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How to Soften Dry Cracked Heels, Get Soft Feet Fast and Naturally

How to Soften Dry Cracked Heels, Get Soft Feet Fast and Naturally

Have you ever snagged the sheets with your dry heels? Isn’t that the worst feeling?

Don’t let it happen again by taking care of your feet. There are several things you can do to alleviate the cracks and dryness. First evaluate your diet. Too many processed, high sugar foods can feed fungus and cause cracked heels. Cut back on the processed food and instead snack on raw fruits and veggies. Berries and herbs are powerful anti-fungal agents. Are you getting enough good fat? Eating fish two or three times a week will give you enough good omega fats to soften those heels. If you are not a fish eater try adding a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to you diet.

Next apply a foot cream after bathing and before going to bed. Try to find an all natural product free from chemicals that could absorb into your body. Massage the cream into your feet to stimulate blood flow and healing. Put on socks after applying the cream to keep it from rubbing off.

A couple of times a week scrub feet with a foot file or a salt scrub. Mix equal parts of salt and olive oil to scrub and moisturize at the same time. You can also soak feet in a tub of hot water before scrubbing for extra softness. Getting soft feet is a journey and something that requires a little attention on a weekly basis.

Finally, don’t be embarrassed. Everyone has body issues, just take control of those nasty feet and you will feel like walking around in sandals all summer.