list that details 5 skin diseases that you should know about.


This condition causes your skin to become dry. When your skin is dry and lacks moisture, it is more susceptible to bacteria, fungi and viral infections which could lead to eczema. How do you solve this problem? Well, you can use moisturizers, gentle cleaners and topical steroids. These can be purchased from your local pharmacies.


This skin disease causes your blood vessels to enlarge, resulting in red, bumpy and blotched skin. Until now, doctors don’t know the actual cause for this disease. Usually, rosacea affects the facial area. When it first appears, you might confuse it with pimples if you are an adult. The danger of the disease is it can affect your eyes, making them red, dry and therefore irritated. How do you tackle this issue? Well, you use an antibiotic cream and sunscreen to protect your skin to avoid getting it at the first place.


This is an autoimmune disease. It is characterized when you have rapid buildup of rough, dry and dead skin cells that form thick scales. Instead of renewing your skin cells every 2 to 4 weeks, a person with psoriasis has his or her skin renewed every few days. This can result in patches that are called plaques. Psoriasis is caused by cold, dry weather, stress and skin abrasions from injuries.

SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus)

If you have this disease, it affects almost every organ in your body. This includes your skin. It is most visible across your cheeks, taking the shape of a butterfly. Always consult your doctor if you suspect you have this disease.


Hypo is a Greek word that means lacking of. Therefore, your body lacks thyroid hormones. In normal conditions, your thyroid produces these thyroid hormones at a steady amount. When there is a lack of thyroid hormone in your body, your sweat and oil glands won’t be able to work as optimally. This can cause you to have swollen, dry and waxy skin. For other people, this can result in hair loss and yellowish skin color due to poor vitamin A absorption.

How do you find out if you have hypothyroidism? Well, you must be diagnosed with blood tests. But you may need further evaluation of the thyroid gland if the gland is enlarged. How do you cure this disease? Well, it is done by replacing thyroid hormones into your body. It is harmless if it is controlled properly with good supervision from your doctor.

Cystic Acne – Causes and Treatment

Cystic – acne treatment begins with an understanding of what cystic – acne really is. Cystic – acne is also known as nodulocystic – acne and is, quite basically, a severe type of acne. It consists of inflamed breakouts that can occur not only on the face but also on other parts of the body.

The blemishes can be quite substantial. Some may even be several centimetres wide. Cysts are the most severe manifestation of an acne blemish. They can be both uncomfortable and painful, and appear as soft bumps under the skin’s surface.

Some individuals may also develop nodules – firm bumps of varying sizes under the skin’s surface. These nodules can often cause damage that takes some time to heal.

These are the symptoms of cystic – acne, but what causes it?


Cystic – acne is actually attributed to the same causes of acne in general. Sebaceous glands produce excess oil, dead skin cells block pores, a predominance of bacteria on the skin that cause acne, and a susceptibility to infections.

Inflamed blemishes happen when a follicle wall breaks and an infected substance finds its way into the dermis. The depth of this break impacts the severity of the resulting blemish. If the infected substance infects nearby follicles then nodules can develop.

Similarly, cystic – acne blemishes develop when there is a deep break in the follicle wall and a membrane grows around the infection.


This type of cystic breakout causes damage to healthy skin tissues. Because of this, these breakouts often result in scarring of the skin. Touching and picking at cystic – acne should avoided at all times, as it will only make the situation worse. You may contribute to the scarring that you are trying to avoid and often spread the bacteria or infection.

Psychologically, cystic – acne can also make you shy away from social situations. This is the most difficult impact of it to live with. You may find yourself limiting your lifestyle just because you are not happy with your appearance. This is obviously not the best option, and you should always be looking to improve your lifestyle sooner rather than later. Tempus fugit.

Treating Cystic – Acne

Treatment can help to decrease the immediate symptoms and the damage that your skin experiences in the form of scarring. For this type of acne, prescribed medications are often necessary. The first attempt at treatment is not always successful, but with subsequent attempts progress can often be made. Accutane is generally the treatment of choice offered by most medical practitioners for cystic – acne, but as you probably already know there are numerous possible side effects to consider.

Personally, I am a firm believer that a healthy, properly functioning body can deal with almost any ailment. If you achieve and maintain a healthy pH balance (6.5 – 7 pH) then you will find that the majority of sicknesses disappear or can be prevented. If you are interested in avoiding serious medications to treat your cystic – acne I suggest switching to a raw vegetable diet for at least a month and trying to keep active with some regular, intensive exercise. Of course, despite its frequent success and the definite improvement you will see there is always the off-chance this won’t eliminate your cystic – acne completely, but if nothing else then you will at least feel a lot better, both physically and mentally.

Some other possible treatments include oral antibiotics, surgical intervention or drainage, intralesional corticosteroid injections and sometimes oral contraceptives for female patients. These treatments may or may not be effective on their own, or they may need to be combined to fully combat your cystic – acne.

Just because your first attempt at dealing with cystic – acne does not work, that does not mean that no further attempts will either. You do not have to just accept cystic – acne. Be persistent. There are many treatments available, and you can always work with a doctor to find an effective treatment regimen for you if no other remedies are working.

Cystic – acne treatment can help you in getting your lifestyle back. Resist the negativity that is being put out there by other sufferers; they have given up. By seeking treatment you can make progress toward clearing up your skin. And with clearer skin and the consequential renewed confidence you will see that I was right.

Rosacea Cures – Secret Cures That Doctors Don’t Want You to Know

Are you looking for Rosacea Cures to solve the disease that completely affects and changes your life? Rosacea is a common chronic skin disorder condition that often resembles acne. It often passes on within families, and women are more likely to have this condition than men. In the initial stage, the condition usually appears as subtle reddening on the face. For Rosacea cures, the recovery process will vary for each person.

Here are steps to stop your Rosacea symptoms:

The first step for Rosacea cures is to avoid triggers. The redness on your face could be more noticeable by the effect of alcoholic beverage, spicy foods, hot water, sauna, and some cosmetic ingredients. If you’re suffering from Rosacea, you should stay away from these in order to lessen your symptoms.

Apart from the triggers I already mentioned, Rosacea cures that most people don’t know before is to keep daily diary. Each person can have different causes that could aggravate the symptoms. Triggers for one patient may have no effect at all to other people. Therefore, you should do a daily dairy about foods and environment you take. When your redness happens, you can go back to your diary and diagnose your triggers. This is the best way to find your Rosacea cure that you don’t have to visit your doctors and pay a lot of money.

To sum up, Rosacea cures can also be invented by yourself without help from doctors. This is extremely effective because this is the cure that is specially crafted to your individual condition. If you have spent a lot of money paying for your doctors, this is the time to try easy and cheap method you have never tried before.

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition, which develops irrespective of a persons skin type. In several cases, it also causes irritation to the delicate eye area or the eyes itself.

Persons who develop eye infections should practice regular eyelid hygiene, including washing with prescribed solutions and applying warm compresses several times a day. In mild cases, the condition is known to have reduced by avoiding stressful and traumatic situations. The National Rosacea Society suggests that persons dealing with this condition may maintain a journal to help recognize and decrease trigger situations.

Some persons maybe prescribed oral antibiotics, which include tetracycline, Doxycycline and Minocycline. Topical antibiotics such as Metronidazole, maybe approved to relieve swelling and partial redness. Oral antibiotics may provide relief from Ocular Rosacea. If symptoms continue, at times Isotretinoin is prescribed. Unfortunately, the antibiotic treatments can cause undesirable side effects, especially when used long-term.

Flushing and swelling of the face can be treated with Clonidine. Its side effects include sleepiness and lowering of blood pressure. Monoxidine, a popular alternative, is less efficient. Determining the cause of flushing is vital. For example, if reddening occurs from consumption of red wines or other foodstuff that contains high amounts of histamine, prescribing antihistamines such as Zyrtec or Claritin could be helpful.

Single wavelength or broad range laser machines are also effective treatment devices for Rosacea. It uses light rays to go through the epidermis and mark the capillaries in the dermis layer of the skin. The heat generated damages these vessels causing them to be absorbed by the human body’s inherent defense mechanism. At times, one may use CO2 lasers to eliminate surplus tissues caused by Phymatous Rosacea.

It is essential to maintain a gentle skin-purification routine using skin friendly cleansers and toning solutions. Protection from the sun is important and regular use of a sunscreen containing a high SPF factor and blocking agents such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are advisable. Rosacea treatments differ from person to person, depending on the type of skin and the severity of the condition itself.

Anti Aging Diet

An anti aging diet should consist of three different components. If you focus on these three as your base, you’ll be on your way to looking younger and feeling younger.

1. Fats.

First you should eliminate all the “bad fats” from your diet. These are such a huge contributor to aging it isn’t even funny. On top of that they contribute to having low energy and even sickness and disease. Bad fats are that which contain high amounts of saturated fats. Generally these are the foods you pretty much know you should stay away from: fried foods, greasy foods, much of what is considered junk foods and fast foods.

On the other hand, there are “good fats” which you can, and should, consume in moderation. These fats are actually healthy for you, and don’t contribute to disease as do the bad fats. These good fats are such things as olive oils, avocados, and fish oils.

2. Antioxidant Foods.

Antioxidant foods are huge in a anti aging diet. They essentially prevent heart disease as well as cancer, reduce blood pressure and slow the effects of aging.

Let’s get right to it. Here are some antioxidant foods which you will definitely want to include in your anti aging diet:

Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, green tea and carrots.

There are more, but these are some of the common foods which are heavyweights in the antioxidant department.

3. Raw Vegetables.

This is another big one. Consuming your vegetables in the raw form, uncooked, will hold in all the anti aging qualities you are looking for. When you cook you veges, you unfortunately cook out some of the anti aging benefits.

The good news is there are actual raw vegetable restaurants opening up which prove you can have delicious meals with raw veges. There are also online guides available which will provide great recipes for an all around anti aging diet rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and raw veges.