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International Anti Aging Systems – A New Breakthrough From New Zealand

International Anti Aging Systems – A New Breakthrough From New Zealand

Good international anti aging systems are very easy to find, once you learn how, and where to look for them.

There is a company in New Zealand that has recently begun using the ingredient Cynergy TK. It is derived from New Zealand sheep wool, which is pretty amazing I think.

It has been proven to help with fine lines, wrinkle, firmness of skin, and brightness and radiance. It contains something called Functional Keratin, which is as I said taken from New Zealand sheep.

Keratin is a form of protein that can be found in our bodies, and it is very important to how our skin works, and looks. The breakthrough is the ability to convert this keratin into a form that can be absorbed and used by our skin.

Many international anti aging systems do, in fact, use keratin, but it has been destroyed through a faulty processing method called hydrolization.

Hydrolization is when you heat something to extremely high temperatures and use acid on things such as animal by-products, which in this case makes the keratin you put on your skin.

Cynergy TK uses a milder more natural process which preserves the properties of it, so it can help your body produce more collagen and elastin, these are two proteins that basically determine how your skin looks now, and years from now.

When we are young, we have high amounts of collagen and elastin, but as we start to age, we have less and less of it. The goal is to increase these levels naturally, and through those means rebuild our skin, and look more youthful longer.

Studies have shown that Cynergy TK is able to get 160% more proliferation of skin cells, which is impressive.

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