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Organic Night Cream Reviewed

Organic Night Cream Reviewed

People will do just about anything to push back the hands of time and get rid of those fine lines of aging – and big business knows it! You can not go anywhere these days without being bombarded with advertising touting the benefits of using specific night creams to firm sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles overnight. Yes, I said overnight! Add to that consumer fears about many of the chemicals used in today's skin care products and you create the perfect advertising pitch: organic night cream.

While it sounds like a great idea – using pure ingredients from nature to heal damaged skin, returning it to its youthful luster – a review of many of the most popular night creams find the products falling short of these astounding (and lucrative) advertising claims.

If there's one thing we have discovered it's that many of the most popular manufacturers simply do not deliver what they promise, while smaller niche suppliers most certainly do. Why? Maybe big the big guys are trying so hard to make money they tend to skimp on the all-natural products that make organic night cream work; while the smaller guy looks to care more about what goes into their products, despite the hit they may take on their profits by paying more for their ingredients.

Some of the most shocking things we've learned by during our organic night cream reviews include:

1. Many of the higher-priced named brand products touting themselves as organic actually contain minimal amounts of all-natural ingredients, using mostly mineral oils, fragrances, paraben-laced preservatives and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Believe it or not there are few laws regulating the use of "organic" on a skin-care label. As long as a product contains some pesticide-free ingredient (no matter how small the amount), it can be labeled "organic."

2. Without a product containing the right mixture (and amounts) of natural organic ingredients, it simply can not live up to advertiser's claims. For best results, make sure that any organic night creams you use contain at least 50% natural ingredients.

3. Can you believe that many of the most popular skin care manufactures in the United States refuse to sign an industry agreement that that will not use any harmful chemicals in their product lines? However, many truly al-natural night cream producers have signed the "Compact" agreement and proudly state so on their labels.

4. Most organic night creams reviewed have shown that products containing active Manuka honey, avocado oil, shea butter and grape seed oil work bets at firming skin and reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that most consumers want to eliminate.

5. When reading labels, be sure to avoid any products that contain the names of chemicals and preservatives that you've either never heard of, or find difficult to pronounce. These are usually the most harmful.

Now that you know a little bit about what to look for, you'll be in a better position to find the safest and most effective one to tackle your wrinkles. Visit our website at for even more information on organic night creams.