What is the Best Acne Treatment For You?

Searching for the best acne treatment? If you're among the hapless individuals seeking to calm your acne flare-ups, prepare to be done in a whirl. Not all acne therapies deliver the desired results. The more severe and stubborn the acne, the longer it will take to make them heal, and the more pronounced the marks they may leave behind. Treating acne is oftentimes a trial-and-error process.

Along with a topical treatment, a teenage patient may be advised to use only gentle facial products like soap designed for sensitive or acne-pronone skin, and to eat healthy foods (organic, if possible). Good nutrition counts as the best acne treatment. Strive to eat two to four servings of fruits and three to five servings of vegetables daily. Regular intake of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E and drinking at least eight glasses of water every single day are likewise beneficial to skin health.

On the other hand, among the best acne treatment options that have produced effective results for many people are medications like Accutane (strong enough to treat severe acne) and Retin-A. There are also other preventive care options, like oral supplements, but skin care experts are becoming more cautious in prescribing these particularly for youngsters. They're more suited for adults. On the other end of the spectrum are the natural acne remedies. People's choices vary in what they've considered as the best acne treatment, but natural solutions are among the top contenders.

Apart from nurturing the skin from the inside by eating a variety of whole, natural foods, lean protein, and fresh fruits and vegetables, natural skin care products may help keep acne and other blemishes at bay. Paraben-free skin care formulated with herbal extracts that naturally soothe, calm, and nourish troubled skin may be the best acne treatment for some people. Facials using essential oils and fruity acids can purify the skin, prevent bacteria from penetrating it, and leave a clear complexion. Stressed out or sensitive, acne-prone skin that's red or blotchy may benefit from a facial utilizing sea elements like green algae. Some women may consider facials using plant-based phytoestrogens that improve skin elasticity and add moisture as the best acne treatment. Products containing Resveratrol (which is concentrated in red wine but only appears in minute amounts in grapes, but may also come in supplement form) are also highly touted to combat acne.

For those with mild acne, like teenagers going through a phase, gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing using dermatologist-recommended natural products that produce good results may be considered as the best acne treatment. Eating well, of course, is vital. A study shows that males aged 15 to 25 who were given high-protein low glycemic index foods exhibited reduced reduction of acne compared to those who were fed a regular teen diet consisting of sugary beverages, white bread, and potatoes. Stress needs to be effectively managed, too. Even with a topnotch skin care product or the best acne treatment at hand, not managing your stress levels may be what's causing your skin breakouts. In addition, skin must be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun through use of a sunblock with adequate sun protection factor.

Pros and Cons to Different Methods to Get Rid of Acne

Having an acne problem is more that just a physical problem. It is an emotional problem also. The number one reason Most people in this world have low self esteem is because they currently have an acne problem. For that reason, the ability to get rid of acne is a very profitable business. Unfortunately there are several methods that claim to eliminate acne.

  • Topical Creams . These products fall under the "over the counter" brands. You are able to buy these products at any of your local stores. There is a very good reason almost everyone uses them and STILL uses them. These products are the easiest to obtain. Most people settle for convenience. Unfortunately those products never prevent the acne from coming back. For that reason, you will continue to use those products forever.
  • Antibiotics . This is a good method. Unfortunately, not everyone has this as an option. In order to get any type of antiboitic, you must have a prescription given to you from your doctor. You just can not go and get a prescription. A doctor will only write a prescription for the severe problems.
  • Natural Remedies . This method is the only affordable way proven to prevent acne. In order to prevent acne, you must learn how to treat your skin. There are home remedies that will allow you to clean and clear up you skin with out spending a fortune. You are able to use certain fruits and vegetables that will allow you to clean you skin. You are able to make creams and masks with those certain fruits and vegetables. Those creams and masks will ensure that you never have an acne problem again.

So let the internet help you find the home remedies that will permanently get rid of your acne.

Is Your Acne Driving You Nuts? Try This!

The causes of acne are internal rather than external however there are certain external factors that can slow down the healing process and make your skin more prone to acne. The key is to work on the external and the internal at the same time. There are some actions you can take to gain relief.

Hands off your pimples

Do not touch your sores or squeeze or pop your pimples, regardless of how much they are annoying you. Avoid the temptation. Touching or squeezing them simply aggravates the inflammation and pushes the puss deeper and wider into the skin. If you are having trouble dealing with small whiteheads or blackheads, seek the help of a skin care professional.

Wash your skin regularly

Wash you face twice a day with a gentle antiseptic or anti-bacterial natural soap. Soaps like tea tree oil and Cetaphil can help reduce inflammation, swelling and redness. This will improve the appearance of your skin without causing irritation or allergy reactions other products can cause. Use lukewarm water and apply the soap with your fingertips in a circular motion. Wash you face gently and dab your face dry with a cotton towel. This works best after steaming your face for a few minutes. This is a routine well worth the effort as it will help tone your skin and make it look healthier. It will certainly remove external barriers to healing your acne.

Treat the internal cause

Watch what you eat. If you are consuming a lot of sugary products such as sodas, cookies, confectionary or sweet snacks on a regular basis, cut down on them. Products like white bread and white sugar raise the blood sugar level in your body. Your body then produces insulin to lower the blood sugar, which in turn causes an imbalance of hormones, one of the main causes of acne. In addition to that, eating food with little or no nutritional value is clogging up you system and slowing down the cleansing process of your body. You need to help you body gain nutrients and get rid of toxins. Change some of the things in your diet so you are eating more nutritious foods: whole grain breads; fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. Drink plenty of water.

You can get relief from your acne but it does require some work and patience on your part. As you can see, there are some changes you will have to make. How well you succeed will depend on how serious you are about fixing the problem.

Natural Acne Treatments That Work

Are you sick and tired of using expensive acne products that are harsh on the skin? Most products in the market contain harsh chemicals that sometimes worsen our acne condition instead of healing it. I had spent thousands of dollars on acne products but I end up relying on natural acne treatments. Continue reading and I will share with you some of the natural acne treatments that work.

1) Tea Tree Oil

If you do not have a bottle of tea tree oil at home, go to the pharmacy and get one now. Tea tree oil is a great natural ingredient that we can use to help cure our acne. It has antibacterial properties that can help kill the bacteria that cause acne. It can also reduce the inflammation that causes swelling and redness.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is considered as a miracle ingredient. It can help to smooth out acne scars and accelerate the healing process of the skin. It also has anti pollution properties that can help reduce inflammation and swelling of acne. You can either apply the pulp of the aloe vera on your acne or use products that contain aloe vera.

However, make sure that the first ingredient listed in the product is aloe vera instead of water. Some products contain minimal amount of aloe vera and those products are usually not effective.

3) Natural Food Diet

You can use spot treatment by applying aloe vera or tea tree oil on your acne. However, to prevent acne from breaking out again, you need to make some changes to your diet. I had picked up an eBook Acne No More written by Mike Walden. I used his 5 unique holistic steps to help me cure my acne in just 4 weeks time.

One of the steps is to eat a natural food diet. Most of us are eating too many junk foods that contain fats, sugar and chemicals. These foods can cause our body to suffer from hormonal imbalance, hyperactive sebum glands (oily skin) and high skin turnover rate (clogged pores).

Once you start to reduce your intake of these foods and eat more foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, complex grains and seeds, you will see a great improvement to your skin condition. We are meant to eat these foods instead of flour and candies. These foods make up our natural diet and they contain essential nutrients that will keep our body healthy and keep acne away forever.

Ideal Lifestyle to Clear Acne

We know how much we hate to have break outs. Having acne does not just hurt our skin but it also hurts our self esteem especially if you have tried all kinds of things to clear acne but nothing just looks to work.

There have been several surveys that were conducted to ask both men and women about the trait or character that attract them to the most potential partner. The common perception that people have about the result of those surveys is that most people would probably say that they are mostly attracted to a sexy body or to a beautiful face. The thing is, neither of the two made it to the top. According to different surveys, the thing that attracts both men and women the most is confidence. If a person exudes confidence, it shows in the way that person talks, walks and carry himself or herself. They seem to be sure of themselves and what they do.

Having to look at their own reflection in the mirror can be a struggle for some people who are suffering for severe cases of acne. They tried all kinds of expensive products that promise to clear acne but they never showed any positive result. In some cases, their acne has become even worse after they tested expensive products in the market. It is just sad that some people only see the acne when they look at themselves in the mirror. They know that they are beautiful and happy inside. The problem is that it is just so difficult for them to channel the beautiful person that they are inside to the outside because they are suffering from acne.

It is normal to have pimples or break out when puberty hits you. But when it has been a long time since you have reached puberty and you are still suffering from acne. You have to ask yourself some important questions to check if there are some things that you are doing to yourself that might just be the reason why it is just very difficult for you to clear acne.

1. Are you sleeping well? Proper and adequate sleep is not just important for you to regain your strength for the next day but it can greatly affect your hormones that can trigger pimples and break outs. You have to make sure that you are sleeping for at least 8 hours a day.

2. Are you eating healthy? Eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants can really make a big different if you are trying to clear acne out. The nutrients that you can get from luscious fruits along side with green and leafy vegetables can really do wonders for your skin.

3. Are you exercising enough? Physical activities can really make your blood circulation better. It also makes you sweat and sweating is the best way to get rid of toxins on your skin. Such toxins clog the pores of your skin so when dirt and grime are added, it will cause break outs.

Check your answers and find out for yourself if you are the reason why it is very difficult for you to clear acne out.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally – Three Powerful Tips To Cure Acne Quickly And Naturally

Acne is a condition that not only causes physical pain but is also known to be a cause of emotional problems like lack of confidence, hyper anxiety, and uneasiness in social gathering.

Till now the actual cause of acne is unknown but various studies prove that bad eating habits, poor skin care, and poor lifestyle are the root cause of lifelong acne.

Previously it was believed that acne is a condition that is caused in teenage due to hormonal changes but now days it is not very uncommon to see people suffering from chronic acne in late 30 '40's and sometimes even 50's.

So if you have crossed your teenage and still suffer from acne then this is a signal that something is not right and you must take corrective action:

Here are 3 powerful tips to get rid of acne naturally and quickly:

1. Eat Fiber rich food- Due to current lifestyle and work culture everyone is in a hurry and consumption of fast food like noodles, burgers, pizza etc has increase tremendously, but as much as they taste good the effect they have on our digestive system is frightening.

When these foods are consumed on a regular basis our body can not get rid of the waste completely and it gets stuck in our system causing it to not work properly which results in acne and all other issues. This is where eating fiber rich food comes into focus since our body can not digest the fiber presents in fruits and vegetable it has to get rid of it so will get rid as waster and with that the stuck food also comes out. This helps restore our body's digestive mechanism and helps in getting a healthy skin and body.

2. Exercise regularly- Believe it or not, exercise does play an important role in having a healthy skin and a healthy body. Acne is not caused by single condition it is the cumulative results of body's way to get rid of toxins and as skin is the largest organ, it is often used by toxin removal mechanism to get rid of toxins in the form acne. So before the body opts for this we must allow it to get rid of toxins using exercises like natural walks, meditation and regular stretching.

3. Tea Tree oil face wash- Tea tree oil has natural qualities that help shrinking acne and anticipates them for reoccurring, you can easily find a face wash with tea tree oil in your near shopping mart or online.

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