Sudden Appearance of Acne on Your Face – Remedies to Acne Breakouts

What will you do when acne breakouts strike? Despite consistent washing of face, hormonal changes and stress can cause our skin to breakout. What will you do when this happens? Let this article tell you a few remedies to your acne breakouts.

Be Gentle to Your Skin

Due to hormonal changes due to addiction, menstrual cycle, medicines, or other factors, you may be attacked by the unusual appearance of acne all over your face. To minimize these effects of the sudden changes in your body, practice to stay away from harsh products for your skin.

Get Rid of Stress and Pollution

Aside from the changes in your body, there are other factors that may aggravate the situation such as pollution and stress. Aside from everyday cleansing, you also need to apply face pack on a weekly basis to remove the deep-seated dirt. You can opt for anti-acne mask or fruit facial every weekend to soothe the skin and heal the infections.

Try Anti-Acne Cream

Lastly, you can always apply anti-acne remedies like ointments and creams. But the right choice of anti-acne product is a must. Only try the finest and proven effective brands based on natural products. Stay away from benzoyl peroxide and other agents like isotretinoin that can potentially harm the skin because of its harsh effects. Benzoyl peroxide is advertised as an agent that can prevent blemishes due to its oxidizing effect but it can also cause inflammation, whitening of the acne spot, and irritation.

These remedies to acne breakouts will help minimize the sudden appearance of acne on your face. You can also ask your dermatologist for the right solution to your skin problems. Personally, I always believe in the power of natural remedies like thanaka from Burma and vitamin C to treat acne breakouts.