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Natural Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Cream to Rid Goose Bumps

Natural Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Cream to Rid Goose Bumps

Keratosis Pilaris is such a common skin condition that’s almost considered as normal. Even though KP doesn’t pose any serious health threats, there are many that look at it as an embarrassing condition. Are you trying to find a Keratosis Pilaris cream that can get rid of those goose bumps? Well, then you stumbled upon the right article.

Keratosis pilaris look like goose bumps or hard and small acne like bumps that usually appear on the upper arms, thighs and buttocks. KP can also affect the face (keratosis pilaris rubra faciei), but this only affects a very small percentage of KP sufferers.

Since the skin condition doesn’t pose any serious health implications, there aren’t many treatments out there to get rid of KP. Actually, there is no cure, but there aren’t many treatment alternatives to completely control the condition either. Because of this, many affected by KP have tried to live their life normally; however this is sometime difficult, especially during your adolescence.

Usually, people tend to cover their goose bumps by wearing clothes that cover up their imperfections to avoid bulling or simply to avoid people asking questions. Due to the ignorance of this condition, people that don’t understand Keratosis Pilaris tend to think that it’s an allergic reaction, which is not true.

Rather than trying to cover up your skin condition, KP sufferers should center their energy in looking for treatment creams and products to reduce the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris. There aren’t that awful lot of treatments for KP out there, but there are some natural skin treatment creams that have been able to keep KP at bay.

Natural Keratosis Pilaris Cream

There is a new skin care treatment made with all natural ingredients that help to control KP and gets rid of those hard bumps that affect your skin. The treatment cream should be used twice a day everyday and should be incorporated as your skin care habit since this condition doesn’t have a cure, it’s important to keep the treatment ongoing to prevent new outbreaks. The natural and active ingredient is the secretion of the humble garden snail.

Snail serum has the following benefits:

Prevent hyperkeratinization

Dissolve keratin bumps to smooth out your skin.

Moisturize skin by boosting collagen and elastin levels

Boost the production of glycosaminoglycans – water holding molecules within the skin that also help to clean pores and diminish inflammation while hindering future blockages. By providing excess or regular skin hydration, the skin will naturally get rid of keratin.