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Easy Cardiovascular Exercise That Helps To Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain

Easy Cardiovascular Exercise That Helps To Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain

Cardiovascular exercise can help to improve muscle endurance, which will prevent pregnancy back pain that is a common problem that occurs to most pregnant mothers. Other benefits of cardiovascular exercise also include decreasing risk of heart attack, reducing level of blood pressure and increasing the energy level. During pregnancy, women should exercise at a mild to moderate level and not to the point of exhaustion.

Specifically, they should perform 20-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 3-5 days a week.

One good form of pregnancy exercise is walking which is suitable for working the leg muscles with minimal impact and strain to the joints. Walking outdoors can be more interesting if you vary the routes and include small inclines some days to challenge yourself. Consider walking with a partner or friend to make the workout more fun and time will pass quickly. Avoid reading books or magazines on any gym fitness equipment as it tends to force you into poor posture, and increases the risk of losing your balance.

Riding a bike is another great exercise that can help to prevent pregnancy back pain since it improves total body endurance. During pregnancy, it is safer to use a stationary bike to avoid the risk of abdominal trauma due to falls on a regular bicycle. Early in pregnancy, some women find the recumbent bicycle to be more comfortable because it has a backrest to support the spine. In this way, the spinal is well protected and reduces the likelihood of pregnancy back pain.

In addition, swimming is another excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that has been very effective against pregnancy back pain. This is because water activities are relaxing and decrease the force of gravity acting on the spine, which can significantly improve back pain. If you are not a good swimmer with a back pain problem, you can always use alternatives such as walking in waist deep water or kicking while holding onto a float.

Some fitness centers and hospitals offer pre-natal group exercise classes, which generally incorporated a combination of low impact aerobics, strengthening and stretching exercises designed specifically to prevent pregnancy back pain.

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