Best Natural Treatment For Severe Acne – Which Works Best?

The best natural treatment for severe acne will be discussed. Acne can be very embarrassing to have and with the right natural acne treatment you can clear and prevent severe acne breakouts without any side effects.

The first thing is to wash your face twice daily. Be sure that your hands are clean and use either a mild soap, a gentle face wash or the popular home remedy baking soda. Make sure to gently wash your face and do not rub or scrub as this can irritate your skin and cause even more breakouts to occur. By washing your face two times a day you are effectively cleaning away dead skins cells, dirt and oil which cause acne breakouts.

One of the best natural treatment for severe acne is Tea Tree Oil. This oil is obtained from the leaves to a native plant located in Australia. Tea tree oil contains acne fighting properties called terpenoids. It is just as effective as many over the counter acne medications without the harsh side effects. It also promotes healthy skin production and works to moisturize your skin. It an also be effective for preventing acne scars, which is often times associated with severe acne. It is available in essential oil form and is also available in many creams, gels and lotions. It is best applied after washing your face. Keep in mind, results will vary. While Tea Tree Oil works great for many people suffering from acne, some people do need a stronger acne treatment or medication to treat their severe acne.

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