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Best Skin Tag Remover Methods

Best Skin Tag Remover Methods

If you're reading this article, you are probably looking for a skin tag remover. The internet is littered with different products claiming to be the best, but who do you trust? I think the best practice to use is to step back and evaluate all of the options using sound logic.

In developing the solutions, it is best to start with the cause of the problem. These growths are commonly associated with moles and warts but this could not be farther from the truth. For example, a wart is caused by a viral infection and the ensuing immune system reaction, a tag is usually caused by surface friction. The most common area for them to appear are in places that result in skin on skin friction. Eye lids, under the breasts, and in the armpits are all common places that a skin tag occurs ..

There is not a skin tag remover wonder product because one simply is not necessary. The growths carry virtually no risk of developing into something more serious than cosmetic blemish. That being said, the reality of the fact is that people care about cosmetic appearance and are looking for a skin tag remover.

Below are some of the skin tag remover options that are available.

Cauterization or Cryosurgery – These sound like cool futuristic tag remover surgeries but they are essentially using heat (cauterization) or cold (cryosurgery) to burn or freeze the blemish off. These are a very effetive skin tag remover mathed but should only be performed by a physician and then can be expensive.

Ligation – This logic behind this skin tag remover method, is essentially cutting off the blood supply to the affected area. Since these particular growths consist of living human tissue, it needs oxygen to continue to grow. An "at home" method of ligation is often referred to as the "duct tape method". This method involves using duct tape to cut off the oxygen supply to the affected area. The at home method typically proves ineffective as you have to seal off 100% of the air in order for it to work and it is difficult to keep the tape secure for any extended period of time.

Excision – This is using a scalpel as a skin tag remover by cutting it off. This is another method that could be tried at home but there are risks involved such as infection, scarring, and bleeding. All of the above methods (with the exception of the duct tape method) should only be performed by a physician.

Natural – As mentioned, these types of growths are harmless and will ever clear up by themselves. Understandably this can take some time and people are not anxious to wait for a deformity to fall off of their body. Any of the above procedures would have considered cosmetic and then probably not covered by insurance so they will be expensive, intrusive, and will not stop the problem from returning.