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How to Write a Good Resume and Land Your Dream Job

How to Write a Good Resume and Land Your Dream Job

Planning how to write a good resume is all about what to include and what to never include in your resume. Most resume advice found on the internet tells the reader to concentrate on format, experience, qualifications and skills. While this stuff is all important, it does not mention factors which every resume writer should be aware of. This article looks at 10 important do's and don'ts that will help you plan how to write a good resume and land your dream job.

Okay, so here are the tips on how to write a good resume. They're in no particular order.

1. When you have finished writing your resume and cover letter, make sure you proof read it. Any errors in your resume and it'll end up in the trash! If you're not sure ask a friend to check it over for you.

2. Look to include your significant contributions for each job you have had.

3. Allow the reader to scan the page quickly so they can assess the information you have written. To help them do this, use short paragraphs that are no longer that 5 lines.

4. Tailor your resume for each specific position you apply to. This is vital.

5. Always include a cover letter with each resume you send out, even if one is not requested.

6. Never say in your resume why you quit a job or why you are thinking of leaving a job. This can be seen as negative and a good reason not to call you for an interview. It's much better to explain your reasons in person.

7. Always use white paper. Never colored. Colored paper is a distraction.

8. Contrary to popular belief, a one page resume is sufficient most most job applications.

9. Never use exact dates in your resume. Months and years are adequate.

10. Do not lie. You will be found out.

These tips on how to write a good resume really do play an important part. Remember that most seasons only get 20 to 30 seconds before a decision is made by the hiring manager. Any errors or distractions will almost certainly work against you. Check your resume again for errors because that is where the majority of people fall down. If you do, you're one step closer to knowing how to write a good resume.