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Herbal Skin Care – Rediscover a World of Natural Beauty

Herbal Skin Care – Rediscover a World of Natural Beauty

Have you ever wondered why is it that the best new things look a lot like the best old things? Take herbal skin care for instance. Before the development of modern cosmetics, our grandmothers relied on natural beauty treatments for keeping their skin soft, smooth and healthy. In those days, a herbal treatment for the skin was the best way to achieve and maintain a natural beauty … the likes of which we have not seen in quite a long time.

Women today are wising up to the fact that our grandmothers knew a thing or two about beauty. This is directly reflected in the increasing demand for herbal skin care. Not only do women, and men, want their skin to look good, but they want it to be healthy as well. They are turning away from facial treatments and skin cremes that have been made with slew of synthetic chemicals and asking for a herbal treatment for the skin that they know is natural, safe and effective.

Think about it. Using herbal skin care means putting something on your skin that is safe enough to eat. Would you eat petroleum-based glycerine? But that is essentially what you do every time you use a skin care treatment that contains this, and other synthetic substances. When you rub these chemicals into you skin they will eventually reach your bloodstream just as if you had eaten them.

When you use a herbal treatment for the skin, made of natural, plant-based moisturizers, vitamins, enzymes and proteins, you are "feeding" and nourishing your skin. Well-nourished skin cells are able to go to work to repair, protect and enhance the health and appearance of the skin. This is the basis of true natural beauty.

My grandmother used to tell me amazing stories about her mother's herbal treatment for the skin. She would cleanse her face with a mixture of rolled oats, dried lavender, corn meal and dried rose petals. My great-grandmother also pulverized egg shells in order to create a natural face powder. She lived on a farm and had access to eggs of various shades of brown, so it was easy for her to create a powder that matched her complexion. My grandmother told me that her mother's skin remained beautiful well into her later years.

Make no mistake about it. A herbal treatment for skin is one of those best new things that looks a lot like a best old thing. Our grandmothers were very smart women. If we follow their example by using herbal skin care , then we're sure to rediscover a world of natural beauty.