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How Clean Bedroom Air Gives You a Better Diet of Sleep Exercise!

How Clean Bedroom Air Gives You a Better Diet of Sleep Exercise!

REM your sleep engines. The two essentials to nutritious sleep are clean breathing air, and eight hours' time to invest per night. Meet these two criteria, and you could sleep on a rock, and wake up refreshed.

Americans are notoriously sleep deprived; we're up early and rush to work, up late with TV, –our hurried patterns limiting a good full night's sleep have caused a sleep-pharmaceutical industry to rise in the bills and growing.

An average of eight hours' sleep each night in a bedroom with clean breathing air is essential to maintain our balance of cognitive skills, such as speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking. As this article will show, the evolving stages of sleep over the course of the night slow down the heart and breathing capacity, allowing the body's enzymes to work their night jobs on our daily refresh cycle.

Even the most visibly clean sleeping quarters have a constant attack of invisible indoor pollutants – dust, dander (both human and pet), airborne organic chemicals, bazillions of dust mites, multiple allergens and microscopic particulates, plus mold spores, household off-gases and more. Without a good air cleaner in our bedroom, we wake in the morning to itchy eyes, congestion, and restless fatigue, after our bodies are swept by having worked all night to clean the air we breathe, and actually produce approximately two tablespoons of toxic phlegm , all of which potentially leads to allergies, asthma and other respiratory illness.

Austin Air Systems' operates the world's largest home, clean air systems factory, located in Western New York, where they produce the Health MateĀ® air cleaner. It removes the pollutants in your bedroom air, constantly refreshing the entire room every 15 minutes, supporting a full-length, uninterrupted sleep. All-steel construction, and all-American made, Health Mate operates using full room-inclusive air exchange through a true medical grade HEPA filter process. In addition to running a bedroom Health Mate air cleaner, your remaining commitment is simply the eight hours' to invest in a diet of sleep exercise.

If someone tells you they only need a few hours sleep, it's similar to someone who fills up on only one food category, say hot dogs, missing out on a fuller and healthier nutrition range. Sleep science works much the same way in everyone: it occurs in 90-minute cycles and it is broken into Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM, which is then broken into four healthy sections.

When we first fall sleep we enter into the first stage of non-REM, light sleep. During this stage our muscle slows down and we're half awake and half asleep. We enter stage two after 10 minutes of light sleep. The breathing pattern and heart rate slows. This lasts for around 20 minutes. Stage three and four are deep sleep. This is when our heart rate and breathing are at their lowest levels, when we need the Health Mate the most.

By the time we reach age 50, our lung capacity is about half of what it was when we were 20. Compound this by the fact that when we sleep, horizontally, we operate at about half of our daytime lung capacity, so much more in need of Health Mate's clean, breathable bedroom air.

REM periods usually usually 70 to 90 minutes after we've fallen asleep. Although we are not conscious our brains are very active, even more so than when we're awake. Dreams are most likely to occur during this period. After REM sleep, the whole cycle begins again. Running an Austin Health Mate air cleaner in the bedroom enfrees the body to evolve into the REM cycles, unhindered by overworking one's lungs trying to clear the air. Learn more about Austin's Health Mate visit their website at