Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment – Future Techniques

Nowadays, there are many different anti-aging skin care treatments available in the cosmetic marketplace, some of them have proven to be effective against aging and last researchers state that future will bring us revolutionary anti aging treatments.

To sum up, these are very effective treatments that have been tested and clinically proven, Most of them based on vitamin A.

– Retinol or Retinyl Palmitate: the chemical name for Vitamin A, this one is found in egg yolk, butter, yellow and orange fruits, vegetables and carrots. It is fat-soluble and is considered an anticancer vitamin. Vitamin A helps with keeping healthy skin.

– Hydroxyl Acid: it is a polyatomic ion consisting of oxygen and hydrogen: It has a charge of -1. Hydroxide is one of the simplest of the polyatomic ions.

– Collagen Injections: one type of collagen, which is derived from purified bovine (cow) collagen, is injected benefit the skin to replace the body's natural collagen that has been lost. Injectable collagen is more often than not used to treat facial lines, scars and wrinkles.

– Kinerase or Kinetin: it is a plant-based, non-irritating growth factor extract that has shown to significantly decrease free-radical damage and photo-aging in cells. Kinetin acts together with another hormone in some cases, for example indoleacetic acid. Indoleacetic acid is an auxin plant hormone that promotes elongation of stems and roots.

But in the future there will be products that use DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) repair techniques, to develop and deliver anti-aging treatment.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or deoxyribose nucleic acid is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions specifying the biological development of all cellular forms of life (and many viruses). DNA is often referred to as the molecule of heredity, as it is responsible for the genetic propagation of most inherited hits. During reproduction, DNA is replicated and transmitted to the offspring.

Encouraging the skin to repair its DNA is the future of anti-aging skin care according to dermatologists.

Cosmeceuticals of the future will target each individual's unique DNA and deliver the needed treatment without irritation that other products could produce on the skin.

At time, DNA anti aging technique has been clinically tested to help fight:

– Wrinkles
– Sagging skin
– Dry skin
– Rough texture and,
– Loss of tone and elasticity

The ingredients that will help in repairing the skin's DNA are ultrasomes and photosomes among others. However, these ones are the most important in DNA anti-aging treatment.

Ultrasomes and photosomes are bio-engineered products; these ingredients are anti-oxidants and help to undo the damage caused by sun exposure.

At time, it is impossible to reverse the aging process, in the future, who knows?

What to Look For in a Hand Cream That Works

Some people think that you can actually tell how old a person is just by viewing their hands. Why? Because our hands are the most used part of our body, and they can dry out very quickly. Many of us suffer from dry skin, some so severe that the skin is actually painful. Hand creams seem a natural choice to help heal the treated skin, but what actually works? Most hand creams on the market are no more than something that smells nice.

Dry skin needs a cream that can penetrate the pores, and actually start to soften the skin. Most hand creams just form a layer on top of the skin, and does not get absorbed in. Chemicals used in many of the hand creams are not doing any good; in fact often they are further drying out the skin. Perfumes and chemicals are not necessary in a good hand cream, in fact they can do added damage; essential oils can be used if you must have seen hand cream.

A good hand cream will be made with natural ingredients, because our skin can and will absorb them into the pores. Minerals, shea butter, and vitamins are all very good ingredients to find in a good hand cream. You want a cream that actually sticks to your skin, that way you avoid having to reapply each time your hands get wet.

We now know to look for natural ingredients, stay away from chemicals and fragrances, but do not forget to shop around. Stay away from those bargain deals in the drug stores. You would be surprised to know that you can find some of the best hand creams in the world, right on the internet. Check out the ingredients for yourself. Read some reviews. Be an informed consumer that is looking for the hand cream that works, not the name brand.

To Cut Or Not to Cut

As Mother Nature marches across your face will you be tempted to have the hands of time surgically removed in hopes that by eliminating the offending sags and bags you will look younger?

For some looking in the mirror takes its toll on the psyche as self-confidence diminishes. Looking old, looking tired while seeing a practically unrerecognizable face will send even the most hopeful scurrying to locate something or someone to help them with their bright.

Drugstore cosmetics, high end department store cosmetics, skin care and cosmetics from the physician or dermatologist all present one constant theme urging the user to try and buy their latest concoctions. Now skin care is important and mineral cosmetics are wonderful for evening out pigmentation flaws and disguising fine lines and wrinkles but do they really go to work to combat the real cause of an aging face?

The real cause of an aging face is soft, droopy, sagging facial muscles. Consider this: eyebrows drop with age so if you see hooded eyes, a lined forehead, crows' feet and even puffiness under your eyes, this is a clear indication that your forehead is compromised because you are wearing muscles that are soft and mushy.

The mid face can also suffer from slackness. This is evident when the cheek muscles elongate and the apples of your cheeks are positioned somewhere near your nose. Usually a fold or line develops near the nose – this is called the nasal labial fold – and it is tell-tale evidence that your once taut, youthful face is losing its distinctive edge as the muscles that are anchored in the hairline begin to lengthen and slacken.

The lower face shows signs of age when there is a loosing of the muscles around the mouth and out into the lower cheeks. Perhaps there are pouches and jowls developing on or near the jawbone, the mouth corners may turn downward and a little line can form under your bottom lip. The mouth muscle, the Ocularis Oris, is a circular muscle that surrounds the lips; when atrophy affects this muscle, lines above the lips can form while the soft-tissue of the lips deflate.

The neck and upper chest are also affected by reserved muscles. Beyond the lines and neck rings that are noticeable in anyone over 40, bulges and sags under the jawbone can certainly deter from a once youthful face as a double chin and wattle continuously remind the wearer that an aging face is no laughing matter.

In a youth-conscious environment, brought to the forefront almost daily by the media as they glom onto the latest and greatest anti-aging serums, lotions, potions, injections and surgical procedures that easily captivate viewers on the nightly news, cyberspace and slick publications , it seems that brainwashing is occurring. Could it be that discouraged men and women are encouraged to use risky and dangerous substances and procedures to prop up aging faces?

Cutting perfectly healthy tissue, injecting chemically laden serums to plump and paralyze wayward facial features while burning one's flesh using lasers that can result in pigmentation loss and painful deep heat treatments does not sound like beauty treatments – rather, these avenues seem torturous and somewhat barbaric because there are no guarantees that you will love the results you receive. What will be the reaction from your friends and family when they see your new face? Will they turn away in surprise or horror and secretly wonder 'what was she thinking?'

What about you? Will you come through these treatments unscathed? Many patients report that their nips and tucks were unsatisfactory and then seek revision surgery which is just surgery to lift and tighten sagging skin and muscles. What these gals may not know is that even though surgery and injections create an initial difference in the skin and muscles, the facial muscles continue their slow, insidious downward slide and this downward motion affects the behavior of our skin. We may see wrinkles forming where we did not have them previously and scars that once were hidden can become more visible as loose skin collections around the incision.

What about the upkeep? Injections are designed to be repeated every 90 to 120 days so four times a year, year after year, a visit to the practitioner for another round of injections will run $ 800 each or more each time.

Instantaneous results? You bet! The slick advertising arises the senses, does not it? In your mind's eye you can easily visualize a younger looking face – it's the 'what if' disasters that may deter you from seeking a surgical intervention and the younger face you desire.

Choosing modalities that put your good health at risk may mean that you have not looked at all the options available.

The most valuable option is facial exercise. Just like exercise works for your body, exercise can work to correct the root cause of aging in the face – sagging facial muscles. Once you learn the anchor techniques and how to contract those droopy muscles with isometric movements, your face will always look substantially younger as long as you are faithful to the exercise routine.

Imagine lifting droopy eyelids, contouring toes and stopping that dreaded wattle only using your thumbs and fingers. Can you visualize your face looking ten to fifteen years younger? Well, that is possible when you choose all natural facial exercise over risk, pain, scarring, discoloration and even death.

Without cutting, suturing, pain or risk your face will lift, tone and tighten and before you know it, your confidence will soar because you love that person looking back in the mirror.

A Guide to Anti Aging Skin Care Products

If you've gotten to the age where your skin is starting to show a few signs of aging, you may be looking into finding skin care products that will help slow down these signs. Trying to research these items and determine what works and which product is right for you can be a very confusing task. They all guarantee results, many have what they consider to be "new technology" that makes their product different from all the rest.

Before you consider what type of anti aging skin care products that may work on your skin to give you the results you want, let's take a closer look at what you want to change. What is skin? Sure, it covers our faces and makes us look like who we are. It was not designed just to give us someplace to put our makeup, though. The skin is actually an organ of our bodies. It breathes, produces cells, and sends pain signals through nerves when we injure it. One of the most important purposes our skin serves is to form a protective barrier between us and the outside world.

Think about how we contract illnesses. We have to inhale the germs through our respiratory system or through an injury that pierces our skin. Bacteria and viruses, small as they are, just can not penetrate our skin when it is intact. How then can we expect to put a topical product on the surface of our skin, and then to reap the benefits of it? It just does not make sense that rubbing a cream on the surface on your skin is going to stop what causes aging.

Two of the most significant types of anti aging skin care products on the market today are Restylane and Botox. Both of these treatments are available through a dermatologist as injections. Restylane is dermal filler and is recommended for things like crow's feet or the "parenthesis" we sometimes develop with age around our mouth and nose. Restylane has shown promising results with few side effects. Changes are subtle so that others may notice a difference but are not sure what it is.

Botox, as most people have heard, comes from Botulinum, otherwise know as food poisoning. Injecting Botox into your face causes a temporary paralysis of the area, causing your skin to relax and allows wrinkles to disappear. Even though it may seem like an unlicensed beauty product, it has been very successful. It does have more occurrences of side effects but these are usually related to redness and swelling.

Both Restylane and Botox are expensive, must be repeated, and are not a good option if you can not stand the thought of needles. However, if you want the benefit of these products without the needles, there are cosmetics that boast of having the same or similar ingredients and that produce the same results.

Let's think back to what we said about our skin being a barrier. If you put a product that had pure Botox in it, do you really think that would serve the same purpose as an injection? I do not. There is simply no reason to believe that applying a product topically to your skin will even give similar results as injecting it into the area.

If you are not afraid of needles but just want to save a little money, then do not waste it on topical applications that promise to work the same. Even though these products may be a lot less expensive that the injections, they still cost a lot of money because of the ingredients.

The bottom line is, if you can afford and tolerate the needles, go with the injections. Otherwise, look for a product that does not contain these expensive ingredients and save your money.

Anti Aging Medicine

The field of anti aging medicine is a growing specialty spurred on by ever increasing demand for ways to stay young. The incredible advances of modern medicine over the last century make it plausible that, at some time in the not too distant future, we will be able to halt or even reverse the aging process. For now, we are making progress in baby steps.

Antiaging medication includes a broad spectrum of drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements, and foods with exceptional health giving properties. There is no "magic bullet" anti aging medicine to simply halt the physical process of aging: such a drug is still a long way away, and may be an unrealistic expectation in a world where aging is influenced by many diverse factors.

Anti aging medicine studies the natural changes in body physiology over the course of a human life. Why do we become physically weaker as the years pass and what makes older people more susceptible to certain diseases than young people? Some research focuses on prevention, while other studies look for cures. Anti aging studies needlessly cross over into other medical areas, such as cancer research and gene therapy, and any specific antiaging medication may also be shared with other disciples.

Perhaps it is a change in the perception of how many diseases are linked to aging that makes anti aging medicine seem like something new. Knowledge gained in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, the importance of clean food and water, and the ability of certain drugs to cure have all contributed to a continuously lengthening life expectancy in the Western world. In a sense, then, immunization, water treatment, food inspection, and antibiotic use are all types of antiaging medication.

Outside the reality of specific diseases, however, anti aging medicine has embroidered a whole group of treatments that simply claim to make people look and feel younger. These include the newest antiaging medication, such as glucosamine sulfate to ease aging joints or human growth hormone therapy to increase energy, muscle mass, and strength. It is here that the most controversial exists, for many treatments are simply too new to have any solid track record, or make promises that are not fulfilled.

The range of products is vast, both on the internet and on store shelves, and no one review or reference can adequately cover them all. Before taking any antiaging medication or submitting to any treatment. Take the time to research the product claims and investigate possible side effects. If you can, back up your decision by consulting a qualified specialist in anti aging medicine.

How to Select a Good Anti Aging Skin Care Product

Let's face it. We all want to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance. But with so many anti aging skin care products on the market, how do you select a product that really works?

Its important to do some research because a really good product can help to slow the aging process and keep the skin looking young and fresh.

When looking for anti aging skin care that you can count on to be safe and effective, your search should always begin with the ingredients. Its as simple as reading the label. There are specific active ingredients that you want to find in the product and specific ingredients you want to avoid.

You can automatically narrow your search for a good product by avoiding ingredients such as acrylamide, alcohols, DEA, MEA, TEA, dioxane, mineral oil and parabens. These ingredients are widely used because they're cheap, achieve a creamy consistency and extend the shelf life of the product.

Also look for products that are fragrance-free. Fragrances are made from chemicals which can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. And fragrance adds absolutely nothing to anti aging effectiveness.

A good anti aging skin care product will have ingredients that are natural as opposed to synthetic. Products that contain vegetable-based waxes and silicones, repairative proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, coenzyme CoQ10 and plant extracts are natural and safe to apply to your skin.

The wonderful thing about these ingredients is that they work with your skin's own natural ability to maintain its firmness and elasticity. They do this by blocking harmful enzymes, improving moisture retention, inhibiting the production of free radicals and promoting natural collagen production.

But you should be alert to the fact that in order for the skin care product to be effective, these ingredients need to be present in high concentrations . Many cosmetic companies deceptively add small amounts of these ingredients just so they can be listed on the label. This is a means of saving money (quality ingredients are expensive) while still appearing to be credible.

Believe me, once you start to apply this simple method for selecting a good anti aging skin care product you will easily be able to separate the good from the mediocre and bad. Then it will not be long before you're enjoying healthy, beautiful skin.