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Natural Bad Breath Cure

Natural Bad Breath Cure

A natural bad breath cure is something most of us could use. If there is not less attractive then a person with bad breath? Nobody wants to kiss a person who smells like they just licked the bottom of the garbage can. There are a few ways to cure bad breath like brushing your teeth more often, chewing gum, and using mouthwash but those are really natural bad breath cures. This problem can stem form an unclean mouth so go to the dentist if you have to make sure there are not more serious dental problems.

Some of the natural bad breath cures would include yogurt, mint leaves, baking soda with warm water, tea, parsley, fenugreek seeds, cloves, fennel, guava, cardamom, and fresh fruits. So there are plenty of natural choices to help you get rid of bad breath. I prefer the fesh herbs when it comes to keeping my fresh breath in tact. Guava is also good not just for your problem but your overall health because it contain many essential vitamins and minerals that we should have to become and stay healthy.

You can find these items at a health food store and even some regular grocery store should have these herbs so I recommend you start searching for them if you do have this problem. Obviously how a person looks make them attractive but smells of a person also play a role in making a person even more attractive to another. If your body and breath smell good you become even more appealing to the opposite sex so getting a natural bad breath cure if you do suffer from it is very easy.