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Knowing the Causes of Back Acne

Knowing the Causes of Back Acne

Acne may be commonly experienced in the face or on the neck, but acne can occur in the chest, the forehead, the body and the back. At times, acne is specifically referred to depending on where it is located. It may be referred to as facial acne, body acne, neck acne or back acne. These parts of the body where acne usually appears are the parts that have the most sebaceous glands beneath the skin. The sebaceous glands are responsible for the oily secretion called sebum that helps moisturize the skin. Acne appearing in these different parts of the body is also treated differently as the skin can vary from the most sensitive ones to parts that have thick skin.


What are the causes of back acne, and how are they formed?


Back acne, or acne that appears on the back or on the shoulders, develops the same way as acne on the face or on any other part of the body. It develops when there is excess production of sebum in the sebaceous glands found in the skin. Acne starts to develop when excess oil in the skin clog up the pores and trap dead skin cells. When bacteria in the surface of the skin invade these clogged pores, skin infection can start and thus the development skin inflammation and acne.


The skin on the back is thick and tough, and it contains larger sebaceous glands thus it produces more sebum. The back therefore has higher possibility of developing more severe skin lesions than in the face or neck. Back acne is often prone to the formation of acne characterized by nodules and cysts – the more severe type of acne vulgaris.


The causes of back acne and other forms of acne have not yet been determined, but there are factors identified that said to cause flare-ups and worsen the existing skin condition. In the case of back acne, it is often aggravated by constant friction on the back, from clothing, backpacks or sports gear or any object that comes in frequent contact with the back.


Acne also tends to worsen when moist, thus sweat can also make back acne worse. Because the back is prone to frequent friction and irritation from clothing and sweat, extra steps should be taken to prevent the skin condition from getting worst.


Although we may not know the causes of back acne and acne in general, there are things we can do to prevent them from getting worse. You can carefully select clothing that do not irritate the skin, avoid tight clothing and if you are using backpacks, you may want to avoid it for the meantime to prevent friction on your back. Make sure also that you dry your back or take a shower after an activity of heavy sweating.


Diet and stress are also identified as triggering factors of acne. Heredity is also considered a contributory factor in acne breakouts, so if your parents have suffered severe acne during their teenage years, there are greater chances that you may also experience the same thing.


Back acne is most often difficult to treat, and of course, self-medication can also be difficult since it cannot be easily reached and seen, so it is always important to check your skin condition or seek dermatologist help if needed.



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