Pantothenic Acid Acne Treatment – Know the Secret

Amongst all cures for acne, Pantothenic acid acne cure is by far known to be the best. Pantothenic acid is basically Vitamin B5 and people suffering from acne speak strongly in favor of this vitamin supplement for curing acne. Its success rate for curing acne has been as high as 90%. The beauty of Pantothenic acid is that it is found naturally in most food items and it does not harm the body even if taken in large doses. You can higher your intake of Pantothenic acid by including beef, whole wheat flour, fish, eggs, mushrooms, yeast, liver, cashew nuts, brocoli, liver, soybeans, whole cereals and avocados in your diet.

The best advantage of Pantothenic acid is that water-soluble any excess intake is automatically flushed out of the body and thereby no harm is done. Research has shown that the root cause of acne lies in the metabolism of the individual. Any lack of Coenzyme A in the body leads to insufficient breaking down of the fats that get deposited in the sebaceous glands of the body. This in turn leads to an increased secretion of sebum that extremely causes acne. Vitamin B5 is not produced by the body on its own. It needs to be supplied to the body by the diet you consume. Turn to acne vitamin B5 to fight off acne effectively.

The excess oil that is secreted in form of sebum is like a food for the bacteria that cause acne and they flourish under such conditions. Pantothenic acid can help in improving the body metabolism and in turn reduce the oil secreted and thenby automatically control your acne. It is also excellent in reducing your pores; it does not cause the oil glands to shrink but causes a higher breaking down of the fat in your body.

During puberty the Coenzyme A of the body gets diverted for the production of sex hormones and that is the reason why acne breakouts are more common in people during puberty. All that is needed to curb this acne breakout is an added supply of Coenzyme A via Pantothenic acid so that along with the production of sex hormones the break down fats also lasts.

Other than puberty, there are other conditions like stress, insomnia, lack of sufficient sleep, menstrual cycle etc. during which the availability of Pantothenic acid in the body goes low and the fat metabolism sufferers thereby causing acne. Pantothenic acid also helps in faster recovery of wounds and helps in speeding up the recovery of the scars left behind by acne. You would discover a younger, smoother and firmer skin without acne. Vitamin B5 can be taken orally or as an ointment and it works both ways.

The dosage can differ from person to person and also depends on the amount of acne the person sufferers from. Generally dermatologists recommend anything between 4 mg to 12 mg for tackling acne. Alternately you may also take Pantothenic powder if the dosage recommended is quite high and see the miraculous results.

Dazzle White Pro Teeth Whitening Product – An Honest Review!

The wide variety of teeth whitening products and procedures, now available has, somewhat ironically, made the decision to undergo tooth whitening harder than ever. Gone are the days when toothpastes which promised brighter smiles to their buyers were the only options for those who did not want to spend the money on porcelain veneers. The toothpastes are still waiting on the shelves, but now they've been joined by an assortment of home tooth whitening kits and bleaching strips. Home tooth whitening is one such method that has revolutionized teeth whitening treatments.

1. This Is How It Works

If you thought nothing could beat dental in-office treatments for teeth whitening, use of dazzle white pro could change your views. This product contains 21% of carbamide peroxide which is just the perfect concentration to give your teeth that pearl like shine. The moldable tray that comes with the pack fits snugly around each tooth to suit the curves of your particular smile. A flavored gel that accompanies it further renders your teeth whitening experience extremely pleasant.

2. It Is Price Wise

While quality dental treatments come at exorbitant prices, home tooth whitening is an exception. It is cost-effective and leaves you feeling satisfied of its worth.

3. Proper Care Is Quintessential

No home tooth whitening supplement's results are going to last for long unless you exercise proper after care. To get lasting effects it is important to brush after each meal, stay away from foods that stain and get a touch up every 6 months. Also, following it with an oxygenating oral rinse is a must to get the best out of the product.

What's more to ask for- the producers are so confident of their product that they are offering free trial packs. So you can make the most of the situation and get that perfect smile.

How to Get Rid of Acne or Pimples With Proven Herbal Remedies

Acne is a widespread form of skin problem noticeable among teenagers. It occurs due to congestion of skin pores by excessive sebum or oil and dead skin cells. When one enters in to adolescence, hormonal fluctuations occur in body, stimulating the oil glands. Excessive oil collects in pores, gets contaminated and infected leading to a wide range of skin complications, labeled as acne.

Acne appears during adolescence, continues in to adulthood and vanishes usually after 30. Men are more prone to acne than women. Severe acne may lead to scars and blemishes, thereby causing the victim to suffer from poor self-confidence.

Types of Acne

1. Comedomes are plugged follicles. They contain sebum or oxidized sebum. When comedomes are below the skin surface and are white, they are called white heads. When the collected sebum spills over the skin surface and gets oxidized in contact with pollutants, they become black and are known as blackheads.

2. Pimples are small pus filled mounds, red at the base and white on the peak. Pimples are an inflammatory skin problem, often known as pustules.

3. Papules are pin-heads, quite similar to pimples. They are smaller in size.

4. Cystic acne is a more severe form of acne. Pustules may often erupt beneath the skin surface, resulting in infected cysts with hardened crust.

Proven Herbal Remedies for Acne

Herbs can be very useful in treating acne or pimples. Our skin is a natural gift of God and it is best to treat any skin problem by means of pure natural products. Several herbs can have a rejuvenating effect on our skin, which is perhaps the most sensitive part of our body.

1. Diluted tea tree oil may be used on eruptive acne. It has antiseptic properties.

2. Calendula herb may be used as an infusion. One can wash acne with that infusion or even take the steam. The treatment heals damaged skin tissue.

3. Aloe gel may be applied topically on acne. It is known for its astringent and antibacterial properties.

4. Rose water may be applied on acne to relieve pain and inflammation.

5. Lavender compress is highly beneficial in treating inflammatory conditions.

6. Golden seal is very useful in treating oozing pimples and nodules.

7. Walnut leaf extract is quite beneficial if used as an astringent face wash.

8. Echinacea tincture heals broken cysts very well.

9. Witch hazel is notable for its antibacterial properties.

10. Basil tincture is very good for acne. It can clean the pores effectively and check acne break-outs.

11. Burdock leaves and clover leaves infusion is highly beneficial for skin cleansing.

12. One of the best ways to get rid of acne is to take Golden Glow capsules. It is a clinically blended ayurvedic supplement to cure acne and pimples naturally.