Sonoma Diet Review – Pros & Cons

All weight loss regimens have benefits and injuries. The key is in finding the one program that best fits your lifestyle and budget. The Sonoma Diet has both pros and cons, but can extremely help you lose undesired weight for good.

The best feature of this diet plan by far, is that there are no counting calories or grams of any kind. It teaches proper placement control, a sometimes hard to find feature among trendy diets.

A few of the other benefits that are worth mentioning are the focus on what you can eat (rather than what you can not), eating slowly, nutrition and structure. Many other diets do not provide sufficient nutrition and expect you to educate yourself on the matter.

This program emphasizes whole foods instead of prepared meals, which teachers its users how to make well rounded meals using a variety of fresh vegetables. This is a great diet for those who enjoy cooking and learning how to best feed their bodies with healthy choices.

Some of the cons worth mentioning are that it is a very low calorie diet and offers little flexibility depending on your starting weight. Most individuals will have a difficult time in sustaining the low caloric intake that this plan recommends.

Another serious drawback is that vegetable intake is limited due to the seven inch plate rule. Typically, fresh vegetables should be encouraged in an unlimited quantity, especially as a snack to sustain you until your next meal.

There are no substitutions for whole foods. Although ideal, not everyone can afford whole food substitutes all of the time. There is no plan for dealing with a carb crash, while will inevitably happen on this low-carb diet. Be aware of inconsistencies on this diet.

While no diet plan has all of the right answers, the Sonoma Diet has both significant pros and cons. It is beneficial for every individual to be aware of both as they begin their journey to healthful wellness and weight control.

Acne Scars: Treatment and Prevention

Acne scars are one of the most pervasive dermatological problems. They are common for people of all ages. Typically, they are a result of inflammation that occurs when bacteria, dead cells and access oil combined together and started pressing on the walls of the skin pore and breaks the follicle wall. Up to 80 percent of people in their teenage years are getting affected by acne. While many of these people recover from the said skin condition without permanent effects, some are left with scars.

There are a few topical skin care medications that can help improve mild scarring. Most acne scars can also be treated by means of skin resurfacing and surgical procedure combinations.

Treatment Options

Not all scars can be avoided even with careful treatment. But the good news is there are now a number of treatment options that you can choose to minimize the appearance of acne scars. Your doctor will check how different your scars are and may recommend you any of the following treatment options:

• Dermabrasion. This is a kind of skin smoothing surgery where the skin's top layers are removed. A special device is used in this treatment option to gently sand the surface of the skin to normal and healthy skin. Normally, an antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly is applied on the skin to less scaring and scab formation.

• Chemical Peels. In this procedural treatment, a chemical or exfoliating agent is applied on the skin. Among the most common agents used include lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid, carbocilic acid and salicylic acid. Chemical peels usually range from light to deep strength, depending on the chemical agent used and how much time it should stay on the skin. How much peeling should be made also depends on the skin condition and expected results. Chemical peels are often suggested to those who have mild acne scars.

• Laser Treatments. There are two (2) categories of laser that are used to treat acne scars. These are ablative or resurfacing laser and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers take off the skin's outer layer, burning scar tissues and tightening the dermal collagen. Through this way, the visibility of the scar is reduced. In laser resurfacing, erbium YAG laser and ultrapulsed carbon dioxide laser are commonly used. Since the skin is damaged and unprotected tissues are exposed, effort should be performed in wound care and avoiding infection. The skin may redden for a couple of months or even a year afterwards.

Non-ablative lasers sets off changes in the dermis without damaging the epidermis. The newest FDA approved laser for this kind of treatment is called "smoothbeam."

• Filler Substances. For shallow and saucer-shaped acne scars, filler substances are commonly used. There has been an increase in the amount of filler substances used in plumping up acne scars. Cosmoderm, Fascian, Restylane, Artecoll, Cymetra and bovine collagen are available.

Acne Scar Prevention Tips

As soon as acne develops, treat it! The most effective means in avoiding acne scars is by preventing the development of acne into a severe form. Do not wait for acne to go away on its own, but start treating it right away. Consult a dermatologist to know if your acne is unresponsive to topical medications or over-the-counter treatments. As possible, avoid doing things that could irritate your skin like using harsh skin care products and aggressive scrubbing.

Acne Cream Treatment to Set Your Skin Free

If you are suffering from acne, it could be very difficult to choose the right kind of treatment. There are many different kinds of treatments available that are used to cure acne. The most predominant of acne cures are: acne cream treatment, herbal treatment, medicinal treatment etc. If you are too confused, you might want to use the most popular of these acne cures, which is acne cream treatment.

A popular cure means that many people got treated with it and is easy to use. Therefore there is a greater chance for you to get cured as well.

However, it is crucial for you to realize that any acne treatment is not a miracle cure and needs time and effort for it to be effective. It is illogical to expect a cream to give results overnight. The average cure time span could be anything between 10 days to months, depending on the type of acne.

It is also vital to supplement this type of treatment with a balanced diet period and a healthy lifestyle. Acne cream treatment or any other type of treatment would not be able to provide appropriate results unless you eliminate the cause of acne.

At present, there are many different types of acne cream available in the market. You need to be careful while choosing the right one for yourself. The choice needs to be based on the type of skin you have, as there is no single acne cream that works for everyone.

The main reason for this is that there are many substances that are useful in treating acne and different acne creams use different ingredients. Some of the ingredients commonly used include alcohol, acetone, benzoyl peroxide, natural extracts, resorcinol, salicylic acid, sulfur etc.

There is no easy way to figure out which acne cream is perfect for your skin except the trial and error method. However a good method would be to approach your dermatologist to get a rough idea on the type of skin you have and selectively choose a cream whose ingredients would suit you. In order to be able to do this, you would need to find out the properties of each and every ingredient. This can be quite difficult and time consuming but really worthwhile. Most creams do not have any side effects and so not difficult to try. You can try multiple options for your acne up until one of them works.

High Protein Diet Plan Tips

Years ago when I was doing weight lifting a lot there were two times of year. The first was the bulking up, and the second was cutting up. Cutting up was when we used a high protein diet plan to lose fat, keep our muscle, and get lean.

Over the last few years the high protein diet has become very mainstream and many people talk about using Atkins, or the zone diet to lose weight and this was exactly the cutting up diet that I mentioned earlier. Many people have very good results initially with a high protein diet plan but those results tend to diminish over time.

So, you may have come here looking for how to do a high protein diet plan and i will not disappoint you. There are three main parts of this diet plan and although each diet is different these points are going to help you out and will definitely help you lose weight fairly quickly.

1. Divide your meals up – It is critically important for you to convince your body that you are not really dieting and the best way to do that is to make sure that you are not going too long between meals. Try to divide your meals so that you are eating about six times a day. The way I look at that instead of snacks is that I have first and second breakfast, first and second lunch, and first and second dinner. The key though is to make sure these are not full meals but instead half meals where you are eating the same amount of food in a day but just over more feedings.

2. Cut out white carbs – One of the important parts of a high protein diet plan is to make sure that you are eating meats (high in protein), fruits and vegetables, and no potatoes, bread, rice, or other white carbohydrates. These white carbs are low water and very high carbohydrate concentrated foods and will not do you much good. The fruits and veggies will give you all of your vitamins and minerals and are very high in water so that you will not be taking too many carbs.

3. Make your meals 50/50 – Make sure that your plate is half meat and half vegetables so that you are indeed taking in lots of protein. The protein is going to protect your muscles mass while you are losing weight so that yo lose fat instead of muscle. Also to make things a bit cheaper you can sometimes substitute beans and other high protein foods for the meat.

4 (Bonus tip). Drink lots of water – One of the real problems of eating a lot of protein is that you are going to need a lot more water to metabolize all of this protein. Make sure you are eating the eight to ten glasses of water that your body will need a day. Also remember to space out the water through the day.

Whether you are doing Atkins, the Zone diet or some other diet plan you will no doubt be looking at a lot of these tips and maybe more. There are lots of things to worry about on any diet but especially on a high protein diet plan you will want to keep the above in mind to stay healthy and to make the most of the diet.

Natural Treatment for Pneumonia Using Salt Therapy

Affecting over millions each year, pneumonia is still one of the most serious sicknesses there and should not be taken lightly. Pneumonia is an infection in either one or both of the lungs that causes the germs inhaled to settle in the air sacs, also known as alveoli, in your lungs. The alveoli will begin to swell up, filling up with pus and mucus. This stops the oxygen from reaching the blood stream and it becomes increasingly harder to breathe. Other symptoms of pneumonia include coughing, high fever, and chest pain. Not treated properly, pneumonia can cause permanent lung damage and eventually be life-threatening. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to reduce this risk.

A common form of treatment is medication prescribed by a doctor. Yet if the infection becomes viral, the medication will be ineffective. More natural treatments include drinking soup and tea, in hopes of relieving the effects temporarily. A treatment that is gradually becoming more popular is salt therapy. Salt therapy is a natural treatment for pneumonia that will make breathing an easy task once again and provide a quick recovery. The salt particles in the air will help by killing the bacteria and not letting the infection spread or the condition to worsen. Salt also has the ability to reduce pollution and draw water to the airways, allowing the body to liberate the mucus more smoothly.

Pneumonia is known to target vulnerable immune systems, like those of children or elderly. This therapy is safe for these age groups since it is completely drug free and has no harmful side effects. In addition, it can sometimes be hard for children or the elderly to take medication. With this natural therapy, there is no problem associated with that. All that needs to be done is inhaling the salt particles. Picky children who do not enjoy taking medication will not even notice when they breathe in these microscopic particles.

Salt therapy can even be used to prevent getting pneumonia. The more often salt therapy is done, the more hygienic the respiratory system becomes. A clean respiratory system allows for more oxygen intake, extra energy, better sleep, and a stronger immune system. Pneumonia can also develop right after a cold. By the time the proper diagnosis is given, the symptoms can be very severe. With the constant use of salt therapy, the risk of getting this illness significantly decreases as it boosts the respiratory system immunity. Healthy airways make it harder for germs to settle in and start infecting the lungs.

Home salt therapy is a long-term treatment compared to other treatments. It is recommended that the patient undergoes home salt therapy on average around seven or eight hours. This may seem like a lot of time, but salt therapy is recommended to be done when sleep, so it does not have to alter daily schedules. Salt therapy has even been linked to better sleep. The clearing and expanding of the airways provide proper airflow, which in turn lets the individual have a more restful sleep and wake up even more refreshed in the morning.

When considering treatment options for pneumonia, salt therapy brings many benefits to the table. It's non-invasive, natural, and also leaves you in better shape than before. This treatment also quicklyens the recovery process and decreases the risk of getting this illness again. Even on medication, it can be used in conjunction and will benefit you greatly. Try salt therapy today!

ADHD Diet Plan – Balancing Your Diet Well By Taking Note Of The Right Foods

ADHD or also know as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a known disorder to many people. This disorder is characterized by providing the right amount of focus tings needed to be done and information to be obtained. Typically, these symptoms can manifest whether the person is in school or even at home. While a lot of advances are produced in the world of health and medicine, it's still very vital for many experts to go back to the basics of healthy diet in control this disorder. This is why an ADHD Diet Plan is recommended to people with ADHD to help them on focus using various healthy and natural foods on a daily basis. Just like any other diet plan, this will require patients to take in a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, complex carbohydrates and food rich in protein. Once these are met then the basic part of the diet is done.

What are the high protein foods? They include meats, beans, nuts and eggs, which are readily available in different stores nationwide. In addition to foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals also play an important role in promoting an ADHD Diet Plan. In any cause these foods are not taken on a daily basis, it will be a great help for people with ADHD to get supplements to complete their daily body requirement. In addition to foods that should be included in the diet, foods that should be avoided must also be noted on the diet. You must also avoid specific foods like those with food additives and preservatives.

One of the good things about ADHD Diet Plan is that they can be customized depending on what people need. This means they're not limited in taking regular foods alone. As mentioned above, adding in supplements rich in vitamins and minerals would also be a great help in completing daily nutritional requirements. But before going for this diet, it's still essential to consult with a physician first even before they will be followed as health assessment may be required. They can work with the person with ADHD with the right ADHD Diet Plan to help them control focus.