Anti-Aging 10 Tips

Isn’t it sad that after 30, your body starts to go downhill? Most of us start to put on weight, skin starts to sag, sunspots appear on the face, hair start to turn white or fall off, less energy to party through the night, get hang over the next day if we stay up beyond midnight, take a longer time to recover from colds and flus….It gets even more depressing after 40. Illnesses like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, start to haunt us.

What causes aging?

Everyday we are exposed to free radicals, from the environment and from within our bodies. Free radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules and attack our body. They attack our cells causing them to die. Or they attack the DNA in our cells, leading to mutated cells. The free radicals accelerate the aging effects on our bodies and increases our chances of getting cancer and other diseases related to the skin, liver, respiratory, immune, cardiovascular and nerve systems.

Anti-oxidants are the body’s first line of defense against the attacks from free radicals. Although our body produces anti-oxidants naturally, they may not be sufficient as we face an onslaught of free radicals from the unhealthy food that we eat, the stressful lifestyle that we lead and the polluted environment that we live in.

Is it any wonder then that rural folks who live in the countryside with fresh air and eat more natural and less processed food lead longer and healthier lives than us urbanites?

If you are not these country folks, what anti-aging methods can you use so that you look and feel like 35 when you are fifty? What if you are already in your forties and fifties and have not tried any anti-aging methods? Is it too late to reverse the clock?

It is really better late than never. It does not matter whether you are thirty, forty or fifty etc.

Here are 10 tips for anti-aging.

1) Eat less carbohydrate and protein. I have found from experience that carbohydrate is the worst enemy of a trim tummy. For protein, take more low fat ones like fish, egg, bean instead of meat.

2) Eat more vegetables and fruits. We all know this, but how many diligently eat more veggies and fruits? One good way is to eat them when you feel peckish between meals, instead of reaching out for chips or biscuits or chocolates.

3) Supplement with anti-oxidants. This will prevent free-radical damage to your cells. For simplicity and comprehensive anti-aging supplementation, look for a supplement that contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in one pack.

4) Exercise more. Physical exercise can delay or prevent illnesses like hypertension, obesity, heart diseases and osteoporosis.

5) Avoid exposure to excessive sun. Our skin becomes dry and leathery with age. Sunspots would start spreading on the face. So put on a sunscreen after your facial moisturizer, or get a moisturizer with sunscreen. Do not just apply to your face and neglect the rest of your body. Many people have dry and itchy skin because they do not put moisturizer on their bodies.

6) Do not smoke or drink too much alcohol.

7) Use anti-aging and firming skincare products. Skin care products with antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can support collagen production.

8) Detox periodically. Detoxing 2-4 times a year is good for your blood and liver.

9) Keep an active mind. Read more and learn new things like computer stuff or pick up a new hobby.

10) Do not worry too much, be happy. Take life easy, do not stress yourself up unnecessarily. If there is nothing you can do to change a situation, quit fretting about it. Take up meditation or yoga or something relaxing.

Best Effective Skin Whitening Tips You Should Know

Do you know all about skin whitening? If there is a way to lighten your skin without resort to harsh products such as hydroquinone and bleaching creams, would you believe me?

Unknown to many people, our body continually produce a pigment called melanin even though we are out of the sun. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the color of our hair, skin, and eyes. When certain parts of your skin are in a constant state of mild inflammation, darks spots can occur. Your complexion becomes dull and uneven.

Because of this reason, whitening products should be used to protect and prevent further damage of your skin.

Unfortunately, despite the number of whitening creams out in the market, many have failed to live up to expectations.

In fact, if you use skin-bleaching agent such as hydroquinone ( a popular skin lightening ingredient) to reduce your age spots, you may suffer from stinging sensation or and constant itching. Prolonged usage can also result in discoloration of the skin.

So is there still hope for those who wanted bright and luminous skin? Well, the good news is that there are really ingredients that can help you to lighten your skin and fade away those dark pigmentation spots.

What You Need:

In order to lighten your skin color and not suffer from possible side effects (which bleaching agents can do to your skin), you can try a very unique extract called Extrapone Nutgrass. From clinical studies conducted, this powerful ingredient is found to be extremely effective in cutting down the amount of melanin production in the body – in fact by as much as 40%. It can help to repair the damage made by the sun ultraviolet rays during the day.

Natural Wrinkle Treatment – 3 Secret Ingredients to Look Out For in the Best Wrinkle Creams

If you are looking for effective wrinkle treatment, then selecting one of the best wrinkle creams would be an excellent solution for you. Natural wrinkle creams are topically applied and are absorbed really well by your skin. They work from deep within and give long lasting results in natural wrinkle treatment.

The main hurdle is to find the best wrinkle cream that gives the desired results in wrinkle removal. A lot of anti aging creams are flooding the market and are being manufactured even as you read this article. This is because the demand for wrinkle removal anti aging creams is rising and they offer one of the best solutions for natural wrinkle treatment.

After years of research and experience in the anti aging skin care industry, I have found out a few natural ingredients that are highly effective in natural wrinkle treatment. You should look out for these in the best wrinkle cream for yourself –

1) One of the primary causes of skin aging and wrinkles development is the depletion of the two vital skin proteins collagen and elastin from our skin. These are produced in abundant quantity in our young days, but as we age their natural production in our body slows down. This what leads to wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots and dark uneven skin complexion.

So, the best wrinkle cream must contain natural ingredients that can enhance the production of these key youth giving proteins in your body. This will restart the inner fountain of youth automatically and shall give you firm, supple, pliant and elastic skin.

Cynergy TK is a cutting edge breakthrough natural substance pioneered in New Zealand that stimulates the natural yield of collagen and elastin. Besides this, it is also scientifically proven to significantly enhance skin moisture retention and elasticity. It is also a powerful antioxidant and its enzymatic form of antioxidants is superior to most other general antioxidants.

While the general antioxidants sacrifice one molecule for each unit of free radical, just one unit of the enzymatic form of antioxidant found in Cynergy TK is enough to counter millions of free radicals!

2) Another amazing natural ingredient which is a must-have in best wrinkle creams is Phytessence Wakame. It is one of the best kept Japanese anti aging skincare secrets. It is an extract of a special type of Japanese sea kelp. It blocks the activity of the dreaded enzyme hyaluronidase in our skin.

This is the villain that is responsible for harming the balance of hyaluronic acid in our body. Hyaluronic acid is vital for a young skin because it works like “glue” together with collagen and elastin to bind the skin cells together.

Phytessence Wakame has won worldwide laurels for its exceptional role in wrinkle treatment and giving creamy smooth skin that is free of wrinkles. It plays a marvelous role in skin moisture retention and is rich in minerals, vitamins, calcium (its calcium content is 15 time more than milk) and antioxidants.

3) Oxidation and free radical damage to skin cells and tissues is one of the primary causes of skin aging and wrinkles. Thus an effective wrinkle treatment should have the best antioxidants. Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 is a nano emulsion version of the most well known and effective health supplement and antioxidant Coenzyme Q10.

Although Coenzyme Q10 is itself very powerful as an antioxidant, and it counters free radicals before they damage the skin cells, the nano version – which is Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, penetrates 7 layers deep down the skin and counters free radicals from there! Isn’t it amazing?

What Is The Best Moisturizer For Acne-Prone Skin?

When trying to find what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin, you will be amazed to find how many lotions, creams, rubs, and masks are available as treatment options for your acne-prone skin.

Trying to label one over another as the “best…” is extremely difficult considering the pros of the ones you have already researched. Without trying to make a list of “the best” moisturizer for acne-prone skin, there are in fact a few that manage to hold the top positions when researched, and are successful to date for treating acne. Finding what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin is possible by keeping in mind what it needs to include in the contents and what it claims to produce. The following are some key ingredients and expectations that are necessary to look for in choosing what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin:

  • When cleansing your face with the moisturizing cleanser, gentle is the key. Your hands are the preferred “tool” for washing your face, as a towelette or wash cloth could be entirely too rough for your skin. If you are not gentle with your washing techniques, the chances of the acne worsening or resulting in scarring is practically eminent. An excellent moisturizing cleanser should effectively clean your skin when used in a gentle cleaning without rupturing the acne sores.
  • The moisturizer chosen should be specifically for the treatment of acne, identifiable by a few key ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, both of which are instrumental in assisting the treating and lessening of acne sores.
  • Choosing the best moisturizer for your acne-prone skin will be one that will not further irritate your acne by being cosmetic or heavy and pore filling. This moisturizer should be oil-free and with the best of ingredients, be anti-bacterial to help your acne-prone skin to resist any further break-outs.

When considering the moisturizers available on the market today, following these simple steps could save you a lot of time, money, and further aggravation of your acne condition as well. When in doubt, consult your doctor or dermatologist for further instructions or information concerning any topical creams, ointments, or moisturizers you are considering, before applying them. As with any other health related decisions, consulting your doctor or dermatologist is advised for any and all steps in your treatment and recovery as well. Your continued health and happiness are both vastly important, and remembering not to compromise either is a wise decision on your part.

Anti Aging – Are Anti Aging Creams Worth The Cost?

Anti aging creams have been flooding the markets for years because of the high demand from people who desire to look younger and beautiful. The price ranges for these products vary very much and some can be very costly. Anti aging creams have certain claims most of the time and it can be to erase wrinkles, remove dead skin and make your skin feel and look much smoother.

You can find a whole lot of anti aging products from fillers, masks to creams that claim to be able to remove age spots and to prevent or cure every sign of aging under the sun. There are also products that claim to be able to reduce the affects the sun has on the skin. If you want a remedy to any anti aging symptom, the options available today are endless.

The cost of these anti aging products are well over $100 and most people wonder if the cost or anti aging creams are worth the expense of looking younger. While most people tend to compare the price with the result, they should also compare the price with the available alternatives. Most of the popular skin care brands carry more than one product. They have an entire range of skin care and anti aging products ranging from cleaners, dermabrasion kits, moisturizers as well as those that promise to fill in the low points of the skin and remove existing wrinkles.

If you think the price of anti aging creams are high, you might want to consider the cost of Botox injections and plastic surgery which are both designed to achieve the same effect – anti aging. There are less expensive alternatives that may contain similar ingredients but if the anti aging cream is not absorbed into the skin, no amount of money is worth it.

Getting Results Make Products worth the Price

Although branding plays a huge role on our purchase decisions, we have to remind ourselves that anti aging creams from a well-known brand does not automatically make them worth the price. There should be specific ingredients in the products backed by a proven result on the health and appearance of the skin. Most anti aging creams from the well known brands contain retinol and collagen replacement ingredients. However, these creams may not have the ingredients required to keep the cream on the skin long enough to have any beneficial effect.

On the other hand, it may not always be getting what you pay for in terms of finding a good anti aging cream; it can just be a case of finding the right eraser for a particular winkle area. A person who is exposed to the sun on a daily basis for long periods of time and shows the effects of long-term exposure may not benefit from even the most expensive anti aging creams. The damage done may be beyond what many products are able to repair.

Some of the least expensive anti aging products may do well removing very small wrinkles, but when you come to think of it, both types of anti aging creams are worth the price when compared to the high cost, discomfort and possible side effects of plastic surgery or injections. Do some research and make sure you find an anti aging cream that suits your skin type so that you will be able to get the desired results.

Sleep Wrinkles – Preventing and Repairing Them

As we age, the appearance of sleep wrinkles, those facial lines that develop from sleeping with your face against a pillow, becomes much more prominent. This should come as no surprise if you consider how much of one’s life is spent sleeping. If you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, you sleep 1/3 of your life. Consequently, by age 60, you will have slept 20 years. It is obvious why sleeping on our face eventually leads to creases that become permanently etched in the surface of the skin. Sleep wrinkles are much easier to prevent than they are to repair. As a result, you should make every effort to keep from getting them in the first place.

The most effective and least costly method for preventing sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back. People who sleep in this position simply do not develop these wrinkles. Chinese women recognized this fact ages ago, and always slept on their backs using concave porcelain pillows. If you are unaccustomed to sleeping in this position, you might try placing a pillow under you knees to decrease stress on the lower back and increase your comfort.

If you are unable to sleep on your back, using a pillow that minimizes facial wrinkling is another possibility. Sleep on a big, soft, non-synthetic pillow that you are able to fluff and squish. Those with natural fill, such as down and feathers, offer the most comfort, long-term performance, and adjustability. This type of pillow supports the head while providing softness, eliminating pressure points, and increasing facial circulation to reduce squashing and sleep wrinkles. There are also pillows available made specifically for preventing sleep wrinkles. They support the head while keeping the face and eye tissue away from the pillow.

Choosing the correct pillowcase on which to sleep can also deter the formation of sleep creases. If you awaken with these unsightly lines in the morning, your cotton pillowcase may be to blame. Instead of cotton, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase that allows your face to slide across the pillow thereby minimizing skin wrinkling. Another option for not only preventing sleep lines, but also repairing those which you already have, is to use a copper technology pillowcase. It is imbedded with copper micro fibers which serve to repair your skin as you sleep. Copper has been proven to stimulate collagen production thereby helping reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, if you already have sleep wrinkles, they may be difficult to alleviate. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. When the skin becomes creased while sleeping, it no longer readily snaps back when the head is not resting on the pillow, as it did when we were younger. Since these wrinkles are not the result of muscle contractions, such as worry lines or crow’s feet, products with Botox-like benefits are ineffective. In order to correct them, new collagen needs to form under the wrinkles to push up the skin from below. There are many skin care products on the market that contain various peptides that promote the formation of collagen. If topical formulations are ineffective, you might want to consult your dermatologist about a wrinkle filler such as Restylane.

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