Homemade Acne Treatment

A homemade acne treatment is just one of the numerous ways for teens; and adults as well, to get rid of that distressing acne. Although this method is hardly known to a lot of people, the search for the best and most effective treatment has already begun. The unpopularity of this approach to curing acne is unknown to a lot of people because of all the other prescription and non-prescription medications that are being publicized in every areas and forms of media advertising. Without any exaggeration, our generation is bombarded by this ads that promises cure for acne.

Many of us who are in search for that cure are left disappointed by these acne medications today. It is also known that people who are taking these acne medications run the risk of some really long term damaging side effects. Sad to say, there will always be those people who will be fooled into buying these ineffective acne medications. It is certain that they are just wasting their time and money with little or no results of being acne free at all.

However, there is hope for all of us in our search for an acne cure and this can be homemade acne treatment as well. Most of these are just around your kitchen if you pay close attention to them. There are lots of homemade acne treatment that can be put into practice on a daily basis to cure acne permanently. Again, treatments for acne can begin from your kitchen, stop imagining those fancy high tech laboratory and focus on what you have at home. There are quite a few vegetables and fruits which can be used to heal acne.

When conventional acne remedies like topical creams and pills become expensive, and with side effects most people dread, homemade acne treatments have always been a welcoming break. Not only you can treat acne without resorting to conventional medicines, home acne treatment is also inexpensive, mild, and brings result with no side effects. Here are a few tips on utilizing the efficacy of home acne treatments to get that acne free skin you have always wanted.

Treat your body with a sweet splash of lemon Juice. Not only is this a highly effective formula as it contains citric acid which acts to dry the skin (and pimples) out, lemon juice is also abundant and inexpensive compared to other commercialized products sold in markets. Lemon juice extract works the acne like your conventional acne remedies like benzoyl peroxide without the synthetic touch. In addition, its citric acid has a mild antibacterial magic that acts as a germ slayer that clogs the pores of the skin resulting to the dreaded acne. How to best prepare the lemon juice treatment that is both anti-acne and refreshing? Simply cut the fresh lemon fruit into small pieces, then rub gently on your skin or to acne-infected areas. To avoid itching and that sticky feeling, rinse your face with water after.

And speaking of water, it is our second treatment. Now this one is considered the best and easiest (not to mention inexpensive) method to counter acne and other skin infections. Drinking a liter of water every day is enough to rid your body with toxins and to water all the cells in your body. Well moisturized cells means healthy cells, and that also means an acne free skin. When the cell is moisturized, they function in their peak, and ridding the skin of the germs and bacteria is one of them. This simply means that water will keep acne absent for a while if it the cell is constantly satiated with H2O. Not just any water, if you want the acne out immediately, drink filtered water, for they are the purest because of the removed compounds during the filtration process.

Another amazing gift from nature to help mankind cope with their ‘petty’ acne issues is carrots. This is yet another inexpensive, abundant, and highly effective homemade acne treatment for those with acne problems. Carrots has large dosage of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, which are to bring goodness to the skin and to the overall bodily function. Juicing the carrots means the vitamins are concentrated and pure, not only that, as not so many are really that ‘good’ at consuming carrots, one gulp of the carrot juice is an easy alternative as compared with eating a large amount of carrots (take a cue from Bugs Bunny). Carrot juice will only be possible if there’s an electric juicer or grinder around (go to your nearest electrical appliance store and choose the best). Remember to peel first the carrot before juicing them. For faster anti-acne results, consume carrot juice once every other day.

However, one has to bear in mind that the success of homemade acne treatments depends on the simple planning and of course perseverance. Make sure that your homemade acne treatments should be sternly followed routinely over time. These homemade acne remedies are also a lot safer and cheaper compared to taking any sort of acne medication. This is why a growing number of people are so convinced about the value of these homemade acne cures.

Acne is a horrible and painful for people suffering from it, both physically and emotionally. No teen or adult ought to have this ill-fated and ordinary problem in the first place. There are lots of ways to heal this awful skin condition and one of those methods is by using homemade acne treatment for better looking skin.

Acne – The 7 Common Acne Myths Are Discussed

While growing up, you’ve probably heard of the many speculations and myths about acne. There are numerous myths about the causes as well as treatment for acne. Not surprisingly, you probably grew up not really knowing the cause and the correct treatment for acne. If you are not suffering from acne, you wouldn’t really care but once you are afflicted of this pesky skin disease, you’d likely care a lot.

The Lowdown on Acne

Acne is a skin disorder. It is caused by the activities of hormones and skin elements like your hair follicles and the skin’s oil glands. It appears almost everywhere on the skin surface but primarily on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

In order to properly treat acne, you should know the myths surrounding this skin disease. It is a good idea to visit your dermatologist the minute you are plagued with acne to receive proper treatment. Your dermatologist will probably enlighten you to the truth, what causes it and how to treat it.

7 Common Acne Myths

There are actually many kinds of myths about acne. Here are some of them:

1) Frequent washing eliminates zits. Admittedly, while frequent washing may get rid of the bacteria and oil on the skin. It also causes skin aridness which may also cause frequent acne breakouts.

2) Avoid makeup or shaving if you want to prevent acne. You don’t have to totally forego using cosmetics. You just have to learn how to choose your cosmetic products properly. Look for brands that are labeled noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic. You can also shave. Just make sure that you do it properly and with good razors so you’d avoid nicking your skin and causing allergies or irritations.

3) Poor hygiene triggers or causes zits. This might be true to some people but most people who suffer zits are actually quite hygienic. In fact, they almost aggravate their zits more with frequent washing. They develop some sort of obsession to cleanliness.

4) Tanning helps cure the condition. In truth, tanning does not help treat acne. In fact, it may actually aggravate the condition. You may also developed allergy from the chemicals used in tanning.

5) Pimples is caused by greasy foods and chocolate. There is actually no scientific proof to this old myth. There is no proof that pizza, cheese burgers and French fries cause acne. Of course, there may be some people who experience acne breakouts with certain foods like chocolates. People’s bodies react differently to foods.

6) Stress causes acne. You need to differentiate the type of stress that may or may not cause pimples. Day-to-day stressors do not cause acne. However, severe stress that requires medical intervention or treatment may indeed cause pimples breakouts.

7) Let the condition run its course. Often, people suffering from acne, especially teenagers, are advised to let their affliction just run its course. “It’s natural for your age!” Well, perhaps it is but it can be treated and it can clear up with treatment. You don’t have to bear with it for a long time and you don’t have to risk scars from developing. You can seek treatment for it the minute the condition gets out of hand or even before then.

History of Acne Treatment

In the USA, a reported 80 percent of people between puberty and middle age suffer from acne. Although, the condition is not life threatening, it can cause embarrassment and emotional stress for those suffering. Let’s take a closer look at the history of acne treatment and see where we are now in clearing up this nasty bump in the road most of us face on the way to becoming an adult. 


History of acne treatment:


The term acne comes from a Greek word meaning a skin eruption. In Greece, a vegetable-based acne medicine was prescribed.


In Ancient Rome, acne was treated with hot mineral baths. Roman physicians preferred medication where the main ingredients were made from animals.


One ingredient both cultures agreed on was honey. The Greeks and Romans were in agreement that acne was triggered by the onset of adolescence.


Ancient Egyptians used spells and charms on the pharaohs who suffered from acne.  


3rd century

There was a belief during this time that pimples were caused by telling a lie. The treatment for hard lesions was a soap remedy.


14th century

The recommendation was to avoid spicy foods and strong drink. Respected authorities of the era recognized the condition was sometimes aggravated by a person’s diet.


19th century

Nineteenth century dermatologists used sulphur in the treatment of acne to dry and exfoliate the skin. Fathers of modern dermatology, William and Bateman, treated acne with local remedies. 


1920’s- Benzoyl Peroxide which kills bacteria became a popular remedy in the history of acne treatment. 


1930’s- Acne was often called “Chastity pimples” because people thought virgins were afflicted with acne because they were not able to dispel toxins from their body. Laxatives and radiation were used for treatment. 


1950’s- Antibiotics became successful in treating acne after its discovery mostly from the anti-inflammatory effects of tetracycline.


1960’s- ‘Retin A’ was discovered to benefit the fight against acne.


1980’s- ‘Accutane’ was introduced in the United States and later found to be responsible for causing birth defects if taken while pregnant. Accutane is a form of vitamin A that reduces the amount of oil released by the skin’s oil glands and promotes skin rejuvenation but should never be used during pregnancy. 


1990’s- Laser Treatment began being used to treat acne and to clear the skin from recent and old scarring. Laser therapy is beneficial for people with nodular and cystic acne. 


2000’s- Blue/Red light therapy developed along with laser therapy for acne treatment. It works by using a special blue light to prevent and heal acne. The light can be used on nearly every part of the sufferer’s body. 


Future treatments

Scientists are testing a vaccine against inflammatory acne. The goal is to develop a bacterial therapy in the future to overcome the problem seen with long-term antibiotic use, which builds up bacteria resistance.


Science has determined that acne is not caused by dirt. Scrubbing away at the skin too often can make matters worse. It is known that hormones rise during puberty in both sexes and continue to fluctuate during menstruation, causing the sebaceous glands to become overactive. Genetics also plays a role in whether an individual will suffer from acne.


As you see, you are not alone in facing acne. Throughout the history of acne treatment, kings to pharaohs have faced down this culprit and won. There is no need to despair with the great treatments available. The key is finding the skin care regiment that works best for you.

How to Get Rid of Acne (Forever) With Reflexology

What is Acne?

Acne, basically is the result of our skin’s sebaceous (oil) glands getting blocked, and is a health condition that, like the common cold, has yet to find the ultimate cure. Sometimes it’s genetic, often it’s not. Acne usually occurs around our teenage years, but sometimes we can suddenly get a breakout in our 30’s or 40’s (stress or hormonal changes). Most over the counter treatments are intended for external, more superficial use, but in order to achieve best, long lasting results acne treatment must be internal.

About The Treatment.

Firstly, I always recommend dietary change and herbal supplements (to stimulate liver and bowel movements) for deep cleansing and detoxifying. Also, drink lots of water to really flush out the system.

Successful acne treatment needs to include balancing hormonal levels, detoxifying the body and boosting immunity.

To be 15 years old and to suffer from acne can be extremely stressful. I’ve added some reflex points to work on that will help your teen cope better emotionally. Often stress can cause further inflammation and thus make matters even worse.

OK, here it is:

The Ultimate Acne Treatment:

• Start each day with a glass (or two) of water with a tablespoon (or two) of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

• Use a herbal formula with dandelion (to cleanse liver), calendula and burdock (to soothe skin inflammation), yellow dock (clears chronic skin problems, encourages bowel movements, promotes liver function).

• Cut down on fatty, sugary foods!

Reflexology Points to Work On (open and print a foot chart here):

For cleansing and detoxifying:

• Neck lymph nodes

• Liver

• Intestines

• Kidneys and bladder

• Lungs

For hormonal and immune boost:

• Pituitary gland (hormonal balancing)

• Thyroid

• Adrenal (good point for anti-stress too)

• Thymus gland

For anti-stress:

• Solar plexus (hold point on both feet simultaneously at the end the treatment)

Wow, that’s a pretty good treatment! Give it (or get it) once or twice a week for at least a month, together with the herbal supplements and you’ll see a huge improvement in no time

Proven Treatments for Acne – 7 Proven Treatments for Acne

Acne is a common problem among a lot of people these days. I once had acne really bad. I guess mine would have been classified as moderate acne, and I took all kinds of medications to get rid of it. I would stay in the house and avoid any kind of public events and friends because of my acne problem. None of the acne medicines that I tried seemed to help me very much. I would start to clear up, but it would just start back on me.

Acne caused me to lose some friends because I would try to avoid them. I didn’t want to hurt them, but I didn’t want to be seen in public with the acne problem that I had. I would do anything and make up any excuse so that I didn’t have to go out. I wanted to go and have fun, but the power of the acne held me back every time.

I am going to share with you 7 Proven Treatments for Acne that I have used to help clear my acne. I was tired of all the medications, so I decided that there had to be a better way. Natural was the answer. Natural treatments for acne are completely safe, and really easy to do.

Natural Acne Treatment 1

One thing that you can do as a natural treatment for acne is to use toothpaste. Yes, you read it right. Toothpaste can drastically reduce the swelling and redness of new pimples on your face. Take some toothpaste and put it on the affected area right before going to bed. Leave it on there overnight. In the morning you should notice a big difference in the way your face looks. The swelling and redness should have gone down.

Natural Acne Treatment 2

This is more of a tip than a treatment, but is still really important. DO NOT scratch, pop, or squeeze your pimples. This is a big no when it comes to caring for acne. When you pop a pimple you are spreading the bacteria that have caused the acne. This will in turn cause more breakouts. You also risk pushing the pus further down into the skin which will lead to cystic acne. This is the last thing that we want. So try to avoid popping those pimples.

Natural Acne Treatment 3

This is one of the easiest treatments for acne by far. All that is involved is water, and all you have to do is drink it. Make sure that you drink around 10-12 full glasses of water each day. The water will cleanse your system of nasty toxins and will aid your skin in the healing process. When you get rid of the toxins you will reduce the amount of acne breakouts.

Natural Acne Treatment 4

During each day try to take breaks and get fresh air and sun. The sun and fresh air stimulates Vitamin D which will help fight against acne. The fresh air and sun will also help reduce stress and get plenty of oxygen to the skin. Both of these things are big factors when it comes to taking care of acne.

Natural Acne Treatment 5

When washing your face, make sure that you wash very gently. A lot of mistakes are made when doing this. Wash with a soap that is intended for sensitive skin, and do not scrub. You need to wash gently so that you do not break out worse.

Do Greasy Foods Cause Acne Breakouts?

“You going to consume that ice cream, those French fries and all that pizza? If you want all your acne to clear up you really should avoid eating them,” says your family member or friend. Ever heard something like that? Are they right? Do greasy foods like French fries, potato chips and pizza cause acne breakouts?

Researchers to this day state that in all their research there is no direct connection to food choices except for one particular food group. The food group that has shown to aggravate or cause acne breakouts is foods from the dairy group: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and others. The reasons for this are not fully understood but it might have something to do with hormones since hormones are the main culprits for acne breakouts.

When the level of androgens (hormones like testosterone) increase, the manufacturing and secretion of sebum increase. This excess sebum then mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the hair follicle causing a whitehead, blackhead or even just a good ole red bump.

Perhaps food does not cause acne breakouts with the exception of dairy products but it is scientifically proven that stress does cause acne breakouts. Therefore it would be prudent to consider how food affects our stress levels. Foods that are high in fat and sugar have a number of negative effects upon the body and mind. Weight gain is one of the results of a high calorie diet and being overweight causes emotional stress. The consumption of foods high in fat and sugar also prevent the brain from functioning at optimum levels and any time someone is unable to think clearly stress will result.

When the mind is clouded your thoughts can wander and you may begin to imagine things that are not real. For someone who is already prone to thoughts that are melancholy and perhaps a bit paranoid this will cause a lot of stress. Stress elevates hormone levels in the body and this triggers excessive sebum production. This is particularly bad for young people with a current acne problem but young adults and adults that are prone to acne may also experience an acne outbreak as a result of high stress levels.

To conclude, it’s true that greasy, oily foods with the exception of dairy products do not cause acne breakouts. Food can however have an affect on our mind and hinder our ability to think the right thoughts having a negative impact on our emotional status and stress levels. It has been validated scientifically that stress causes acne by hormonal changes stimulating sebum production.