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Nail Fungus Treatments You Should Know About

Nail Fungus Treatments You Should Know About

Prescription Oral Medication

There are several different oral remedies available for the treatment of toenail fungus, although most are available by prescription only. Many of these oral remedies are taxing on the liver, so doctors prescribe them sparingly. Oral medications promote new nail growth. Be sure to file down or remove infected tissue as new healthy tissue grows in.


This is, of course, the last option, although it is a viable one, reserved for patients who end extreme pain as a result of the infection. Removal of the affected tissue is the primary initiative, although depending on the severity of the infection, further measures may be taken to prevent spreading. In very rare cases, this includes amputation.

Vinegar Soak

Vinegar and water, two parts to one, have proven to be an effective treatment method for nail fungus when implemented daily in 20-25 minute increments. Mild infections may need no more than a few soaks. Some patients may find this uncomfortable, so discontinue this method and call your doctor if you notice any redness or irritation as a result, but vinegar has been known to stop the spread of fungus by killing certain types of bacteria.

Over the Counter (OTC) Topical Treatment

There are OTC fungus treatments available, and those who use them find that they do effectively treat less serious fungal infections. Topical ointments have been shown to reduce the amount of irritation that fungal infections cause, regardless of whether or not they eliminate the infection entirely. Their chances of eliminating the infection depend on its severity and progress along with your adherrence to apply the ointment each day. They do, nonetheless, provide relief.

When applying topical ointments, take care to clean, dry and file down the affected nails. Filing allows the ointment to penetrate the nail through small abrasions. Often, the directions will be to apply the solution liberally to affected areas several times over the course of a month span. OTC topical ointments are the first choice among patients, and are doctor recommended for the treatment of mild infections .

Vicks Vapor Rub

It may seem bizarre, but some believe that applying Vick's VapoRub to the affected area can actually cure fungal infections. Many people who have heard of this method shy away from it. It often does not prove an effective form of treatment and it is not FDA approved. Before choosing any product for something other than its intended use, consult your doctor.