What Is The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream In The Market?

If you are looking for the best anti-wrinkle cream in the market today, it is probably because you hate the idea of getting botox injections, a diamond peel or undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure to get rid of your wrinkles. You’re right, the best anti-wrinkle cream out there can deliver stunning results, just as well as these medical approaches. But how do you know which one works, or which one is the best?

Many of us are brand-conscious. On the shelf is something we have seen heavily advertised or endorsed by a popular celebrity, and we buy that, without even giving a second look at the ingredients. We have been told, time and again, that it’s a lot wiser to go for brands that have an already established track record and are rated high by consumers themselves, than those that are just starting to invade the industry and which we don’t know anything much yet.

Then again, if you take a look at the list of ingredients many of these products we have trusted for years or those hailed as the “best anti-wrinkle cream in the market” contain, you’ll be shocked to find out that it includes dangerous substances, and for me, that ought to render them ineffective. Why, because being totally effective should not come with “but” clauses. There ought not to be any consequences.

The Dangerous Substances in Anti-Wrinkle Creams

  • Triclosan. Triclosan finds its way into many anti-wrinkle creams because of its anti-bacterial properties. But did you know that Triclosan is also the agent used to kill weeds? Would you really like something that’s powerful enough to kill weeds applied on your face?
  • BHA/BHT. Many anti-wrinkle creams use this as a preservative, but there are studies linking this substance to cancer and tumor growths.
  • DMDM Hydantoin. This also serves as a preservative in anti-wrinkle creams. It can, however, weaken the immune system.
  • TEA or Triethanolamine. Also used to prolong the shelf life of anti-wrinkle creams, TEA (like BHA/BHT) is carcinogenic.
  • Mineral Oil. Don’t be fooled by the name. You might have thought that mineral oils are good as they serve to moisturize the skin. Unfortunately as they moisturize the skin they also clog the pores of your skin and speed up skin aging.
  • Urea. Urea is also a skin moisturizing agent, but it, too, is carcinogenic.
  • Toulene. Toulene comes from coal tar and is used to enhance the scent of anti-wrinkle creams. Toulene is very toxic, though. It can cause organ damage and anemia.

How To Search For The Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

So when searching for the best anti-wrinkle cream:

Make sure it does not contain any of the ingredients listed above. Look, instead, for the following ingredients:

  • Cynergy TK – a functional keratin that enables the re-growth of elastin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – stimulates the natural production of collagen.
  • Natural Antioxidant such as Green Tea – fights free radicals and protects the skin from sun damage
  • Nutrients – Vitamins C, E, and A offer many benefits to the skin. They heal and repair damaged cells and facilitate cell renewal while nourishing the skin at the same time. Vitamin E is also said to help retain moisture.
  • Natural moisturizing agents – Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Butter have natural moisturizing properties that increase the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams.
  • Look for the seal that guarantees the product to be 100% organic or natural.
  • See to it that the product has been clinically tested and proven safe.

The best anti-wrinkle cream can be anything. And it isn’t that hard to locate when you know what makes up the best anti-wrinkle cream in the market today.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream – How Does It Work?

Can it really permanently remove wrinkles?

Anti-wrinkle products can be in the form of moisturizers, facial lotions, gels, and creams. These can be purchased without a prescription from dermatologists and can be used without supervision. It is manufactured according to the world’s demand for younger looking skin. Women, most especially are the ones who use these products and other skin care products that are said to produce great results.

Anti wrinkle products or anti-aging products work in different ways to minimize the signs of aging. However, the effectiveness of anti-aging products is limited due to factors like brand, manufacturer, chemicals used, and how long the product is being used.

A typical anti-wrinkles cream basically contains the following Retinol, Epidermal Growth Factor, Alpha-Hydroxy acids, Peptides, Coenzyme Q10, Antioxidants and Sunscreen.

The Retinol in most anti-wrinkle creams minimizes pores and fine lines. With continued use; retinol can eventually even out the skin giving it a smoother appearance and the pores can be magnificently reduced. An Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF stimulates the regeneration of skin and natural collagen which gives the skin a supple look. AHA or Alpha-Hydroxy Acid is responsible for the peeling effect of creams. AHA dissolves the adhesion between the dead skin and the new skin. Peptides on the other hand have no clear effect on the skin. It is thought to help the creation of antibodies that help in bacterial protection. Another component of wrinkle creams is the Coenzyme Q10 which is responsible for cellular respiration. This means that with Coenzyme Q10, your skin cells can “breathe” freely. Anti-oxidants which are common in wrinkle cream and other anti-aging products are generally known to reduce the signs of aging. Anti-oxidants can also help slow down the aging process. And last but not the least, sunscreen; this can minimize the damage caused by the sun. Sunscreen also protects the skin from premature aging due to UV rays. It also protects the skin from getting burned.

Anti aging products like anti-wrinkles cream contains some or most of the substances mentioned above. When choosing the best cream for you take into consideration the chemicals or active ingredients in the cream. How an anti-wrinkles cream work depends on what it contains and how religiously it is used or applied. Choose also a product from known manufacturers and don’t leave your skin care product into chances. Always make sure this product contains the necessary chemical that’s good for your skin type.

Allergies – What Are Pollen, Skin and Food Allergies?

There will be possibly over 60 million people who will have to deal with some type of an allergic reaction due to allergies. Possibly one out of every four people will look for a solution to deal with allergies in their lifetime. In children, it is the the third most common chronic disease, in America, it is the fifth most common chronic disease. Allergies can come upon you when you least expect it, and stay seemingly a lifetime.

Pollen Allergies

Pollen is mainly found outside where there are trees, grass and weeds are. Pollen is released into the air during the beginning of Spring.  It floats throughout the air and enters into the nasal cavity. It cause you to sneeze sometimes uncontrollably. From there it enters into the body and can possibly trigger an allergic reaction. Hydration of the body can help flush the allergen out the body. You also have to remove yourself from that area, to prevent further reaction. Other pollen types are dust mites, mold spores and cockroach pollen. Each of these allergens can be prevented, if you continue to maintain a clean air filter in your house. Make sure you dust the window sills and furniture as it collects easily. 

Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies are the more common forms of allergies. Skin allergies can be triggered by a number of things such as, fragrant soaps, laundry detergent, and plants. Poison oak, Ivy and Sumac can initiate an allergic reaction like never before. Once you come in contact with one of these plants, you will know if you are allergic to them or not. You will begin to itch in the area that came in contact with the plant, and  redness and/or swelling will take place. Latex gloves can cause an allergic reaction, many people are allergic to latex gloves. It can possibly be the powder from the gloves or merely the plastic. There are some over-the-counter medication that can treat it. In more severe cases, medical attention may be necessary.

Food Allergies

Food Allergies are sometimes unexpected, unless you are aware that you are allergic to a certain type of food. It is not uncommon that many people deal with various types of food allergies. Some of the common food allergies are, seafood, shellfish, and peanuts to name a few. An allergic reaction to food allergies can include, skin irritations, swelling of Lymph nodes, watery eyes or uncontrollable sneezing. If you find yourself dealing with any of these symptoms, discontinue immediately what you are eating and seek medical attention. Children are more susceptible to food allergies than adults, this does not however make an adult’s reaction less severe. Make sure you monitor what your child is eating at all times. If there’s an allergic reaction, you will then know what they are not able to eat. Immediate medical attention is important for the full recovery of that child.

Allergies can be as simple as a sneeze or scratchy throat, or as threatening as your eyes closing shut. If you are aware of what triggers an allergic reaction in you. Do everything you can to avoid the situation. Once you are aware of your allergies, you will have a better handle when it comes to an allergic reaction. 

Anti Wrinkle Treatments – Evaluate Which One is Really the Best

The every growing hatred for those uninvited wrinkles has given birth to various different anti wrinkle treatments. If you too are one of those suffering from the mental pain of having these wrinkles all over your face and hands, you are at the right place.

This article here presents a review of the common anti wrinkle treatments available in the market. So, let’s get started right away.

1. Botox Injections.

This treatment involves injecting a chemical known as Botox straight into the facial muscles. This temporarily paralyzes the muscles and gives them a smoother look.

Pros: It is fairly effective and is quick too.

Cons: The effects are temporary and will fade away in a few months. Moreover, it is an invasive technique which causes muscle weakness, bruising and pain too.

2. Collagen Injections.

This anti wrinkle treatment involves injecting Collagen into the skin. Collagen is the skin protein which when produced in lesser amounts, causes the skin to become loose and develop wrinkles.

But an important point to consider here is the fact that the Collagen used in this treatment is synthetic in nature and hence it is structurally different than what we have. As a result, the binding between the two is not proper.

Pros: It is medium effective but is quick.

Cons: The effects are temporary and last only for a few months. Like other chemical and synthetic anti wrinkle treatments, it too has some side effects like high blood pressure, muscle weakness and allergic reactions.

3. Natural anti aging skin care creams.

This is an all-natural treatment done with the creams containing powerful natural ingredients like Cynergy TK(TM) and Avocado Oil. These amazing ingredients work by making our body produce Collagen naturally and hence solve the problem at the root level itself.

Pros: Since the natural Collagen is getting produced, the skin becomes smooth and wrinkle free. Not only are the results most effective but they are permanent too. Being natural, there are no side effects and hence these creams are absolutely safe to be used.

So there you have it – all the information about the most common anti wrinkle treatments available today. So, which one are you going to choose?

If you like hundreds of other people want to go for the natural anti wrinkle skin care creams, visit my website listed below for knowing more about them. Out of all the available anti wrinkle treatments, these creams are by far the best. Visit my website to find out why.

Acne Scar Removal Information and Advice

Acne infections can destroy collagen and elastin fibers and when healing occurs naturally without treatment, scarring can occur, which is why so many people seek acne scar removal advice. However evaluation and removing the scars can be a tricky business, as different types of scars require various approaches to achieve good results.

Types of facial scars

There are two types: tissue loss and the underlying skin tissue damage cause one type and the other by skin tissue increasing and causing scars. However, it is possible to remove scarring in both types.

The most common type requiring treatment are those caused by loss of tissue. They resemble chicken pox scars and are normally referred to as ice pick scars. Pigmented scarring is the brown or red marks that stay after the acne blemish has gone. These are most noticeable and require advice, as fading of the scars can take months without acne treatment.

Some individuals find that removal cream for scars prescribed by their physicians keeps the blemishes under control but does not remove the discoloured marks. The second type of scarring, keloid is more common in African-Americans.

Rosacea sufferers also seek removal advice and generally find IPL acne treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) the best, although acne Rosacea laser treatment is also available.

Treatment for scars

Skin fillers are widely used acne as an scarring treatment, as they can elevate and plump up the spots where the skin has sunken, but not all scars are suitable for this and they may cause an allergic reaction.

Acne scars home treatment creams such as Elicina cream and scarring zone acne offer natural healing and reduction, but may not be totally effective as a remover for scars in all cases.

Acne scarring treatment in London clinics offer implants for the correction of scarring, especially if the skin is deeply sunken. Other treatment for acne scars by UK companies include processes that exfoliate and unclog pores, such as alpha hydroxy acids found in glycolic acid, beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid and microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion for removal of acne scarring involves a suction tip gently lifting the skin whilst delicate sterile particles polish and exfoliate to remove dead skin and debris from the superficial layers of the skin, leaving a much smoother texture. This method is not only used as a facial treatment for acne scarring, but also for wrinkles. This type of pitted acne scars treatment is also excellent for hyperpigmentation and the side effects are generally mild lasting only a day.

Some believe the best treatment for acne or keloid scars is laser revision. Laser treatment for acne scarring is divided into ablative, which means to destroy and non-ablative. Ablative treatment for acne scars involve either erbium or carbon dioxide lasers to remove skin. Non-ablative laser treatment is definitely more appealing as it does not destroy tissue and there is practically no downtime, but the degree of improvement varies and is usually less than with more invasive laser treatment of acne.

Whether considering keloid removal, laser treatment or any new acne treatment for scars you should always seek removal advice for acne scars from the person who is treating you and read as much as possible about procedures in books or look up Acne Scar Treatment Information on the internet.

Foods That Act As Anti-Aging Supplements

Certain nutritional supplements can play an important role in how your body ages. There are many different anti-aging supplements in the marketplace today. Some have shown that they can help slow the aging process but most fall short of their promise to make you look and feel young again.

Before you consider buying the magic pill that will make you young again, consider your current lifestyle choices. One of the most important choices is what you eat. Remember the saying, “You are what you eat?” There is a lot of truth to that. There are certain foods that contain vitamins and minerals that can help slow the aging process, give you more energy and burn fat for a younger looking you.

Here is a list of food that gives you anti-aging benefits.

o Codfish oil and Olive Oil contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have shown to stimulate brain functioning in the areas of memory and mental awareness.

  • Avocado oil applied to the skin can help keep it moisturized and young looking.
  • Blueberries and Blackberries contain the antioxidant, Anthocyanins. Antioxidants help destroy a form of oxygen, known as ozone, from damaging tissue which actually ages the body quicker. These berries also help reduce the effect age related memory problems.
  • Carrots are rich in natural Beta-carotene which is essential in the synthesis of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps reduce the risk of cancers in the lung, larynx, bladder, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum and prostate.
  • You can find Phytosterols in flax seed and peanuts. It is reported that this can lower serum cholesterol.
  • Banana has antacid effects that protect against stomach ulcers and ulcer damage. It also helps the body to absorb more calcium which is beneficial in bone formation and proper nervous system functioning. This can help combat arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Cranberry juice contains chemicals that help prevent and treat kidney and bladder infections.
  • The Greenland Eskimos have a lower incidence of heart attacks. It is believed that this is because salmon is a large part of their diet. The Eico-Sapentaenoic Acid (EPA) in the salmon lowers blood serum cholesterol. It can also lower levels Triglycerides in the body. Triglycerides are fats that come from our diet. These fats have been linked to coronary heart disease.
  • Flavonoids are the color pigments in most fruits and vegetables. These have antioxidant properties, which can improve lung junction.
  • Bioflavanoids have anti-aging properties. They help reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, tighten skin tissue, and improve pigmentation of the skin. All of these give the appearance of having younger, healthy looking skin.
  • Garlic is known to help flush fat from our bodies and helps to moderate blood pressure.
  • The Polyphenols in green tea are antioxidants. Polyphenoals have shown to reduce tumors and reduce the risk for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Oat Bran regulates blood glucose levels, aids in lowering cholesterol, and helps in the removal of toxins.
  • Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and helps boost the proper functioning of our nervous systems. Rosemary has shown to enhance memory and increase concentration.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird’s nests can be consumed as food. It contains Gycoprotein, which contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). EGF stimulates cell growth and replacement. This helps keep the skin smooth and clear.
  • Fruits and vegetables have phytonutrient. This is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Phytonutrients have shown promise in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer.
  • Lycopene can be found in tomatoes. This micronutrient improves circulation, which helps provide oxygen and nutrients for healthy skin.
  • Natural antioxidants can also be found in Spirulina and Chlorella. These nutrients help stimulate the production of growth hormones which are responsible in skin and tissue regeneration.
  • Foti (He Shou Wu in China) raises the Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) level in your body. SOD lowers serum cholesterol, prevents premature gray hair, promotes red blood cell growth, and increases longevity on a cellular level.
  • Try to eat more lean red meat. The cholesterol found in meat in it is not the culprit in causing fatal heart disease. Saturated fats are found in red meat ha been found as a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. There are macro and micronutrients that can be found in red meat. Red meat is rich in Vitamin B6 and B12, which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

    Nutrients in red meat can also increase the production of the human growth hormone. This hormone is responsible for making more muscle and the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible in giving you energy and endurance. It also moderates the production of fat-producing insulin.

    There you have it!

    Why buy supplement when you can create your own anti-aging diet menu?

    This is not to say that some vitamin supplements are not good for you. Just be aware of the hype and false promises these products make about making you young again. Nothing can turn back the clock, but you can surely slow it down with the right diet.

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