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Is There Effective Rosacea Treatment Option?

Is There Effective Rosacea Treatment Option?

Finding an effective rosacea treatment can be a struggle for the millions of people in the world today who suffers from this skin ailment. Rosacea is characterized by a red flush across the cheeks and forehead, and can progress to a permanent inflammation of blood vessels in the face, dry red eyes, small red bumps and burning, sensitive skin. It is thought to be caused by increased acidity in the body, which affects areas with a heavy concentration of blood vessels, like the face. There are many treatments and preventive methods for rosacea, but some have obvious benefits over others.

Many studies have been done on how to get rid of rosacea. Treatment options include laser resurfacing, chemical peels, topical cortisones or steroid creams, prescription drugs, over the counter skin creams and washes, oral antibiotics and dietary modifications.

Laser treatments are often expensive and are not for everyone, due to the wide range of complications that can accompany such treatments (including acne, swelling, infection and scarring). Chemical peels are likewise an invasive and unnatural rosacea treatment, and similar complications can often develop. Steroid creams are not safe for long-term use, as they thin the skin and increase the possibility of scarring. Over the counter treatments are usually incredibly expensive and full of chemicals that may actually increase skin aggravation. Antibiotics are also unsafe for long-term use, since the body may build up resistance. So you can see the answer to how to get rid of rosacea is not a simple one.

Some of the best rosacea skin care methods are natural and healthy alternatives to flooding your body with chemicals. Simply staying hydrated is one way to combat redness. This helps keep the body cool, which minimizes chances of low-scale inflation. It also increases the body's ability to cleanse itself of toxins and keep itself in balance, which reduces the red appearance of inflammations. Another useful preventative measure to help treat rosacea is to avoid food and drink that triggers an outbreak; stimulants like coffee, tea, cigarettes or alcohol encourage inflammation. Stress also seems to enhance the frequency of outbreaks, so stress avoidance is a healthy rosacea treatment option.

There are other natural rosacea treatments available to alleviate symptoms. Creams containing the herbal extract Chrysanthellum indicum have been researched as a rosacea treatment; the results were overwhelmingly positive as the herb was found to hold soothing properties that treated symptoms with great success. Other topical creams that include natural ingredients such as green tea, vitamin B3, licorice and azelaic acids were found to be effective at reducing redness and soothing irritated skin and blood vessels.

Some recent studies have discovered a link between digestive enzymes and rosacea skin care. Many sufferers are lacking a pancreatic enzyme that helps digest fatty foods, and the supplementation of that natural enzyme helped get rid of symptoms. Additionally, an oral dose of apple cider vinegar has been found to stimulate digestive enzymes that balance bacteria in the body. AB vitamin supplement is also useful in stimulating important digestive enzymes that can diminish the appearance of redness.

There is no cure for rosacea, but there exists a wide array of natural remedies available to alleviate the symptoms. Although the wide variety of rosacea treatment may seem mind boggling, many of the natural treatments are cheap, easy and healthy ways to improve bodily health. Ask your doctor about natural treatment options, and get back to living your life without being self conscious.