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How Some Body Creams Can Affect Your Health

How Some Body Creams Can Affect Your Health

You might think picking out which body creams are right for you would be an easy task, but there's a lot more to it that you might think. It's easy to think of a body cream as a cosmetic product, and that its performance is separate from more serious concerns of health and the body … but as it turns out, a decision like what body lotion and creams you use has a big impact on how your body functions. Let me explain.

When using body creams, what you are in fact doing is "drinking" the cream into your body. In the same way that when you consume something it enters your body and enters your system, the same occurs when you apply a cream or lotion to the skin! Why is this? Well, the pores on your body can draw massive amounts of fluids into your dermis, where they then can enter the functioning of the body. Think about how prune like your fingers can get in a bathtub. It works like that, but for anything you come into contact with!

So that means body lotion and creams can not be thought of as working at a "skin-deep" level. Just like how true beauty lies beneeth the skin, so can these products affect your whole body, with major consequences. What do I mean? Well, consider parabens for a second.

Parabens are cheaply manufactured chemicals that are found in all types of different types of products. They are in toothpastes, underarm deodorants, and other things. In the case of these products, the large portion of the parabens do not affect your body as a whole. But in body creams, parabens are absorbed deep into the body, where they build in concentration. You might not think that is too big of a deal, but the next part is certainly scary!

Recent studies have found a link between the presence of concentrated parabens in the body, and the triggering of various types of cancer. That means that the parabens contained in your body creams may in fact be way more dangerous than anyone thought. Now, lots of skin care companies have insured that further studies be done before they will remove these very cheap, very plentiful chemical compounds … but meanwhile, if they are as dangerous as these studies point out, by the time that more data emerges on the subject you may have been exposed to parabens for years!

There is no reason to take body creams any less seriously than you would take medicine. If you do not know what's in it, do not use it!

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