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Keratosis Pilaris – Does Chicken Skin Ring a Bell?

Keratosis Pilaris – Does Chicken Skin Ring a Bell?

Keratosis Pilaris, commonly known as “chicken skin” or “goose bumps” is a benign skin disorder that produces patches of tiny skin bumps on our upper arms, thighs and buttocks. This is caused by a protein called keratin that clogs within hair follicles and pores. Although scientists are yet to understand why this happens, it is very well known that dry skin can exacerbate this condition.

The best way to improve the condition is to follow a proper cleansing routine. This is especially beneficial for individuals that are affected by this condition in a minor degree. For those who are really bothered by KP, there are different solutions to soften the skin and control the problem.

One of the most effective methods to improve the skin’s texture is by exfoliating or using a tool to scrub away the hard bumps. Tools to use are loofah’s or a wash cloth with a rough texture. In addition to that, a good idea is to not dry the skin with towels because as mentioned before, excessive dryness can make the condition worse. Rather than completely drying your skin with a towel, try patting the skin instead. Right after this, it’s a really good idea to add a thick moisturizing cream to keep the moisture intact.

If you find that your regular skin cream isn’t making a difference, try looking for products that contain snail serum and a natural form of salicylic acid. A combination of these ingredients is one of the best options for eliminating or controlling your goose bumps. Other options you can try are lactic acid cream. This also helps to dissolve keratin buildups, just like the snail and salicylic acid lotion.

If you are seeking treatments other than skin creams, try investing in a humidifier. It works wonders for those with dry skin and this will of course also have incredible benefits for keratosis pilaris bumps. In essence, keeping your skin properly moisturized is what’s key.

If you already have tried all these options and still can’t see results, consult your dermatologist. A skin doctor can recommend medication that focus on reducing the sand-paper-like texture and soften keratin plugs. In addition, a treatment such are urea may be prescribed to help soften dry skin and help with the skin cell remodeling process. This helps the slugging off of dead skin cells in an accurate pace while being replaced by new healthy ones.