Anti-Aging Diet – How Food Can Keep You Young

Did you know that changing your diet can extend your life and make you feel and look younger than your physical age? Find out what an anti-aging diet is and how it can help you defeat the aging process.

What happens to your body as you age?

Our body consists of millions of sells, as the sells are dying they are being replaced with new ones. The quality of new sells is directly linked to your diet, because to be regenerated properly sells need good nutrition. As we grow older, the process of sell regeneration doesn’t as smoothly as before, it is called sell degeneration. When the replacement sells are weaker than original sells. By eating certain anti-aging foods we can help the new sells to be strong and healthy.

Foods to avoid in anti-aging diet

First, you should decrease the intake of saturated fats. American Heart Association recommends that fat should not to exceed 30 percent of your total energy. For a real anti-aging nutrition the number is about 10 percent. That means that for protein it is better to consume lean fish rather than meat.

Some anti-aging doctors suggest a completely vegetarian diet. However, it has not been scientifically proved that avoiding meat all together leads to longer and healthier life. However, when you eat meat, go for lean varieties.

And do I even have to mention avoiding junk food? Everybody knows that it is bad for you, but most people keep eating it anyway. If you seriously want to keep nutritious diet, you should restrict yourself from chips and other “empty-calories” stuff.

Saturated fats are not the only thing to avoid. Some studies have shown that foods high in carbohydrates also lead to sell degeneration. These include sugar, chocolate, chips, and pasta and soy products. High concentration of heavy metals in your food also leads to premature aging.

Anti-aging food – what is it?

There are several foods that help with sell regeneration. These are products high in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. These are elements known as antioxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Folic acid.

Here is a list of foods important for anti-aging nutrition:

  • raw nuts and seeds
  • green leafy vegetables
  • seaweed
  • barley greens
  • olive oil
  • berries

Recently there has been a lot of talk about anti-aging Goji berries and Goji berries juice. These berries grow in Himalaya, and studies have shown that people who live there and consume the berries on regular basis live long and healthy lives. Goji berries and their juice are very high in antioxidants.

You may also need, because pollution in the cities and stress of everyday working life speed up the aging process, so you may need additional nutrients and vitamins to combat it. You can look online for anti-aging supplements to add to your diet. These are vitamin and mineral complexes with high percentage of antioxidants. Alternatively, take a good brand name multivitamin every day.

The most important about anti-aging diet is that you have to be persistent and consume healthy foods every day. Eating nutritious food for several days and then returning to usual fast food lifestyle wouldn’t work. And, of course you will have to do some exercise to help your body feel young.

Home Remedies For Rosacea – Treat the Redness Naturally

Living with rosacea can be really tough. You look in the mirror and you are constantly unhappy with the way that you look. You try to cover it up, but nothing seems to help. You hate living with a red face all of the time and you don’t know what to do about it.

If you have rosacea, then you know how badly you want a cure. You really want the redness to go away so you can be your confident self once again. You want to be able to feel good about the way that you look and be able to leave the house feeling sure. Right now, you don’t feel that way at all so you need some remedies for rosacea.

A lot of people with rosacea go to the doctor’s in order to get relief but the doctor won’t do much for you. He or she will prescribe you an expensive cream that may or may not work. You aren’t willing to take that risk. You want a definite remedy because you cannot stand to look at yourself for another moment.

There are home remedies for rosacea that will help to treat the redness naturally. A great home remedy is to take more vitamin E and C. These two vitamins works together to help repair, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. You will notice the redness disappear in a short while with an increase in these vitamins. Also, drinking lots of water will hydrate and repair your skin as well. Use these vitamins in your daily routine and you will notice a huge difference.

Penis Skin Allergies – Causes and Solutions

Reddened, swollen and itchy penis skin is no joke, and it can be an alarming experience. Many men have been sent into a panic over the appearance of dry and irritated skin of the penis, jumping to the conclusion that they have contracted a socially transmitted disease. In fact, in many cases, red and swollen skin is simply the result of penis skin allergies. Adverse reactions to environmental irritants are common, but with appropriate penis skin care, these should be short-lived and should not cause any lasting damage.

Symptoms of a penis skin allergy

Skin reactions to irritants are commonly referred to as dermatitis, an inflammatory condition that results in redness, swelling and intense itching. After exposure to an allergen, the skin may develop a spreading rash and/or a dry, scaly appearance. Men with darker skin tones may find that the skin in the affected area appears lighter than the surrounding tissue.

Adverse reactions may occur almost immediately or within a few hours after exposure. Scratching the affected area is unlikely to make the itching better and may damage the surface of the skin, causing bleeding, scabbing and further irritation that contributes to ongoing discomfort. If the urethra, or penile opening, is affected, painful urination may also occur.

Potential causes of dermatitis

A wide range of environmental irritants can cause contact dermatitis. These include everyday substances such as laundry detergents and fabric softeners, as well as bath soaps and other personal care products. Some men may be allergic to certain fabrics and experience adverse reactions to undergarments or other clothing containing nylon, wool, or latex rubber (often used in “stretchy” materials).

Latex condoms are also a common cause of penis skin allergies; in addition, contact with an allergen on the surface of a sexual partner’s skin may lead to dermatitis. Men who urinate outdoors may accidentally come in contact with plants such as poison ivy or poison oak, which are also known to cause rash, inflammation and severe itching.

Reducing allergy-related reactions

It is not always possible to avoid all irritants, but certain precautions can be taken to help men who are prone to dermatitis avoid exposure to the most reactive substances. For instance, rinsing clothing thoroughly after washing can help to eliminate traces of detergents. Using a mild natural cleanser such as an olive oil soap may be less likely to cause irritation than ordinary soaps and shower gels, and wearing cotton or silk clothing close to the skin is also recommended. Men who have a latex allergy should opt for latex-free condoms. It is important to keep in mind that even those who have not previously had an adverse reaction to latex may develop a sensitivity over time, so men who develop allergic-type symptoms should discontinue its use and look for an alternative.

Men who develop respiratory symptoms in addition to a skin reaction should seek immediate medical attention to avoid a potentially life-threatening scenario. Those who come in contact with a known allergen should rinse the area thoroughly as soon as possible to minimize exposure. Symptoms such as itchy penis skin, redness and inflammation that do not subside in a day or so should be seen by a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Caring for the penis skin

When allergic reactions do occur, the immediate goal is relief. Scratching the area is a bad idea, but as previously noted, washing the affected skin to remove any traces of allergen is recommended. Applying a cold compress to the area or soaking in an oatmeal bath may also help to relieve the itching and burning.

A natural moisturizer such as shea butter may help to soothe irritation and redness, while the nutrients found in a high quality penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may speed healing, as well as helping to prevent scarring and improving the overall look and feel of the penis skin.

Top 5 Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Reducing deep wrinkles and fine lines is a challenging feat that can now be treated using natural and synthetic treatments. The use of natural ingredients proves to be a desired option as natural products guarantee a safe use and visible results. If you are looking for the best natural treatments for your wrinkles, then you have opened the right page.

1. Treat and prevent wrinkles with a vitamin-enriched diet.

Develop an antioxidant-rich diet by regularly eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Infuse your diet with meat such as chicken and beef, and fibrous sources such as whole wheat and nuts. Eggs are also healthy sources of proteins. These food choices contain liberal quantities of antioxidants that enhance the body’s chemical composition.

2. Take natural skin supplements. 

Enhance your diet with supplements such as taking in additional vitamin C. Vitamin C comes in two basic forms, capsule and powdered form. You can also take multivitamins with antioxidants such as vitamin A and E. Vitamin C improves the function of antioxidants and boosts the production of collagen. This in turn increases the natural skin moisture and elasticity, preventing the development of wrinkles.

3. Moisturize your face with rich hydrating products composed of natural ingredients.   Most moisturizers today contain natural compounds of vitamins C and A, to name a few. The body’s natural capacity to produce collagen decreases over time. These ingredients stimulate the production of more collagen to reduce the drying of skin. One of the most effective components in skin hydration is hyaluronic acid. This acid is naturally produced by the body and functions as a lubricant of the connective skin tissues. Hyaluronic acid is also effective in toning sagging skin.

4. Regularly exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliating the skin helps you get rid of the dead skin cells in the outer superficial layer. This reveals a new, healthier layer with less deep lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating the outer layer of the skin is a fragile procedure, which is commonly done wrongly with the use of harsh materials. When exfoliating, use gentle and safe natural products such as olive oil and other essential oils.

5. Get a natural collagen injection.

Go to a trusted skin care clinic where you can have this new injectable filling treatment. It makes use of collagen, the skin’s natural moisturizing component that is subjected to specific areas in the face to fill in the deep or recess in your face. This non-invasive treatment provides immediate and lasting results, which should be supported and maintained by diets and supplements. 

Homemade Acne Remedies That Work

Have you heard about homemade acne remedies that work? Have you been suffering from acne for days now and it seems impossible for you to get rid of it? Well, I’ve got real solutions for you to try out. These remedies are tested and proven to alleviate and eliminate forms of acne that are affecting millions of people from all sexes, skin types, and age. Read on.

Apples and Honey

Facial masks containing apples and honey are believed to treat acne. To apply these, start creating a paste of apple and mix it with honey. The honey must only be 3 to 4 tablespoons. Apply the well mixed solution to the affected areas of your skin gently. For better results, let it stay for about 15 minutes, and if done, rinse your face well, but don’t use cold water. Pick warm water, instead.

Glycerin and sorbitol cleansers

These two elements are said to be capable of keeping one’s skin clean. They can eliminate skin oil, which is but one of the main causes of acne. To try these homemade acne remedies, just buy a soap that is glycerin-based, or a cleanser that is sorbitol-based.

Before applying any of these solutions, wash your face first. Use the glycerin-based or the sorbitol-based cleanser to get rid of oils. What’s good about these remedies is that they don’t leave your skin irritated or dried. Instead, they balance the level of acidity of your skin, making it difficult for all types of bacteria to proliferate and grow.


Toothpaste is also one of the most effective homemade acne remedies that experts commonly suggest. This solution must be applied, however, before going to bed. It works basically to reduce the swelling caused by acne. With this capability, it’s no surprise to see a number of people using toothpastes to heal forms of acne.

Oatmeal mask

To many people, oat meal is just produced as food. But, without many of your realizing it, oatmeal can also serve different purposes. One of those is to heal acnes. It works to absorb skin oils, thus leaving your skin healthy and clean. However, just like the rest of the homemade remedies, apply only the right amount that your skin needs. Mix the oatmeal with water to create a thick paste. Apply it gently to your skin and let it stay for 10 to 20 minutes, and rinse your face with cold water after. For best results, apply the paste twice a day.

The above mentioned homemade acne remedies are proven to work well in eliminating forms of acne, making it possible for you to live your day perfectly without the bothering zits.

Triggers For Rosacea – Coffee And Chocolate

As a Rosacea sufferer, you are fully aware of just how uncomfortable and painful this condition can be. Even doing simple everyday tasks can become a problem. The continuous embarrassing flare ups can leave you unable or unwilling to even venture outside your house until the attack has subsided. Maybe you have tried the prescription medications recommended by your doctor, but like many Rosacea patients you are unimpressed by the results. That is why you have to start considering natural remedies for Rosacea. This short article aims to help you discover what your own triggers for Rosacea are, enabling you to finally get your Rosacea under control.

Triggers For Rosacea – Coffee And Chocolate

If I were to ask you for a list of your favorite foods and luxury indulgences I bet that coffee and chocolate would be on it.

Unfortunately, for Rosacea sufferers these two foodstuffs, which most of us take for granted and probably included in our daily diet, could be the reasons that we are experiencing so many Rosacea flare ups.

Both of the foods are well known triggers for Rosacea.

As well as having some common ingredients that act as triggers for Rosacea, individually they both have specific properties which is known to trigger Rosacea outbreaks.

Let’s look first at one of the ingredients that is common to both coffee and chocolate, caffeine.

There are a number of ways that caffeine can induce Rosacea. It is known to increase stress levels and also dehydrate the skin, which have both been proved to increase Rosacea flare ups. Caffeine also increases sebum output on the skin. Sebum, is the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands which, put simply, make our skin waterproof However, if too much sebum is deposited on the surface of the skin, it could block up the pores and allow a bacterial infection to take hold.

Next let’s look at the specific effects of chocolate and coffee can have on Rosacea patients on their own.


Thirty-three percent of Rosacea sufferers claimed that chocolate was their known trigger for Rosacea. This could largely be due to two of the ingredients of chocolate, Theobromine and Tyramine. One of these, Theobromine, increases blood flow through the body, whilst the other, Tyramine, ultimately expands the bloods vessels. These two factors, working in tandem, will often lead to the flushing and red face that we all associate with a Rosacea flare up.


As well as the obvious caffeine issue, coffee can also present a problem to Rosacea sufferers simply because of the temperature that it is served at.

Hot drinks are known to induce a Rosacea flare ups in forty-two percent of patients. This seems to be because that brain perceives that temperature in the mouth as representative of the whole body. To try to dissipate this heat it will dilate the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, for Rosacea sufferers, a by-product of this function is often a heavy flushing and a red face.

Luckily though, we do not have to give up our guilty pleasures completely. Try substituting chocolate for carob-chocolate, which is delicious, or eat better quality chocolate with a high cocoa mass. 85% dark chocolate is generally OK and has the added benefit of being high in anti-oxidants and low in sugar. And if you can’t bare to be without your morning coffee, then substitute your normal brew for a de-caffeinated blend and wait for it to cool off before you drink it.

There is a good chance that these foods are one of your triggers for Rosacea, so by simply following this advice you could be on your way to finally find a permanent Rosacea cure.

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