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Removing Skin Tags – A How To

Removing Skin Tags – A How To

These common tags are benign growths of skin usually seen hanging from the skin surface. They are usually tiny and harmless and some people are more prone to them like others. Rapid weight gain and heredity have been seen to dramatically increase the chances of acquitting them, although the rate of occurrence is the same in males and females. Although they are harmless, having skin tags on the neck or the eyes can feel unpleasing for some people as they are quite prominent then.

Being self-conscious about these growths usually ushers people into finding easy techniques of getting rid of them. Although there is laser therapy for almost everything nowdays, natural removal of skin tags is also fairly common.

Removing Skin Tags Using Home Remedies

There are several techniques you can apply at home to get rid of your tags. One of the most popular and effective substances to use is Dermisil for Skin Tags which is used as a topical treatment. It is a very light and gentle solution applied to the area as it attacks only the tag cells and does not affect other parts of the skin at all.

Another hugely common and talked-about method is to tie a string tightly around the tag for a couple of days until the tag falls off. What this technique is based on is that the string cuts off the blood supply to the area, causing it to shrivel off and fall. You can use sewing thread or dental floss for this.

One drastic way to get rid of a skin tag is to cut it off. It requires extreme care however and should be done with supervision. The trick is to use disinfected scissors, apply generous amounts of alcohol on the area to be treated and the scissors then and only then proceed to cut it off. Immediately pressing the area with cotton dipped in peroxide will help stop the bleeding in seconds. Do not use this method if you have any reservation at all.

Keep in mind that these are some of the techniques that have worked well for others. Only use a technique that you are comfortable with. You may find that one way works extremely well for you while another does not. You are the best judge of what your body needs.