Even the Best Botox Cream Ingredients Need Help to Be Effective

When you take the time to research the various Botox cream products out there, you will notice that many of the best products out there are all offer many of the same ingredients. We are not talking about products available at the local drug store, of course, as these products are made almost entirely of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. But when you get down to the very best products and the ones with the best chances of success, you will note that they are quite similar. So why is it that not all of the products work?

Despite having many of the same ingredients, not all Botox creams are created equal. For example, while most of the high quality products contain hyaluronic acid, you will find that they offer many variations. Some companies offer a synthetic version of the acid, which means that the body will neither recognize nor use it. Some companies offer it only as five to fifteen percent of the product. Again, not as effective as it should be. Still other companies use HA that has such a high molecular weight that it can not be absorbed deep into the skin. It is differences such as this that make it necessary to really look into the products you are considering.

With this in mind, it is important to look at what really makes a Botox cream effective. In addition to offering only natural ingredients that can be utilized by the body (note that this includes ALL ingredients, and not just some of them), a great cream will also have each ingredient in a strong enough dose to be effective. Great products do not have any ingredients that are not there to provide direct benefit to your skin, and you should not set for any product unless you know why every single ingredient is there.

Last, a great Botox cream needs to have a low molecular weight. Processes such as nano-emulsion help create tiny particles that are activated by your body heat and that can penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. This is actually where wrinkles are formed, and providing hydration, muscle relaxation, and collagen production at this level is the key to wrinkle reduction and prevention. No matter how great the ingredients in your Botox cream may be, you will find that they need to have the correct size and mixture to be effective. When you are able to find this, however, the results are certainly remarkable.

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