Make A Skin Rash Treatment At Home With Oatmeal

A lot of treatment strategies have been presented to help in treating skin rashes that are very common today. Jock itch, athlete's foot, ringworm, dermatitis and a lot more are prevalent. These affect millions of people around the world. These rashes mean business also for a lot of pharmaceutical companies. You can use creams and oral medications to treat these infections. But with these, you need to spend a huge amount of money. You have to know that there are simple remedies that you can do to get rid of these rashes. Oatmeal is always available. To make use of this method, there are some tips that you need to remember.


You must secure the things that you need to do this remedy. Make sure that you have an old-fashioned oatmeal at home. Warm and cold water is also needed. You must also have an old pantyhose or socks that is at least 12 inches long. Make sure that the socks or the pantyhose has been washed properly. There are some fungi and bacteria that can survive in these objects.


Pour at least 2 cups of old-fashioned oatmeal inside the socks. Old-fashioned oatmeal is preferred. But if you only have the instant type, you can also use it. You may add at least one teaspoon of dry milk. Milk is very effective in keeping the moisture level of the skin healthy.


You have to tie the socks to ensure that the oatmeal and milk will not leak. Tie it just above the oatmeal level. Make sure that there is enough length of socks for you to hold it comfortably after. Tie it once to secure the contents.


Tie the oatmeal bag in the faucet. Set the water temperature to lukewarm. The water temperature must just be right to soothe your body. Hot water will dry you up. Fill the bathtub. You will notice that the water will appear to be murky. This is due to the oatmeal that mixes with it. Untie the bag from the faucet and submerge your body in the mixture. Get the bag and dab it over the affected areas gently. The oatmeal inside the bag will certainly soothe your skin. Just make sure that you will not rub it on the rashes.


You must not rinse your body with soap. Rinse your body using cold water. Soap will just cause further irritations. It will also remove all the nutrients and moisture that you got from the oatmeal bath. Dry up using a clean towel and make sure that you do not rub the rashes to avoid more irritations.

Oatmeal is not only good for breakfast. It is an effective remedy for skin rash. It can heal rashes faster and can also give enough moisture for the skin. Try to make use of this remedy by following the tips mentioned. These will help you for sure.

Anti Wrinkle Cream For Men – The Naked Truth!

Let's face it; If you're like most guys over the age of 30, you're on the lookout for a great anti wrinkle cream for men. Keeping your self looking as young as possible is not just for women anymore. In this article, I'm going to get the naked truth when it comes to selecting the right men's wrinkle cream.

To begin with, I've got some good news … and some bad news. The good news is there are some excellent anti wrinkle cream for men available that does not cost an arm and a leg. The bad part is that it does take some work to reduce those fine lines, sagging skin, and dark circles, that are starting to show up. You'll also need some men's wrinkle cream products to get the job done.

Anyone who tells you that there is one cure product is not giving it to you straight. Depending on how far you want to take it, you could need up to 5 different products to begin with to get your skin under control. Here are several products you may want to consider to get your skin to look and feel great.

Consider starting with an eye contour gel. The skin around your eyes is the first to start showing fine lines and wrinkles. While technically not an anti wrinkle cream for men, a gel can be much more effective than a cream and yes, there are specific gels for men. Look for products that contain Babassu, which is a natural emollient that makes skin soft around the eyes, without to much oil. You'd also like to see natural vitamin E and active manuka honey, which also gives new life into the skin around your eyes.

The next men's wrinkle cream product that you should get to know is a deep hydrating mask. This will help keep your skin moist around the face and neck, and make it firmer and softer. Tip, a good quality mask will actually absorb into your skin after 20 minutes or so. No need to walk around the house with green skin. You may also sleep with it on. You want to find a product with as many natural ingredients as possible such as Avocado and Macadamia Oils as well as active Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

The items mentioned here is the naked truth when it comes to anti wrinkle cream for men. There is no one product to fix all problems when it comes to wrinkles in your skin. My last piece of advice is making sure when selecting an anti wrinkle cream for men that it is for a man and not a woman. The skin needs for men and women are quite different. So there you have it. Choosing wisely will pay off in the battle against those wrinkles.

Bee Pollen and Herpes

Bee pollen and herpes, what do they have in common? The pollen from the bee actually has a component that speeds up the healing of wounds from the herpes condition. Herpes is a widely spread sexually transmitted disease in adults caused by the herpes simplex virus or HSV. The symptoms include blisters and ulcers on the mouth, face, genitals, and around the anus area. Once a person is infected with herpes, he or she remains infected for life. There is no known total cure for herpes, just some minor treatment for the wounds or blisters caused by it.

Bee pollen and herpes patients have gone along well through the years because the ingestion of pollen makes the symptoms disappear for long periods of time. So what exactly is in the pollen that cures the herpes’ painful symptoms? The answer is the Pantothenic acid, a part of B vitamin complex family that effectively speeds up the cure of herpes wounds.

The bee products with propolis, a powerful natural antibiotic from bees, are more effective against the herpes simplex virus. This is because of the high concentration of flavonoids and luteolin in propolis that are very efficient in reducing pain, itchiness, and inflammation in herpes patients.

What are the other things herpes patients can expect from taking in bee supplements?

By taking in daily bee pollen products, one’s body will experience an outstanding increase in natural energy. This is one reason why there are a lot of athletes who include a bee product in their daily diet. It has also been found to increase mental functions and concentration in adults as well as aid in young children’s IQ development. Adults are able to think clearly, even if they are in their senior years, and children are able to learn and comprehend lessons in school fast.

One of the best health benefits is its ability to slow down the aging process of each individual. This is due to the fact that it restores vigor and enhances cell regeneration processes. This health benefit from the pollen is commonly observed on the skin of a person taking bee products daily. They appear younger compared to their actual age and their skin is supple, soft, smooth, and almost wrinkle-free.

The pollen from the bee also normalizes chemical imbalances in the human body. These chemical imbalances often affect one’s metabolism resulting in various weight problems like overweight and underweight. Metabolism in overweight people will be increased resulting in faster fat burning and a flushing process due to the high lecithin percentage in the pollen. Overactive metabolism causing underweight in some people will also be normalized by a bee supplement. It can also suppress food cravings to help one reduce some of the unwanted weight and be able to eat healthier selection of food groups.

There are more health benefits from the pollens that we haven’t mentioned here. The important thing is for herpes patients to know that there are natural sources, like these pollens, that can help them with their painful symptoms. Bee pollen and herpes are indeed lasting. When the pollen is improperly stored and handled, it will lose up to 76 percent of its nutritive value within twelve months. The only way to preserve the high potency of pure pollen is the method of freeze drying.

Freeze drying bee pollens maintain its freshness and preserves all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients intact. Other bee pollen collectors do not handle their bee pollens very well and even subject their bee pollens in the heat drying process, the fastest way to dry out the product but the worst way in trying to preserve the bee pollens’ potency. Beekeepers in New Zealand see to it that they harvest bee pollens at least twice a week because they know the exceptional nutritive value of bee pollen freshness.

4 Stages In Acne Formation

If you understand the process of acne formation your outlook and approach to treating acne will most likely be revolutionized. A lot of people interchange terms like whitehead, blackhead, pimple, acne and zit but they are different and require a different approach to treatment. In this article we are going to address the “zit” since it is the worse of the lot for people physically and psychologically.

If we look much closer at the surface of the skin we are not going to see enough of what is happening in the process of acne formation, we need to view what is happening under the skin. You have probably seen a picture of a cross slice of skin illustrating the hair follicle, sweat glands and other subjects of the skin.

During the first stage we have a clogged hair follicle and we need to know how it got that way? Hormones are the first ingredients for a zit to form. The presence of these androgenic hormones are what make the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum. The hormones originate from various origins. The first source that we are very familiar with is puberty, as a young man or woman enters puberty, hormonal levels are elevated causing significant growth and development in the body, which is essential but the fact that it stimulates the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum is a negative side effect of the developmental process. There are other things that cause hormone levels to increase like stress, sexual stimulation and the consumption of dairy products. The first two cause hormone levels in the body while the third item, dairy consumption, includes the ingestion of hormones from a mother cow that were intended to help the calf grow quickly.

It is the level of these hormones in the body that cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than is needed. Sebum is a natural product of the body that is necessary for lubrication of the hair and skin. If there is too much sebum it is not able to exit the hair follicle quick enough and with the skin cells constantly shedding the two, sebum and skin cells, stick together and clog the follicle. The bacterium that need to be present for acne formation is called Propionibacterium Acnes or p. acnes is always present in the skin and does not cause problems under normal conditions but in the presence of a clogged follicle that is warm, moist, dark, lacks oxygen and there is plenty of sebum to eat the bacteria set up camp and have a typical roman orgy with lots of eating and reproductive activities. This activity causes chemicals to be released into the body that the white blood cells pick up on and they go to break up the party.

At step 3 of the acne progression the white blood cells arrive and they come in with both barrels blazing. The white blood cells release chemicals that kill the bacteria but the chemicals also injure surrounding tissue in the process. The things that are building up in the hair follicle like bacteria (living and dead), dead skin cells and the white blood cells (dead and alive) are what show in the whitehead that is forming and is called “pus”. There is a slight inflammation of the skin and pink or red may be noticeable and it will become painful to pressure applied by the finger. It is at this time that you can know a pimple is forming.

Step 4 of the acne process is a more substantial growth of the pus. There are a number of situations that can take place at this time. The first thing that is common is for the person to squeeze the zit to make the whitehead go away. The terrible thing is that squeezing a zit is the worst thing you can do because of one of the three following results from squeezing the zit. To begin, squeezing the zit can cause the infection that is deep in the skin to be pushed into surrounding tissues of the skin and the acne will appear in other hair follicles. Second, the pus that is released onto the surface of the skin can infect other areas of the skin, spreading the acne and lastly, lifelong scarring can result. This scarring can be partially corrected by laser resurfacing, which is an expensive cosmetic procedure but most people live life with the scars. The scars that acne leave drive some people to emotional bankruptcy and they end up psychologically injured for the rest of their life. A good number of people experience depression and some of those will encounter suicidal thoughts creeping into their minds.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to make changes in your life that are known to help prevent acne and improve your skin condition.