Agent Orange Rashes – Understanding Skin Issues

Agent orange was used during the Vietnam War and is a chemical that was implemented to destroy the growth of forests in Vietnam as well as to destroy the food resource supplies. Not only did it destroy plants, it had very damaging results on human beings. It was used initially for crop growth and then incorporated into the herbicidal warfare program with very destructive consequences.

Some of the side effects include cancer, birth defects, respiratory problems and severe skin rashes. It effected a over four million Vietnamese and many were not in the military. Chlorance is a skin problem resulting from agent orange that can look like cystic acne. It has long-term effects and can last as long as thirty years. The unsightly eruptions cause a lot of sadness for those who have been exposed to them. Antibiotics can be helpful to some extent but the skin damage can be psychologically devastating.

A second issue of agent orange chemical is a liver problem called porphyria cutanea tarda. The person with this condition is very sensitive to both heat and sunlight. Skin tone is effected and there can be painful skin blisters as well as the reduction in thickness and elasticity of the skin. Damage to the liver is a serious concern which can cause significant problems over time.

So why do we care about these skin conditions? It is important to understand because not only are millions of Vietnamese citizens still suffering from them, but many American veterans have also been affected. While humanitarian and global health groups are responsible for helping those in Vietnam, any US veterans who suspect they may have skin or other health concerns as a result of exposure to Agent Orange should immediately contact their local Veteran Services. They are legally entitled to treatment for their condition, and while treatment options are limited, they may include oral antibiotics that can help to control the situation.

Agent Orange remains an example of chemical warfare that inflicted incredible harm on the occupied civilian population, the military forces involved in areas where it was used, and the environment as a whole. This article should help us to understand the true long-term ramifications of using such dangerous chemicals, and why it is important to understand their effects because of the people who are still suffering for them today.

How to Get Rid of Face Wrinkles

Everybody wants to the know secret on how to get rid of face wrinkles. Who does not want to restore beauty of youth? However, most have been too desperate and impatient that they immediately resort to cosmetic procedures without considering the natural remedies first.

Cosmetic procedures will certainly give you immediate effect. Through cutting edge (sometimes unimaginable) techniques, facial skin is stretched and smoothened to reduce if not eliminate the sagging and wrinkling. The results may be desirable; however, these procedures do not solve the problem.

The Problem called Wrinkles

Many have been asking how to get rid of face wrinkles. However, rarely can you her questions on what causes wrinkles. If you know what causes wrinkles, you’ll definitely have a much better idea on how to reduce or get rid of it.

Have you noticed why when you were younger your skin was firmer and smoother and as you get older the firmness and smoothness degenerate until such time that lines and furrows dominate your face? Surely, an essential component of your skin when you were young must have been lost along the way to cause such a big difference in the texture of your skin.

This essential component is what we call collagen bundles. Collagen bundles are composed of two types of protein known as collagen and elastin. Collagen is that protein which gives the skin its strength while elasin is responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. When these two types of proteins bind together, collagen bundles are produced which acts as the natural scaffolding of the skin. Collagen bundles provide support to the skin and give the skin its shape and form.

As such, when collagen bundles are abundantly produced in the skin, the skin appears smooth, firm and supple. This is very apparent when you are on your youth because the collagen production mechanism of the body is active during this stage.

As the body progress in years, its processes slow down. This applies also to collagen production. Since the body does not produce as much collagen as before, the collagen bundles that are broken down and frayed by UV rays, pollutants and free radicals are not sufficiently replenished by the body. Thus, collagen bundles are significantly reduced causing wrinkles and sagging in the skin.

Panic Attack

At the first sign of wrinkles, many women panic. For most, the obsession on how to get rid of face wrinkles escalates. In this day and age of immediate gratification, it is no surprise that cosmetic procedures are a multi-billion industry.

What Can Get Rid of Face Wrinkles without Cosmetic Procedure

Cosmetic procedures are highly expensive. Most women cannot afford to spare thousands of dollars to have their facial skin stretched or sometimes mummified (for lack of better words). However, there are ways that you can do that are not only one time shots on wrinkle reduction but actually works in the long term to replenish the much needed collagen bundles in your skin.

There are facial skin care products that contain Cynergy TK, Coenzyme Q10, and Phytessence Wakame. These are scientifically proven natural ingredients that promote and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. The skin needs more collagen in order to recover its much needed shape and form.

With the production of more collagen, the sagging skin will be filled out and the wrinkles and furrows will smoothen because the skin is now more elastic, flexible. As such, with continued use, more collagen will be produced by the body, and the skin will look a lot more smooth, firm and supple.

There is no short cut to replenishing the collagen bundles on your skin. You need to help your body replenish the lost collagen bundles by producing more collagen and elastin. Use products with Cynergy TK, Coenzyme Q10, and Phytessence Wakame and find out the sure fire answer on how to get rid of face wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Tips: Releasing A Strong Sex Hormone With Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment can help your brain release a super strong sex hormone into your body very easily and quickly.

By the age of 60 our bodies only produce about half of this hormone, called Melatonin, that it produced when we were in our 20’s. Our biological clock gets all out of wack and speeds up aging. We feel depressed, insomniac, hypertense, and can develop chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and a long list of other aging ailments.

As we grow older, many of us start losing interest in sexual activities. Zest for life, vitality, the quality of our life, can take a nose dive. Having a robust sex life takes a back seat. We even stop thinking about sex because we just don’t feel good.

That’s just sad, but we can change that.

Anti-aging Tips For Your Libido

  • Replace the production of the hormone Melatonin with tablets or capsules that are easily found in your local drug store and health food store. The usual application is to put the sublingual form of the pill under your tongue where it dissolves quickly, taking about a half an hour before bedtime. A possible side effect is drowsiness the next morning and not knowing how much to take for your body needs.
  • Insertion of a prescribed estrogen vaginal cream into the vagina. This will reverse the aging in that targeted area only. Don’t use if you have endometrial hyperplasia, liver disease, a history of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, heart disease, migraines, or ophthalmic disease…or if you develop allergic reactions.
  • Use a hormone replacement therapy, prescribed by a doctor if you don’t have issues with migraines, past cancers, or endometrial hyperplasia.

Or You Can Employ Brainwave Entrainment To Release Melatonin Naturally

—without side effects. Everyone, except people predisposed to epilepsy.

Brainwave entrainment is a powerful technology that induces the brain to follow a brainwave frequency that is introduced via sound. Frequency denotes different states of consciousness and entrainment can be applied to alter frequency.

Specially designed entrainment sessions. under scientific review, in the slower frequencies of Alpha and Theta, release high levels of DHEA (between 44% – 90% higher) and Melatonin (98% higher). Levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone that takes away our memory, puts fat on our abdomen, drowns our sex drive, and sets us up for cancer, are decreased by up to 70%.

What Super Sex Hormone Melatonin Can Do For You

  • you’ll feel rejuvenated, walk with a spring in your step
  • the lines on your face will start to disappear making you feel and look more attractive
  • you feel rested and calm
  • you feel stronger mentally, physically, and very importantly emotionally
  • it fortifies natural opiates and pleasure hormones
  • induces the feeling of wanting to bond and touch
  • enhances zinc absorption which if deficient, can impair sexual function
  • and if you’re a male, will help prevent atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), that is a leading cause of impotence in men

What Brainwave Entrainment Can Do For You

It can release Melatonin, easily, quickly, and for either sex, when you want to release it.

Symptoms of Rosacea and Its Cure

As everyone knows that skin is the largest organ of a human body. When you are afflicted by any skin ailment, the whole body suffers a lot and it becomes quite difficult to undergo such a condition. So, you should always be very careful and keen regarding your skin and its proper care. There are many skin disorders like acne, inflammation, skin rashes and warts etc. Such skin diseases have a cure and they can be controlled easily but the most persistent skin ailment that takes a lot of time to heal is Rosacea.

There can be many reasons of this skin disease like it can be transferred from one person to another unless you make a physical contact with the afflicted person. Saliva of the mouth also plays a vital role to transfer the virus of this skin disease and mainly this virus affects the face. The most common parts of face where the virus of Rosacea attacks are Nose, Cheeks, Mouth and forehead.

You might be thinking about the symptoms of this disease and how it attacks an individual. Well, a virus starts reproducing in human body and it destroys the most crucial amino acids of the human body. In this way the immune system of human body becomes weaker and the disease totally overcomes the whole body by leaving its signs on the face. The age of victims of this persistent ailment lies between 30 – 60 years old people; so, you can say that the virus usually attacks adults. There are many symptoms of this disease like itching on skin, burning and irritation. After Rosacea is being diagnosed, it is highly recommended to take precautionary measures and apply cures for this skin disease.

Symptoms of Rosacea are quite tricky because in initial stages it is quite difficult to recognize it. When the virus attacks the skin in its basic stage, it is quite similar to pimples and sunburn. Thus, thousands of people neglect these symptoms by considering it harmless but once the virus reaches to its final stage it becomes quite difficult to bear the pain and irritation of this disease.

Once the germs of Rosacea totally overcome your immune system the victim starts feeling itchiness, flushing on the affected parts and irritation. To overcome such painful attributes of this disease it is recommended to clean the affected parts smoothly on regular basis, avoid hot and spicy foods, and apply proper creams.

The Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Review

The best anti wrinkle creams in the world are wrinkle creams that the skincare companies hope you never find out.

Let me explain, here in the United States, walk into any department store and you are shown the latest anti wrinkle creams and most of them contain collagen and elastin.

Now on the surface that sounds great and if you aren’t familiar with collagen and elastin, they are the two proteins are bodies produce that keep our skin young and healthy looking.

When we were were kids and teenagers our bodies produced collagen and elastin with incredible abundance.

Unfortunately as we age we produce less and less collagen and elastin which causes our skin to show it’s age by sun spots, fine lines, sagging and wrinkles.

So the skincare companies have taken this information and used that against the consumer because logic dictates that if we lose something then we need to replace what we lost.

Which is why these companies keep touting their collagen and elastin in their skincare products but unfortunately collagen in anti wrinkle creams are worthless.

You see, collagen is to big to be absorbed by the skin. No matter how hard you rub or how much anti wrinkle creams you rub in, there is still no benefit. You are just wasting your hard earned money.

Now, all isn’t lost because of the wonders of the internet, I had found some natural substances that are found in the most effective anti wrinkle creams and chances are good you never heard of them.

One natural substance is called Cynergy TK, Cynergy TK is extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep through a special process. This natural substance has been clinically tested and proven to actually stimulate the bodies own ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Not to mention Cynergy TK has been shown to also retain more moisture (say goodbye to dry skin) and regenerate brand new skin cells.

This is literally a fountain of youth substance that is found in a special anti wrinkle cream that I personally use every day.

In addition to the Cynergy TK, which is now available for the first time here in the states and Canada, I have put a list of the top natural substances I have found through my research.

For the first time aging isn’t a choice but looking old is, visit my website for more information on anti wrinkle creams and anti aging skin care products today.

Helicobacter Pylori Can Cause Rosacea

Nobody knows exactly why rosacea develops, but what we do know is that the process of “inflammation” is of paramount importance.

More recent scientific evidence suggests that the kind of inflammation in rosacea is associated with the generation of molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS).

When patients apply skin medications that contain antioxidants like vitamins, C, E and flavonoids to areas affected by rosacea, the symptoms are often reduced. These antioxidant nutrients work to quench ROS.

A growing body of research indicates that H pylori infection may have a role to play in rosacea as well as some of the other skin disorders because it causes a great deal of inflammation in the stomach and intestines that may “overflow” into other areas of the body.

An excellent article on H pylori and skin conditions appeared in the European Journal of Dermatology, in 2009. The paper reported that:

H pylori is more common in patients who have rosacea than in patients who do not have the skin condition.

H pylori can increase levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood or tissues. This may lead to dilation (opening-up) of the skin blood vessels or inflammation and immune system changes that lead to the development of rosacea. Nitric oxide produced as a result of H pylori may cause the “flushing” of facial skin.

Successful H pylori treatment can reduce the symptoms of rosacea, or even completely alleviate them.

Reading this information it would be easy to point the finger at H pylori as the sole cause of rosacea. However I believe that anything in a person’s body that creates an inflammatory response has the potential to cause skin conditions.

Foods such as gluten, chemicals in food and water, intestinal parasites or bacteria other than H pylori, yeast and fungal overgrowth and nutritional deficiencies could all theoretically lead to skin conditions such as rosacea because they can all cause inflammation.

Even mental and emotional stress or lack of sleep can increase inflammation in the body. It is therefore prudent to take a look at your complete diet and lifestyle if you have “unexplained” skin disorders of any kind.

My recommendations regarding a course of action would be to first eliminate foods like gluten, processed sugar, soy and cow’s milk for 60-days.

I also recommend that you seek professional guidance on running comprehensive stool analysis to see whether you have any hidden digestive infections such as H pylori or parasites. You could also look into running IgE and IgG food allergy testing, again under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Make no mistake, skin conditions do not always have obvious causes. In order to clear the symptoms, you have to address the cause, which sometimes means thinking outside the box. If you feel we can help in any way, please do get in touch.

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