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HPV And Genital Warts

HPV And Genital Warts

The cause of genital warts is the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Those infected with this virus have outbreaks of wart-like bumps in their genitals. This virus is transmitted from one person's skin to another's during sexual intervention. HPV is the commonest STD today.

If you have had sexual intercourse with more than two people without a condom, it is likely that you have been exposed to HPV. It may take days, months or years before you experience an outbreak or show any symptoms at all.

Most of the genital warts that are caused by the virus are reliably harmless. At the very least, they are uncomfortable and unsightly. However, there are some strains that produce high risk warts which have been identified as a cause of cervical cancer. For this reason, women who have been exposed to HPV should have a PAP smear every 6 months.

You may have contracted the virus but have no outward visible signs. You may experience tiny bumps, rashes or actual warts in your genital areas. They can appear as clusters of warts, or as a single one. They can either be the same color of your flesh, or they can have a slightly white coloring.

At the present time, there is no cure for human papillomavirus. Once contracted, the virus will stay in the infected person's body. However, there is effective treatments for the warts, and getting them treated may keep the disease from spreading.

A few treatment options exist for those with genital warts. If you have genital warts, talk to your doctor and find out which is the best treatment for your particular case.

Treatment options include:

– Cyrotherapy: The doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts off.

– Podophylin: This is a chemical that the doctor can use to kill the warts.

– Trichloracetic Acid, or TCA: Another compound used by the doctor to kill warts.

– Elecrocautery: The doctor uses an electrical current to burn the warts.

– Laser therapy: Using laser technology, the doctor can focus a laser on the warts and effectively kill them. This is used in particular sever cases when other treatments have failed. Your doctor may not be able to do this; It is only available at certain facilities.

For less severe cases, your doctor can prescribe topical creams such as imiquimod or podofilox that you can use at home. These creams will get rid of the genital warts by destroying the tissue around them. There are over the counter remedies available, but doctors strongly recommend against using them. Many contain chemicals which can be harmful, and if they are not used properly, they can irritate your skin.

If you have an outbreak of genital warts , talk to your doctor immediately. The faster you see your doctor, the quicker you can get it taken care of. Just like any other health problem, dealing with it quickly is the most effective treatment.