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A Cure For Loneliness and Despair

Do you ever find yourself searching for someone or something that you do not even know if they or it exist? Have you ever found yourself feeling like you have a huge hole in your heart and nothing or nobody can fill that empty space? Are you feeling lonely and without direction? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, read on to find out how you can fill that gaping hole in your heart.

You see, there was a time, earlier in my life, that I had always been searching, hoping to find somebody, anyone who would make me feel complete. I wandered from relationship to relationship, from activity to activity, but always coming up short, and feeling emptier than I did before. Then, one night when I was at an all time low in life, I met a friend, a comforter, someone I could talk to who was always there waiting to hear my troubles. He is someone who gives me peace in times of turmoil, someone what I could trust with my life and someone who gave up his life so that I could live. If you are wondering who I found that is so important, and so perfect for me, well then I'll tell you; It is Jesus Christ. My life was completely falling apart, I was filled with so much loneliness and despair, that I was on a rapidly moving downward spiral, with little chance of recovery on my own. The night I met Jesus, I was tired, fed up – ready to go down a road of no-return, a road that would only condemn me to a place that I would not want my worst enemy to be. Hell. Yes, I was ready to take my own life and I did not think that God would send me there had I succeeded in taking my own life- but now I know differently. That night, before I could dispose of my own life, Jesus came to me; filling me with his love and his peace; and I have never been the same since. Family and friends immediately noticed the difference in me. I was much happier and filled to the brim with joy. Now my life is devoted to teaching others about the joy and peace that they too know when they turn their lives over to Jesus.

Not only does Jesus restore the joy and peace in your life, he restores order. He gives you a reason to get up each and every day and gives you a reason to press on even in times of trial. The times of loneliness and despair that I once knew, now seem as though they belong to someone else – a part of someone else's life. I now feel complete and am no longer searching for someone else to complete me. Jesus has already done that for me – and he can do the same for you as well.

Do you want to know Jesus; to enjoy a life with joy, peace, happiness and direction? I am not saying that once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that you will not have times of trials, but you will be better equipped to handle those trials. It is through Jesus Christ that you are given the strength to handle whatever trials that come your way and it is through the word of God that you are able to defeat the enemy, Satan. Will not you accept Jesus into your heart, into your life today?

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