Should You Really Take Anti Aging Drugs?

Are you sick of your skin showing signs of aging? Would you like to reduce or entirely eliminate your wrinkles? Have you had absolutely no luck with every anti-aging or wrinkle cream that you have tried out in the past?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be thinking about using anti aging drugs.

Personally, I'm steer very clear of any pharmaceutical product that is produced by the mainstream drug companies. It has been shown that the ingredients used in many of the mainstream skin care products are less than healthy, and should be avoided.

Rather than using anti aging drugs you should instead be thinking about using organic natural anti aging products, including natural supplements and a range of organic skincare products.

You are probably wondering how exactly anti aging supplements and natural skin care products work. Well, they are made up of various components which help improve the quality and health of your skin. Together, these components will work to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin.

What types of ingredients should you find in a good anti aging supplement or organic skincare product?

Of course it depends on the specific product, but you can definitely expect to find antioxidants in just about any high quality supplement for anti-aging.

It is always better to choose an organic supplement to reduce the signs of aging. The reason is because the natural ingredients found in organic skincare products are known to be much healthier and may prove to be more effective.

This makes organic anti aging supplements and products a great choice for anyone who experiences a reaction due to harsh facial products, as well as those who have not had any luck with any anti-wrinkle cream products that they have tried out in the past.

And it's way better to use an organic product than some of the harsh and possibly unhealthy anti aging drugs that are produced by the pharmaceutical companies.

For many people, signs of aging can be very embarrassing. Although there are many anti wrinkle cream products out on the market which may provide you with great results, many find them to be ineffective or experience allergic reactions.

Not only are high quality anti aging supplements a much easier solution, but organic products are a lot healthier for the skin and body. A great anti aging organic supplement is a good weapon in the fight against the signs of aging, and is a much more effective and healthier choice than using anti aging drugs.

And there are very good companies engaged in the research and manufacture of high quality supplements and products designed to slow the visible effects of aging, producing high quality and supremely effective products. They are the companies you¡¯d normally hear about when looking at mainstream anti aging products.

One of these companies involved in the production of organic skincare products, including supplements, is the quiet achiever in the anti aging industry, and it's not who you might think.

Anti-Aging – Aging Studies, Understanding How Our Bodies Age

Aging studies have shown that our bodies undergo several changes as we grow older. According to many aging studies, our muscles strength and flexibility tend to diminish as we grow older. The decline on our muscles can have some serious effects in our lives. Sooner or later, we may find ourselves struggling to go through the simple daily routines like taking a shower, walking, climbing stairs and others.

Yes, this situation can be very disturbing indeed but there is really nothing much we can do about it especially when we already reach the age of 90 or older. Beside, when you are 90 years and you are still alive, that already quite an achievement so we might as well be resigned to the fact that we all have to go throw this phase.

What to Expect as You Grow Old

If you have been reading the results of aging studies, you will notice that your body will go through a lot of degeneration over time. For one thing, our metabolism slows down as we age. This explains why it is more difficult for us to keep off unwanted unwanted weight as we grow older. A lot of people who have always been slim and fit while they were younger find themselves accumulating more fats especially around the middle.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase our metabolism even as we age. Aging studies show that our bodies still respond to stimulants like exercise and physical activities even we reach retirement age. This means that if you want to kick up your metabolic process a few notch higher, all you need to do is exercise. The good thing about doing some exercises is that it does not just increase your metabolic rate, it also help tone your muscles.

Another change that aging studies notice in our bodies as we age is the loss of bone density. According to many aging studies, older people have more brittle bones compared to their younger counterparts. The loss of bone mass actually begins at age 30 for most people. The process is slow and not many of us will notice this. To combat boneless and prevent osteoporosis, we should drink milk and do some exercise daily.

According to experts, the calcium in milk can help strengthen our bones and prevent osteoporosis. Taking calcium supplement is also important. To prevent stiffness, we should continue to lead active lives as much as possible. According to aging studies, people who engage in physical activities are more likely to remain mobile and flexible longer compared to those people who lead sedentary lives. Simple activities like walking and swimming can do so much to keep out bodies healthy and strong as we age.

Top Natural Anti Aging Tips

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on high priced skincare products to reduce
fine lines and wrinkles. There are many safe and natural methods available that are just as
effective for preserving your youthful complexion without having to resort to risky surgeries or

Here are some of the top natural anti aging tips to help you maintain your youthful appearance
and keep it that way well into your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Drink Water – Water is necessary for detoxification and maintaining the health of your skin.
Cell function, including regeneration, and health of every organ system is dependent on water.
One common sign you are not drinking enough water is dry, itchy skin.

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin moist. Without this moisture your skin will become dry
and wrinkly. This causes premature aging. That is why you almost always see celebrities
carrying bottled water with them all the time. They take the necessary steps to preserve them

Water can also be a miracle cure for many other common ailments, especially helping you lose
weight. Try drinking some now and see if you do not feel better!

Quit Smoking – smoking has been proven to cause wrinkles so be eliminating this you eliminate one factor says the researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Smoking accelerates the normal aging process of
your skin by damaging collagen and elastin which give your skin its strength and elasticity,
causing wrinkles and sagging skin much earlier than they should. These skin changes are

How does smoking lead to wrinkles? Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost
layers of your skin. This impairs blood flow to your skin, depleting it of oxygen and important
nutrients, such as vitamin A.

In addition, repeated exposure to the heat from burning cigarettes and the facial expressions you
make when smoking – such as pursuing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out
smoke – can contribute to wrinkles.

Visit the Mayo Clinic for more information about the effects of smoking on the skin –

Eat super Foods – Add super foods to your diet can help you increase longevity and can help
prevent many common diseases. Super foods are loaded with skin-boosting anti-oxidants. The Goji
Berry, for example, contains 500 times more vitamin C than oranges.

Recent research shows the Goji Berry has more beta-carotene – which helps fight heart disease –
than carrots, while its high levels of polysaccharides stimulate the immune system – keeping you
from getting sick or cutting down the amount of time you are ill. And when you eat foods rich in
things like that, they will make a difference on your body and skin.

A side benefit of the Goji Berry is that it can boost your sex drive and is being called "natural
Viagra. "

Blueberries are another super food that gets a lot of attention due to its ability to slow the
aging process by helping to prevent and reverse memory loss.

Other notable super foods to incorporate in your diet include broccoli, strawberries, oats, oily
fish, green tea, and nuts.

These three tips are simple and easy to do. They cost you very little but can have a profit
impact on your health and longevity. Give them a try alongside your regular anti aging regimen
and see if you can tell the difference.

A Guide to Aging? Not Really

A guide to aging? Not really, because it is going to happen anyway. A few signs of aging do present themselves. We notice a few more wrinkles compared to the photo last year, and maybe even the year before. But what else do you notice? A number of us notice the ears are seemingly larger. Yikes! Those darned ear hairs are growing like rope. Is this normal? Nose hairs are now more unruly than ever and certain parts of the body are given to sagging.

The good news is that these external changes are normal and fortunately none mean that we are unhealthy. All are part of the process of living longer.

Internally, the chemical changes have probably been addressed by your MD

But what about other bodily changes? The more aggravating side of aging; tiredness, either more or less need for sleep than we used to require, the loss of libido, aches and pains in parts of our body that we did not even know exhausted, sore joints, sore muscles just seeming coming from no known cause. Then we get diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, which incidentally can help explain some of our lethargy. You have changed all your bad habits, and no longer smoke, take illegal drugs, and have even altered your alcohol take levels. And now you are considering going back to all your old habits because you feel just as bad as you did before you got right! But before you do that, consider that even type 2 diabetes, even when chemically controlled, has shown to decrease with exercise. Tiredness can be a sign of not enough exercise. A lack of exercise may also be responsible for excess joint and muscle pain, lack of stamina and vitality. So try some exercise, gentle ones but on a consistent level. And believe it or not, that is the secret. Consistency! So gird the loins, go for that 5 minute walk and upon your return do these little stretches.

1) Get down on your hands and knees. Arch back upwards, tighten stomach muscles and tuck chin under. Hold for a count of 20. Relax and from starting position repeat 5 times.

2) Sitting up with legs out in front, reaching along one leg with the hand on the same side until a comfortable stretch is felt in the back of the leg. Hold for a count of 20. Keep legs straight. DO NOT BOUNCE. Do this 3 times, alternating with the other hand and leg.

3) Standing, grab your ankle with the same side hand and pull it towards the buttocks until a stretch is felt. The other hand may stabilize you against a wall or chair if needed. Hold for a count of 20. Repeat with the other leg. Once is enough.

Try these few little stretching exercises for a week, and if you feel they help, search for more. So get up off that couch and start living again!

Healthy Aging – A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being -Book Review

Healthy Aging is a book that gives vital scientific information to anyone at any age. It has become an indispensable guide for me especially for one thing: most of the advice in it coincides with the advice of my medical doctor. I have always been a supporter of the medical profession’s healing and prevention procedures, regarding them as the best people have at this given moment in medical history, even if today’s medicine can not cure everything and sometimes makes horrible mistakes.

What is so remarkable about this book is that, in it, Dr. Weil accepts ending of life and aging without any wild claims of immortality or life extension. Dr. Weil also maintains that people could age more healthily if they would combine the traditional medicine with a few tried and true natural products plus some extra care for their well-being.

He recommends eating well by consuming organic produce together with a few herbs and spices and doing regular mild to moderate exercise mostly by walking. The anti-inflammatory diet, stress management, mental, physical, and emotional endurance, and the importance of social contact are also addressed.

The book is divided into two parts: 1.The Science and Philosophy of Healthy Aging; 2. How to Age Gracefully. What I found most remarkable in the first part is the information that the only possibly immortal cells are the cancer cells. This finding is based upon the data determined in Johns Hopkins laboratory where the cells of a cancer patient Helen Lacks were used. It was discovered that these cells, called Hela cells for their original carrier, could go on dividing and growing forever, should conditions permit.

The second part of the book concentrates on prevention, diet, supplements, the importance of exercise, rest, sleep, sex, and avoiding bad foods. This part also attends to the questions of mental, psychological, and spiritual well-being of an aging person.

At the end of the book are two appendices: one concentrates on the anti-inflammatory diet; the other has a list of suggested readings, resources, and supplies.

The book is in hardcover with 304 pages and ISBN-10: 0375407553 and ISBN-13: 978-0375407550.

The author, Dr. Andrew Weil, was born in 1942 in Philadelphia. He received an A.B. in biology (botany) from Harvard in 1964 and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1968. He completed his medical internship at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco and worked with National Institute of Mental Health. At this time, he wrote his first book “The Natural Mind.” He is now the director of Integrative Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona.

His books are: The Natural Mind; The Marriage of the Sun and Moon; From Chocolate to Morphine (with Winifred Rosen); Health and Healing; Natural Health, Natural Medicine; Spontaneous Healing; and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health. Dr. Weil has a website and he publishes a monthly newsletter.

In my opinion, owing to his insight and foresight and the depth of his experience and knowledge, Dr. Weil should be considered the leading medical man of our time. I recommend this book to people of all ages who want to grow old as healthily as they can.

Buy RezV Pure – Resveratrol Anti Aging 60 Minute Review

If you are looking to buy Rezv Pure, which is the name of a particular resveratrol ant-aging manufacturer lets be clear on what Rezv has to offer before you decide to start taking this longevity tab.

If you are not familiar with Resveratrol, this is the new live longer supplement that CNN, CNBC, 60 Minutes and various talk shows including Oprah have all been reviewing since its release on the anti-aging market early 2009.

Rezv is a in fact a polyphenol which increases in the skin and roots of plants to help protect the plant from dangerous bacteria.

Essentially a fungi, it contains an extremely high concentration of anti-oxidants which when consumed over a short period of time, has shown to naturally scrub and clean the arteries of the many toxins that may layer them.

This has clearly come as welcome news to many in the US and Europe who hold some of the worst artery related fatality statistics on record and it's no surprise why.

With a daily consumption of fatty acids found in fast foods, freezer foods and power foods – by constantly layering your arteries with such manufactured toxins that your body has no idea how to treat and process, this is one sure fire way to an early grave.

Having the ability although naturally cleansse your arteries is obviously beneficial for the arteries themselves, but integral to the health of your heart as having cleaner more efficient partitions will provide less stress, reducing your hearts work rate and thus adding adding strength and increasing its life span.

Communities who consume Rezv in its purest form on a daily occurrence can be found in Sardinia and Okinawa who both have vast numbers of older men and women working well into their nineties.

The Sardinians Rezv pure fix is ​​found in their staple tipple of red wine, whilst in Okinawa Rezv it's found in some of its richest form in their local green vegetable Knotweed.

Aside from having large populations of individuals living into their hundreds; illnesses which so often affect us in later life are largely unheard of here.

In Okinawa you stand an 86% chance of less likely contracting some form of cancer than if you are born and raised in the United States.

This is a starting fact and one which scientists are currently trying to unravel.

This is not to suggest the by taking Rezv in pure form, it will eliminate your chances of developing the Big C, but scientists are in some agreement that Rezv may well play a role in keeping cancer at bay.

However, as from the probables, having the ability to naturally strip your arms of toxic layers is one sure fact Rezv offers, so whether it's being overweight, obese or generally unfit, or even extremely healthy, dietitians believe by taking Rezv pure, these anti -oxidants will help benefit you in relation to your current health, and clearly the more healthy you are, the more potentially positive the results.