Precautions to Be Taken in Eczema

Eczema is common, and studies show that 15% people suffer from various degrees of eczema during their lifetime. It is not life threatening, neither is it contagious, it is just a reaction of the skin, the outer protection of the body from various foreign bodies wanting to enter the system.

It has to be understood that despite all the technology and advancement of science, no permanent and definite cure for this simple dermatological condition exists. Hence, the best option is to take precautions once you have contracted the disease.

Eczema can be controlled, if you follow a few very simple steps:

• Avoid Consuming Trigger Foods

• Cleaning and Washing

• Stay Away from Perfumes and Deodorants

• Avoid harsh Household Items

• Avoid Itching

• Regular Medication

Avoid Consuming Trigger Foods:

It is a proven fact that there is no specific reason for eczema to trigger, however, studies show that there are certain foods to which a large percentage of population is allergic, and you should carefully study the reaction of your body to the consumption of certain foods. The most prominent allergy foods are eggs, processed meat, dairy products etc. This will help in reducing the flare-ups and help in better Eczema management.

Cleaning and Washing:

Eczema flare-ups increase if you neglect regular cleaning of the body and particularly the effected part. It is advisable for all adults and children that after every activity, to clean and dry the body properly.

Stay Away From Perfumes And Deodorants:

Perfumes and deodorants are known to increase eczema flare-ups. You will do well to your self by staying away from them.

Avoid Harsh Household Items:

Harsh detergents, soaps, bleaches are known to increase eczema conditions. Therefore, to stay away from flare-ups, look for gentle and natural alternatives and replace the existing products.

Avoid Itching:

Itching increases the area of the disease and helps eczema flare-ups. Try to avoid itching by applying creams and non-perfumed lotions on the body regularly.

Regular Medication:

Eczema does not go away on its own. You need to take medicines on a regular basis. All other steps can help you reduce the intensity of the condition, but the cure is definitely the medicine.

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