Getting Rid of Wrinkles – Find Out My Technique For Getting Rid of Wrinkles

If you are reading this article then I can tell that you are interested on how to get rid of your wrinkles. Well its your lucky day as I am going to tell you my secret for getting rid of wrinkles fast and easy. I am a working mom and I am in my mid thirties now and wrinkles have been popping up in my face left and right. About 5 years ago I noticed some fine lines developing on my forehead and in the side of my eyes, of course I neglected them thinking that that will be as far as it will go, but fast forward a couple of years later and my face was riddled with lines, making me look older than I really am.

So I made it my mission to find out how to get rid of wrinkles and as and as easy as I can. I made some research regarding about the subject and I have found out a couple of interesting facts about the causes of wrinkles and how you can minimize it.

Smoking – smoking is one of the most causes of wrinkles in women and in men. Smoking actually stops your body from producing something called collagen. Now collagen aids our body with the healing of wounds and skin damage. The nicotine you also get from smoking constricts the blood vessels especially the small veins going to your face. That will result to pale skin,,more dead skin cells and of course wrinkles.

Overexposure to the Sun – Sun worshipers may be all tan and that, but what they don’t know is that they are damaging their skin. The recommended time that the rays of the sun are actually beneficial for us around 6 to 9 am, after that you should stay away from the rays of the sun. However, if your work requires you to be out in the sun, please wear sun glasses as this will protect your eyes from the UV rays but also prevent your from too much squinting that results to ‘crows feet’. Please also wear sun block all the time, so that you will not burn you skin and loose its elasticity.

Now the above two tips are just preventive steps so you won’t worsen your wrinkles. My personal secret that I use for getting rid of my wrinkles is I am using a one step system specifically designed for removing wrinkles. In the system that I used I actually got amazing results in less than 30 days, and the catch is I even get to used it for free. The anti wrinkle system I use has Teprenone, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene, Arnica, Vit. K1 and many more. All of these ingredients combined will help you get rid of wrinkles for good and look fabulous.

This is my secret for getting rid of wrinkles and having beautiful glowing skin.

Best Wrinkle Creams – A Review of Some of the Most Effective Anti-Aging Lotions

For an overview of some of the best wrinkle creams, keep reading.

Price Point: $100 – $200

Product: Peter Thomas Roth’s Un-Wrinkle ($120)

This product is a very concentrated blend of six strong ingredients designed to relax muscles and deliver anti-aging peptides right where it’s needed most. Peptides are used to combat the signs of aging and are believed to encourage cell growth, plumping up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as relax the muscle. They’re considered an injection alternative.

With its high price tag, Un-Wrinkle should work and while it definitely does the job, it’s not a complete miracle worker. Users need to understand they are simply not going to see the results they’d get from surgery or Botox injections, and some may be happier with a lower price point product that’s just as good.

Price Point: $20 – $50

Product: Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar ($38 for 2 oz.)

Hope in a Jar was first designed and formulated for medical use. Today, the product is Philosophy’s best seller and an award winner from Sephora, Allure, Glamour and more. It’s the type of moisturizer that people actually talk about as one of the best wrinkle creams and for good reason.

The ingredients list in this product seems basic – a few antioxidants, a touch of lactic acid – and yet, this is a moisturizer that produces almost instant results. Skin feels softer, looks smoother and even appears more plumped, as if the wrinkles are filling out. If you’re looking for a product with wrinkle prevention properties too, take a shot with Hope in a Jar (SPF is included).

Price Range: Under $20

Product: Eye Rev-er Upper from Bare Escentuals ($19)

This is a product that’s both a wrinkle and eye cream. It’s a lightweight balm designed to brighten the under-eye, reduce puffiness and lighten the skin color, but also fills in and softens the appearance of wrinkles. So, it reduces that fatigued look of tired eyes while simultaneously making you appear younger, fresher and brighter.

For only $19, it’s a very good buy. The cucumber extract actually soothes the eye when it’s applied, meaning it’s the perfect product for a late night spent up with the baby or waiting for your teenagers to come home.

The best wrinkle creams aren’t always the ones that cost the most. Nor do they necessarily boast the hottest new technology or gimmick. Sometimes you don’t need a massive price tag or a wild new gimmick; rather, you just need a product that’s tried, tested and true.

Remember, to always test wrinkle creams, particularly those that contain any hydraulic acids, on your skin before applying to your face or eye area.

Easy at Home Facial Wrinkle Removal – Long Term Effort Vs Instant Results

When it comes to facial wrinkle removal at home, there are 2 options. Option A involves making life changes, eating better, avoiding the sun, using homemade wrinkle removal recipes every day, and waiting LONG periods of time for results. Option B involves trying out new facial wrinkle removal products, sometimes risking money, and if successful, achieving INSTANT removal of facial wrinkles. Lets dive a little deeper into these options and get a better look at what we’re dealing with.

Option A – 24/7 Skin Maintenance

What You Have to Do: Give up smoking, give up alcohol, give up tanning, give up sun exposure (excessive amounts), drink lots & lots of water every day, decrease meat consumption, start eating more fruits & vegetables with EVERY meal, daily skin moisturizing, nightly & morning use of facial masks, etc. etc. etc.

What it Costs: Next to nothing. Only thing you’ll probably have to pay for is moisturizing lotions. The fruits & veggies — which will be used for your diet and for facial wrinkle removal recipes — are probably already in the home.

How Long to Get Results: Many, Many Months. By the time results are obtained, new wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of age will already be forming on your face. You’ll already be behind before you can even get ahead!

Effectiveness: If you manage to make all the changes and stick to them for years to come, your skin will look younger and you’ll have a more natural glow about you. But then again, that’s a pretty big IF.

Option B – Using Facial Wrinkle Removal Cream

What You Have to Do: Pick your favorite (and effective) anti wrinkle facial cream and start using it daily. Massage it into your skin when you wake in the morning and then again at night when you go to bed. Takes no more than 3 minutes to apply.

What it Costs: At first, it’ll be free, as you will be able to try most facial wrinkle removal creams before you buy; via risk free periods and free trial offers. After that, it will cost between $80 and $200 every few months, depending on which cream you are using.

How Long to Get Results: Some creams take weeks, some take days, while the best ones take just minutes. One facial skin cream on the market actually decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging in less than seven seconds. If that’s not instant facial wrinkle removal, what is?

Effectiveness: It all depends on the cream itself to be completely honest. But, if you happen to get one of the best facial skin creams available, not only will ALL signs of age be eliminated from your face, but you’ll also receive LASTING protection as well.

The Natural Way of Removing Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the most unwanted signs that once it show on our face you start to feel worried. You can seldom avoid wrinkles since this is one of the significant marks that one is in the process of ageing. Everybody wants to age gracefully but it will somehow cost you a big slice from your budget just by keeping it up. There are other alternatives in keeping up with the essence of graceful ageing. Let us learn several ways on how to remove wrinkles naturally.

The most effective and priceless method is water therapy. If you find it hard to drink plenty of water, try to squeeze a bit of lemon or lime into it. But clean and pure water is highly preferable to achieve fast and favorable results. Water keeps you hydrated and when you are, your skin cells will maintain its firmness and elasticity. It will therefore minimize the chance of having wrinkles.

Concoct your own facial mask. Combine 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil and a teaspoon of sugar. Apply it on your face and leave it for five to ten minutes. While waiting for the time, gently rub your face with your clean hands to remove the dry and excess skin cells. Rinse your face with tepid water and pat it dry. You will notice the tightening and smoothness of your skin as an effect. Do this once a week and you will surely get approving looks from your friends and family.

Moisturize every evening. Cocoa butter, considered being one of the primitive and traditional treatments in scars, stretch marks and age spots are proven to be a highly effective anti wrinkle moisturizer. It melts easily and can penetrate deeply into your skin thereby stimulating and increasing collagen production. Because of this amazing property it possesses elasticity and firmness of the skin will improve. In order to achieve best results, use it daily even as a morning moisturizer and use it several times a day if need be.

Eat healthy to attain healthy skin. Even if you have a youthful skin which is probably due to cosmetic moisturizers from the cosmetic counter, your looks will not be perfectly rewarded when your body shows and move like 70 years old. Your healthy looks should be well balanced from inside out. Make your dietary habits complete by favoring fresh fruits and green and leafy vegetables. Ageing gracefully can be fully achieved even without spending too much for those expensive and artificial skin care products. Look no further, natural ingredients may be more effective than the artificial ones

Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally – 3 Natural Ingredients No Anti Wrinkle Cream Should Be Without

The absolute best way to achieve smoother, younger skin is to get rid of wrinkles naturally. Sure, botox injections and face peels and laser treatment and even face lifts will all work in the short term, however, they are painful, expensive, have recovery times and will only last you for so long. Healing your skin from within is the best way to get rid of wrinkles and it is even more powerful when done naturally. Here are three natural ingredients you need to start to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

1. Natural vitamin E

Natural vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and underused ingredient which has been shown in many scientific studies to reverse the effects of aging on your skin. It is especially potent in the treatment of fine lines and age spots and has been clinically proven to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

2. Coenzyme Q10

This ingredient, in its nano-emulsion form of Nano-lipobelle H EQ10, penetrates through seven layers of skin to fight free radical damage and improve skin tone, firmness and smoothness. It also promotes growth of collagen, an essential skin protein that is proven to get rid of wrinkles naturally by internally healing your skin cells.

3. Active manuka honey

Honey has been used for many years as a home remedy to get rid of wrinkles naturally but this active manuka form is much more potent and has unique enzymes which deliver powerful anti aging properties. It heals and rejuvenates the skin better than any other honey and this has been tested by scientists in New Zealand.

Consumer Anti Wrinkle Cream Reports – Dr Oz and Dr Acai Review

Some of the latest consumer reports on the most recent anti wrinkle creams which are now available on the market were recently reviewed by Dr Oz, America’s celebrity medical expert and Dr Acai – or Mr Pericone – famous in the field of dermatology.

This year has seen many NEW anti-wrinkle creams hit the shelves and now after their initial release, a consumer review was conducted by both these two Doctors in relation to how these creams have fared and the effects they have had on consumers who have been applying these latest serums to help eliminate wrinkles.

What these new anti-wrinkle creams have in common are some of the latest anti-oxidants which skin experts argue can offer potentially the same results as a wrinkle filling shot.

Laced with Acai, Resveratrol, Amino vitamins and minerals along with the latest peptide technology known as Pentepeptide-Compound-3, both Dr Oz and Dr Acai suggest consumer reports have been extremely positive.

Skin experts involved in this new anti-wrinkle technology state that they are not surprised as some of these ingredients contain the highest ORAC value of any plant type ever tested scientists, which means that they offer the greatest strength at replenishing your free-radicals.

Free-radicals are found in the air, water and food we ingest and however healthy our lifestyle there is no avoiding these everyday toxins.

Therefore, why consumers – mainly in the U.S – have offered such refreshing feedback, dermatologists argue is that so many of the previous serums in the market are unable to get right into your facial tissue like an injection can.

What these new anti-wrinkle creams can achieve manufacturers state, is the ability to delve much deeper into your facial tissue, instructing the growth of collagen through their new peptide technology.

Collagen is KEY

Collagen is KEY as it is the structural support of your skin.

When levels are high your skin will be tight and firm but when levels dip, you loose that support and wrinkles are born.

With their new technology, consumers have reported that this new peptide compound appears to offer quicker, stronger and longer lasting effects through a reduced application.

Peptides are integral at instructing the growth of collagen as they are your chemical messengers which determine how much collagen is produced.

By combining such rich and highly concentrated anti-oxidants combined with this new peptide technology – deep within your damaged skin tissue – doctors argue,  will match most wrinkl- filling shots – just without the needle!