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Best Whitening Cream – Discover the Natural Whitening Agent That Will Not Irritate Your Skin

Best Whitening Cream – Discover the Natural Whitening Agent That Will Not Irritate Your Skin

Most of the lightening creams on the market cause skin irritation; hence if you want the best whitening cream, you have to look for one that contains a lightening agent that will effectively lighten your skin without irritating it. The good news is that you can actually find such a product, but you need to know how to find it.

It may surprise you to learn that he best whitening cream is not one of those you see on TV advertisements; it is not even found among the popular brands. The truth is that most of those brands you see on TV claiming to have the ability to remove skin pigmentation are not effective; yes, most of them do not live up to their claims and they also contain ingredients that are harmful to your body

Gone are the days when products that contain hydroquinone and alphahydroxy acids were referred to as the best whitening creams. Now we know better, we now know that these two chemicals are harmful to the skin; they cause irritation, inflammation and redness of the skin. They also cause your skin to be more photosensitive, making it prone to sunburn; worse still, they damage the outer layer of your skin, making it vulnerable to infections.

The best whitening cream does not contain any harmful chemical; rather it contains all natural ingredients that are quite gentle on your skin. I discovered one of such ingredients during my research; it is called Extrapone(TM) Nutgrass. This plant grows wild in India and the root is medicinal; it lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. Research shows that Extrapone(TM) Nutgrass root inhibits melanin production by more than 41% if used in 0.5 concentration.

The good thing about this natural ingredient is that, while other lightening agents irritate your skin Nutgrass actually prevents irritation. This is because it was first developed as an anti-irritant. It is effective at removing age spots, freckles and other skin pigmentation. It also contains anti-aging properties; hence, it whitens your skin and at the same time makes it look younger.

Other natural ingredients you should look for in the best whitening cream include Cynergy TK(TM), Maracuja and Natural vitamin E.

If you really want the best whitening cream, look for one that contains Extrapone(TM) Nutgrass root and the other natural ingredients mentioned above; they will work together in synergy to give your skin natural lightening and glowing effects, making it look radiant and younger.

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