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Common Skin Diseases in Children

Children are prone to certain types of skin diseases in their childhood since their skin is relatively tender as compared to adults. Also, since they tend to get dirty soon and play in the soil, they get affected easily.

The following is a list of common skin diseases found among children.

Hand foot mouth disease: This disease causes rashes on skin and is accompanied by fever and cough, sore mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, headache and sore throat. It can be prevalent anywhere between three to six days.

Red patches are seen in gums, tongue, mouth and even the throat. It then turns into blisters and can also form lesions. The rashes are also found to appear in legs, hands, toes and fingers. The disease is quite contagious and can spread easily by direct contact.

Children with this disease should wash their hands frequently and also drink plenty of liquids. Consult the doctor on what medication should be taken for this disease.

Scabies: This disease is caused by mites. They result in extreme itching that can be quite uncomfortable for the child. It is extremely contagious especially in case of direct contacts. Severe itching may be experienced in legs, arms, neck, head, soles and palms.

Scabies is common where there is a large group of children like day-care centre and pre-schools. The disease can be cured only by appropriate treatment by a skin specialist.

Scalp ringworm: This is a fungal disease that causes mild infection in the scalp. This contagious disease can spread through direct contact or through pillows, combs and caps.

7 Rarest Skin Rashes and Their Treatment

1. Aquarium Allergy – An aquarium allergy is rare, and most people with pet allergies are advised to get an aquarium and pet fish to lower the risks of an allergy occurring. In some rare cases though, a skin rash will develop from exposure to fish and water in the aquarium. Treatment includes antihistamines and avoiding any aquariums to prevent a recurrence of the skin rash.

2. Argyria – This rare rash on the skin is caused by high levels of silver exposure, and the resulting rash makes the skin a bluish color. Sunlight will cause gum colored stains to appear as well, mainly on the forehead, nose, and hands. Treatment for this skin rash involves stopping the abnormal exposure to silver, because as long as the exposure remains the skin rashes will continue to appear.

3. Harlequin Itchthyosis – One of the rarest skin conditions is Harlequin Itchthyosis, and this condition is a birth defect and is visible when an affected infant is born. The disorder is caused by an abnormal gene, named ABCA12. Medications and intensive medical care right after birth has increased the survival rate of these infants substantially, but there is no cure and medications are usually needed for life.

4. Pemphigoid Gestitionis – This condition causes skin rashes to appears during the last two trimesters of pregnancy or after you have given birth to a child, and is extremely rare. Blisters and redness appear and the skin becomes very painful. The rash can leave permanent scarring, and there is no known treatment.

5. Solar Urticaria – Solar Urticaria takes a sun allergy up many levels. With this condition any exposure to ultraviolet radiation and possibly even visible forms of light will cause severe hives and welting. These skin rashes occur even on areas that were not exposed. Treatment can include the use of antihistamines and sunscreens, complete avoidance of any UV radiation, or a process known as photohardening where you are exposed to increasing amounts of this radiation to build up a tolerance.

6. Aquagenic Urticaria – With Aquagenic Urticaria hives and welting occur after any water exposure, no matter how small. In some cases the sweat released by the body contains enough water to cause a reaction. This rash is very rare, and treatment involves the use of capsaicin cream which is applied regularly to your skin.

7. Neutrophilic Dermatosis – Also called Sweets Syndrome, Neutrophilic Dermatosis is a disorder that includes skin rashes as one of the main symptoms, and is rare. The skin will have a response to an allergen that is very severe, and plaques may occur anywhere on the skin. Anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids are usually the treatment given for this condition.

Laser Skin Whitening Costs and Advantages

The people can now enhance their image intelligently, safely and affordably by removing acne scars from the face and body through customized clinically proven techniques in a number of ways that are available nowadays to lighten the skin tone. A lot of treatments run parallel in this regard like creams, pills, lotions and lasers. The point is that out of all these treatments which one should be preferred to get the best desired results.

Laser skin whitening shows the fastest results out of all the treatments present in the market. They function by emitting high intensity energy sources which get absorbed by melanin that are responsible for the skin colour and are present in the pores under the skin. Due to this absorption the dark parts of the skin cells that cause high melanin get destroyed. The laser treatments mainly use natural skin lighteners like kojic acid and licorice extract that lighten the darker skin by breaking down the melanin pigments that are present in the dermis.

These treatments are done by qualified doctors or specialists who are trained medical professionals, only after they confirm the spot tests to be okay. The laser skin whitening treatment generally requires three sittings at a gap of two months for getting the desired results of skin lightening and to get rid of the undesired skin pigments.

The factors to look for before getting the laser skin treatments done up are like the initial condition of the skin, what kind of laser to use, the depth of the pigment that is being cured or needs lightening, skill level of the medical practitioner and the number of treatments already taken, all these are important, as the treatment modifications depend highly on these factors.

The budgeting for a laser treatment is also important as comparatively it is a more expensive though a less time consuming method which gives positive results within no time.

The laser skin treatments also help in the cases of skin ochronosis which turns the skin into blue-black or gray-blue tones due to excessive use of skin creams containing hydroquinone generally seen in people having medium – dark skin tones. Freckles which are found mostly in Asian skin types are also cured by the use of lasers.

The effort, time and money that goes into the treatment of skin tone lightening by the process of Laser Skin Whitening is worth putting as it enhances the skin complexion and thus improving the personalities of people and making them more confident.

The cost per laser treatment could vary between $300-$1000 depending on the size and color of the tattoo, meaning that attaining satisfactory tattoo removal cost range between $600 and $5000.

Skin Diseases – Types and Causes

There are a number of skin diseases, and they all frequently affect people of all ages from the neonates to the elderly, and cause harm in a number of ways. Maintaining healthy skin is the best prevention for skin diseases, however, many people may develop diseases that affect the skin including cancer, herpes, and cellulitis.

The skin is susceptible to more than a thousand conditions that may affect it but most skin diseases can be categorized into ten common types.

Rashes: A rash is an area of red, inflamed skin or a group of individual spots. The cause could be irritation, allergy, infection, an underlying disease, as well as by structural defects; for example, blocked pores or malfunctioning oil glands. Rashes may, or may not itch. Examples of rashes include acne, dermatitis, eczema, hives, pityriasis rosea, and psoriasis.

Viral Infections: These occur when a virus penetrates and infects the inner layer of the skin. Examples of viral infections include herpes simplex, shingles (herpes zoster) and warts.

Bacterial Infections: Of course these are caused by bacteria, the most common type being staphylococci streptococci. Bacteria may infect the top-most layers of the skin, the hair follicles, or the deeper layers of skin. If not treated properly, these infections may spread throughout the body. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics.

Fungal Infections: Fungi are always present on the surface of the skin. They are harmless infections which occur when these organisms enter into the body. These infections are usually superficial, affecting the skin, hair, nails and include athletics’ foot, lock itch, and ringworm.

Parasitic Infections: Exposure to parasites such as lice and scabies cause these infections.

Pigmentation Disorder: The pigment of the skin is the coloration of the skin which is determined by the amount of melanin being produced by the body. Loss of pigmentation (hypo pigmentation) can be caused by the absence of melanocytes, malfunctioning cells, exposure to cold or chemicals, or some types of infection: vitiligo is an example of hypo pigmentation.

An increase in pigment (hyper pigmentation) may be caused by skin irritation, hormonal changes, aging, a metabolic disease, or any other underlying problem. Spots, freckles and melasma are examples of hyper pigmentation.

Tumors and Cancers: The process of cell change sometimes leads to cancers. Not every skin growth is cancerous. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer cases affecting 800,000 American’s each year. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun is responsible in 90 per cent of cases. There are three types: basal cell cancer (the most curable), squamous cell cancer (which may grow and spread) and malignant melanoma (the most deadly form).

Other common skin problems: Stretch marks are lines that develop on the surface of the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by a sudden stretching of the skin – stretching which occurs during pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss.

Wrinkles are lines on the skin caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin within the dermis layer of the skin.

Rosacea is a chronic disorder in which the skin of the face becomes red and develops pimples, lesions, and more rarely enlargement of the nose.

Spider veins and varicose veins are protruding veins on the surface of the skin which becomes visible when blood vessels enlarge.

Itchy Skin Rashes: Causes and Remedies

Skin rashes and several other skin problems are considered to be some of the very common issues that people of every age have to experience for several reasons. Healthy and beautiful skin is something that almost every living person desires to have. Rashes generally explain some disturbances in the human system. These disturbances are generally the reason for the formation of rashes on the skin of any person. There are several reason which could cause skin rashes. Following are some of the common causes of having skin rashes.

1. Skin irritation is considered to be one of the very many major reasons for having skin rashes. The irritation makes people to go for scratching that specific area of the skin, which results into causing skin rashes.

2. For some people, getting into contact with certain objects or sometimes having certain food material that happens to be not suitable for that person results into forming rashes throughout the skin.

3. Poisonous plants as well as other dirt particles might get into the human system which might not be suitable for that person and thus causes allergic rashes which sometimes gets to become a medical issue.

4. Jewelry and certain fabrics happen to be causing allergy to certain people that result into skin rashes.

5. Sometimes viral infection causes rashes on the human skin. The infections could be very harmful for the entire human system and the rashes thus formed might actually require medical treatment at a later stage.

6. Exposure to certain parasites and insects might cause allergy and might result into getting rashes on any person as well.

Itchy skin rash thus could be considered to be a very disturbing thing that sometime make people get into serious problems which at times require proper attention.

Now, following are some of the remedies that would help someone get rid of such itchy skin rashes.

1. The very first thing that is required to be done in order to get rid of itchy skin rashes is to find out the reason that is causing the rashes. Once the reason is found out, the remedies could be made out accordingly.

2. Using medically approved products against such rashes could be really helpful when it comes to treating such itchy rashes.

3. One of the very obvious things that usually increase the chances of having rashes is the tendency to itch that particular area of the skin. Thus the very first thing that one needs to do in order to stop causing rashes is that, that person needs to stop itching the place. This is because itching it is very harmful and makes that part of the skin much more prone to infection.

4. Taking a very fresh bathing could help the skin get rid of the infection prone viruses. The ultimate goal is obviously to get rid of allergies and rashes. Thus cleanliness and wearing fresh and clean clothes is also very important.

Thus these were some of the very basic causes and remedies of itchy skin rashes. This problem can actually hamper any person and might actually disturb the normal life style of any person up to a large extent. Thus taking proper care of it from the very beginning is suggested.

Best Effective Skin Whitening Tips You Should Know

Do you know all about skin whitening? If there is a way to lighten your skin without resort to harsh products such as hydroquinone and bleaching creams, would you believe me?

Unknown to many people, our body continually produce a pigment called melanin even though we are out of the sun. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the color of our hair, skin, and eyes. When certain parts of your skin are in a constant state of mild inflammation, darks spots can occur. Your complexion becomes dull and uneven.

Because of this reason, whitening products should be used to protect and prevent further damage of your skin.

Unfortunately, despite the number of whitening creams out in the market, many have failed to live up to expectations.

In fact, if you use skin-bleaching agent such as hydroquinone ( a popular skin lightening ingredient) to reduce your age spots, you may suffer from stinging sensation or and constant itching. Prolonged usage can also result in discoloration of the skin.

So is there still hope for those who wanted bright and luminous skin? Well, the good news is that there are really ingredients that can help you to lighten your skin and fade away those dark pigmentation spots.

What You Need:

In order to lighten your skin color and not suffer from possible side effects (which bleaching agents can do to your skin), you can try a very unique extract called Extrapone Nutgrass. From clinical studies conducted, this powerful ingredient is found to be extremely effective in cutting down the amount of melanin production in the body – in fact by as much as 40%. It can help to repair the damage made by the sun ultraviolet rays during the day.