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Best Ringworm Treatment for Humans

Best Ringworm Treatment for Humans

Ringworm or Tinea is a type of fungus that thrives in humans, animals, and in dirty or filthy conditions. The risks of transmission from an infected person to a healthy person are amplified to a great extent owing to the highly contagious nature of the organisms especially in the hot and humid weather conditions. The multifaceted danger posed by these organism stems from the fact that it can be transferred amongst human, from human to animals, from the dirty surfaces to humans. However, much as the above paragraph paints a bleak image to one, who is confronted by the ringworm, there are more ways to combat with the organisms than you would imagine.

Human beings thanks by and far to the gigantic leaps and bounds growth of the medical sectors accentuated by the cutting edge technologies being deployed to diagnose and eventually deal with disease causing germs can rest assured that this is a condition, which if well approached lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Medical ointments in the form of creams are readily available at the drug stores and at a fairly modest price one might add. More people in the world have agreed with the figures that come out of the government that the use of anti-fungal creams is one of the most reliable, efficient, and effective way of treating ringworm. Some patients are slow to self diagnose the ringworm and as a result they cause them to spread fast and the doctors are left with the option of prescribing anti-fungal pills or oral liquid medications to fully clear any remnants that would prove resistant to the normal creams.

People, who neglect their hygienic standards and/or eat poor diets, have persistent ringworm that can recur even after years. This prompted doctors and pharmacists to come up with an ingenious 3 Day Ringworm Treatment System. The system was aimed at completely eradicating the Tinea or ringworm within the specified time frame. This reduced drastically the chance of the contagion effect for people, who are forced by circumstances beyond their control to live together. The advantages of the 3 Day Treatment System included quick and effective treatment of the fungal infection and equally important was the lowered cost of the treatment. A big boost to a household especially in the austere times we find ourselves in!

The explosion of internet usage in finding solutions to itching problems by using search engines like Google has helped much in seeking the ringworm treatment for humans. The ultimate challenge lies in identifying the best advice to follow. Research by verified medical professionals, however, has narrowed down the treatments to a small easily understandable group for anyone to comprehend. The prevalent solution opted for by many worldwide involve the use of over-the -counter drugs, for a period ranging from 3-4 weeks. Prescribed drugs will take much shorter time durations to exert their full effect. Great care and even more caution must be adhered to concomitant with the instructions given by your physician. This is solely to avoid misuse of the drugs which can have disastrous results like increased resistance of the fungus and/or side-effects leading to lethal allergies.

A favorite of the consumers include strong creamy like chemicals called Clotrimazole with Betamethasone. The two combines perfectly in a synergistic fashion with the Clotrimazole acting on the fungus directly and the second chemical has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the risk of allergic responses by the body. Experts recommend a short exposure period to the above drug owing to its strength.

Other notable and quality anti-fungal ointments for treating ringworms available at the drug stores are Ketoconazole (use once a day) and are a key component of products like Ketoderm, Xelogel, Extrina, Nizoral and Finally Nizoral A-D. Look out for side-effects like itching and maybe the emergence of a rash or even allergic reactions that causes difficulty in breathing and swallowing. To be on the safe side seek medical advice before embarking on any medication!