Acne Cure – 3 Ways to Cure Chronic Acne

Chronic acne can be a serious cause for worry. If you are aspiring to attend a cocktail party or head for an evening date, the chances are that your acne would never let you achieve your goals with ease. Listed below are three ways to solve this problem.

Keep Your Face Clean

One of the main reasons why your acne infection is allowed to spread is simply because you are unable to cleanse your face on a regular basis. In simple words, you need to wash your face with water and soap, twice daily. While a mild soap can be an appropriate solution to cleanse your skin, a face wash would be a better option.

Eat Healthy Food

Food which is rich in fat and heavy on oil is stated to cause a lot of problems. If you are aspiring to maintain a blemish free look, you need to try and avoid eating junk food and include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, sprouts and juices on a regular basis. The food you eat has a direct impact on your skin tone.

Make Use Of A Natural Supplement

You can easily hope to get rid of whiteheads as well as blackheads if you apply natural creams and lotions onto your affected area. Simply make use of a natural supplement and you can easily hope to retain a flawless skin tone.

Blemishes are a woman’s biggest enemy. If you want to get rid of your whiteheads, you simply need to browse through the listed points and apply them to practical use.

How to Cure Rosacea at Home

Rosacea is a common skin problem that a lot of people have. It causes the skin on the face and body to become extremely red and inflamed. As well, rosacea can be often accompanied with acne, which just makes matters worse. If you are a sufferer of rosacea, then you know how badly you need some help.

The doctor can prescribe something for your rosacea but it is not guaranteed if it will work or not. The topical cream may or may not get rid of your facial and body redness for good. This is a risk you are not willing to take because you are so desperate to get rid of this skin problem. It is time that you took matters into your own hands and got rid of your rosacea.

You can cure rosacea at home and see results in a matter of days. A great all-natural treatment is to apply vitamin E to your skin. Vitamin E has compounds in it that helps to hydrate and heal the skin. You can also ingest these vitamin E capsules in order to see results.

Another home remedy for rosacea is a honey and oatmeal paste. This natural treatment works to hydrate and heal your red skin. After a few treatments with this, you can notice a huge difference in the look and feel of your skin. Spending a lot of money on topical creams doesn’t have to be an option for you as you can cure rosacea at home.

Acne – What Causes It

What is acne, really? You may think you have the answer to this question, be it from learning about it from infomercials selling acne products or from your friends at school, but you’d be surprised at how much there is to know about acne.

With puberty comes many changes to our bodies. For some people, acne is one of these changes. Our bodies produce the hormone testosterone during puberty. The skin converts the testosterone to dihydrotesterone, causing the skin to secrete oil. Sometimes the oil can block dead skin cells from being shed, causing them to stick together and stay in the pore. This is how acne begins.

Despite what you may have heard about acne, it is actually a skin defect. This defect, called “retention hyperkeratosis”, causes us to produce more skin cells than we can shed. These extra skin cells begin to plug our pores causing blemishes. Not only do oil and skin cells get trapped within the pores, dirt and bacteria also find a home there.

There are two different categories of acne blemishes. These categories are inflamed and not inflamed. Blemishes that are not inflamed can be separated into two types, commonly referred to as “whiteheads” and “blackheads”. A whitehead is simply a pore that has been clogged and the bacteria and debris have no way of escaping. A blackhead is a whitehead that has been opened up and the oxidation of the oils in the skin have caused a blackish coloration.

Inflamed blemishes are the all too familiar pimple and the more bothersome and painful cyst. These occur when a whitehead does not develop into a blackhead and the body begins the inflammatory process to expel it. The body rejects the dead cells, dirt and bacteria and treats it as though it were a foreign invader, doing everything it can to get rid of it.

Some common misconceptions of what causes acne are that oily skin causes acne. While it is understandable that one would think that, it is not entirely true. People with dry skin are just as likely to develop acne as those with oily skin. Chocolate and other greasy, fatty foods do not play any part in the development of acne.

There are many products on the market the promise to cure acne. This is impossible. Acne is not a curable condition. However, the symptoms can be controlled. Acne medications are used to prevent and control acne breakouts, but they will not offer a cure. Over exposure to the sun is also not a cure for acne. You may be thinking “When I sunbathe or work on my tan, the blemishes disappear or get better”. While this may be true, sun exposure does more harm to your skin than good. Exposure to the sun can kill some of the bacteria that causes acne, but will eventually leave you with more blemishes. This is because your skin will produce excess oil to keep from drying out, clogging your pores even more and damaging your skin.

Anti Aging Cream Benefits

As we reach our birthday, we have grown another year older. The way we look when we were 21 years old is a thing of the past as we look at ourselves in the mirror and realize we are 30+ years old. The signs of aging have started appearing. Our face, cheeks, and forehead now have lines and worst of all wrinkles. Are we just going to let nature take its course and let ourselves look older by the minute? Ever wonder why some people look so much younger? The fountain of youth for our face and looks is in front of our eyes – anti aging moisturizer and creams. Here are some of the best benefits of anti aging creams.

Anti aging creams halt, stop, and prevent sun damages. Exposure to the sun often damages and disrupts collagen production which in turn gives us more wrinkles. Using anti aging creams with vitamin E are great antioxidants powerful enough to prevent sun damages thus reduces our facial wrinkles.

There are many acids that are very beneficial to our face and most anti-aging moisturizers and creams have them. Anti aging creams with Hyaluronic acid plumps the tissues under the wrinkle. Hyaluronic acid soaks in a lot of moisture which enables the facial skin to plump up thus reducing fine lines and facial wrinkles. Hydroxy acids serve to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating products are well known removing the old skin so that the new and improved skin can shine forth.

Some of the ground breaking discoveries of science are called Peptides. Peptides are well known due to their ability to heal wounds by increasing collagen production. Peptides came to the cosmetic industry because of the pure reason that they increase collagen production. Collagen production help reduce wrinkles. A lot of products that were used to treat scars are now marketed as anti aging creams. Peptides go by many names. The most popular ones are pentapeptides and copper peptides. These are two peptides are often found in anti-aging cream ingredients.

Retinol is the over-the-counter version of Retin-A. Rein A is a vitamin A compound. Retin-A is only available through a dermatologists or a doctor’s prescription. Retinol prevents the formation of substances and compounds that breakdown collagen from even starting to form. Retinoids can even help in forming and production of new collagen. However, retinol should be avoided like a plague when a woman is pregnant.

Anti-aging moisturizers and creams help us look younger and give back the confidence that we once had. Anti aging creams are great. Imagine looking 10 or even 20 years younger. Have the age of 50 and look like you are in your upper 20s. A lot of people are like that. It is no secret what they are doing. They are using products and services that help them look younger. Products like anti aging creams are some of the best ways to decrease the signs of aging, facial wrinkles and fine lines in our face. I suggest buying anti aging creams that have been made by reputable companies and that are proven to work. Stay away from companies that do not lists their ingredients and have no customer feedback. Creams often made by these types of companies often do not work and do not have a lot of benefits.

Rosacea Diet – Can It Help?

Rosacea is a condition of the skin, which makes a lot of people self-conscious and decreases their self-esteem. Fortunately, this condition can be beaten very quickly, in a matter of days, provided that you supply your body with what it needs. That’s why you need a rosacea diet. Keep reading to learn more.

For a long time, scientists did not know what causes rosacea. Also, spontaneous remission was very common, and doctors couldn’t find a reason for it. Nowadays, we know exactly what the reason for this effect is – a certain protein, which people with rosacea do not have, or which levels are low. When you supply your body with this protein, all the symptoms, including the redness of the skin, quickly disappear.

What causes the lack of this amino-acid? Well, there are many factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and various unhealthy diets. The rosacea diet is a very basic diet, which however, includes foods, containing that amino-acid. The other option is to simply buy the amino-acid at your pharmacy, and take it four times a day. However, for your redness to be permanently reversed, you need to eat healthy during the next week or two. This means limiting sugar-containing foods, minimizing over-exposure to sunlight, and showering regularly without too much soap.

Skin conditions in general, are affected a lot by the diet you are eating. A bad diet can easily make your skin look pale, and over-expose some of the symptoms of rosacea. Smoking is another big factor, but not a lot of people are ready to stop it because of cosmetic reasons. Also, regular exercise does improve blood flow to the skin, which in turn makes the disease go away even quicker, provided that you are ingesting enough of the amino-acid. Creams and gels, given by doctors rarely work, for two reasons. First of all, rosacea needs to be eliminated by your own body, you cannot ‘force’ the skin pigmentation to return to normal. The second reason is that most medical manufacturers want a recurring income, not one-time paying clients. The exception are expensive medications, such as high-quality antibiotics, but not skin-lotions. The rosacea diet is the only way to permanently eliminate the condition.

Skin Allergies

Contact with even small amounts of some substances can cause skin allergies. Common causes of work-related skin allergies include acrylate glues (super glues), epoxies, textile dyes or resins, and latex.

Definition of Allergy skin test

Allergy skin test: Test done on the skin to identify the allergy substance (the allergen) that is triggering the allergic reaction.

A small amount of the suspected allergy-provoking substance is placed on the skin. The skin is then gently scratched through the small drop with a special sterile needle.

If the skin reddens and, more importantly, if it swells, then the test is read as positive and allergy to that substance is considered probable.

What to do: Consult a doctor who might prescribe a corticosteroid cream if the eczema is very persistent. Bathe in warm, rather than hot, water with an emollient and wear cotton next to the skin whenever possible. It can be helpful to identify triggers such as eggs or dairy foods and to see if eliminating them helps.

Allergies are an indication of a compromised immune system. We unfortunately can not rid all allergens from the dog’s environment, but we can control some. We can eliminate fleas, adjust the diet and boost the immune system.

Researchers in Britain looked at both normal and extreme exposures to the biological washing powders and liquid detergents, which digest dirt and strain, and found that they do not exacerbate skin complaints.

Other causes include hair care products, including hair dye and permanent solution, and face makeup products.


· fragrance ingredients found in perfumes

· after shave products and bath powders

· preservatives and

· household products

Neem Oil:

The vital ingredient of this cream is Neem Oil.

Neem oil obtained from crushing the seeds of the neem tree has a wide range of benefits and is highly medicinal in nature. Neem preparations can get rid of Fungal Infections effectively, quickly and safely. Neem has been found to be deadly to 14 different common fungi including those that cause infections of the vagina, skin, hands and lungs (Candida), athlete’s foot and “ringworm” (Epidermophyton). Neem oil is also used for skin diseases likes scrofula and indolent ulcers.

Green People: Caring for allergies and skin conditions naturally

At Green People, we combine plant extracts, oils and essences to create organic lotions which gently assist the skin’s processes to restore its natural balance. They help to soothe irritated skin, helping to relieve the itching and stinging which can cause much discomfort.

The symptoms of skin allergies usually occur shortly after the body contacts the allergen, within no more than 48 hours. Common symptoms of the skin allergies consist of redness, blistering, itching, swelling of the skin that affect the epidermis under the form of rashes, hives, eczemas etc.

Prevention Plan

1. Change the Diet — You Must Feed an Anti-Yeast Diet

An anti-yeast diet is one that includes meats, most vegetables and some diary. An anti-yeast diet will starve the yeast and aid in the healing process. However, diet alone will not control the problem, it is only the first step. Keep in mind a restricted diet does not have to last forever. Once your pet’s health improves, you will be able to expand on what you feed.

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