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Being Free From Anxiety Disorder

Curing anxiety disorders can be very challenging. So challenging in fact that curing anxiety disorders need nothing less than the patient's full intention and commitment as well as a good cognitive therapy program.

For curing anxiety disorders, the cognitive therapy should also be supplemented by self help from the patient. Curing anxiety disorders will be impossible without the true integration of healing in the patient's agenda.

The opportunity for curing anxiety disorders does not lie with the therapist or with the treatment or the medication. The opportunity for curing anxiety disorders should come from the individual who suffers from the anxiety disorder. Wanting to get better and recoverive one's life and quality of living should be initiated and committed to by the patient so that true curing of anxiety disorders can really happen.

Even if one gets the best medications, therapy and treatment for the ailment, if the person is unwilling to re-examine and rethink past conditioning, he or she will be unable to grow and heal from the anxiety disorder. Understandably, intent and commitment towards curing anxiety disorders from an individual who suffers from it can be very difficult to achieve. It can be very difficult to put one's whole life in the spotlight and question its truth and relevance. However, while the cause of fear can be more frightful than the anxiety disorder itself, a willingness to heal and recovery is needed.

This principle is actually true of any type of anxiety disorder, be it generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and all sorts of phobias. The path towards healing coming from the intention within. It is only natural for this to be so because all thoughts, fears, emotions and feelings are also all internal factors that are projected outwardly to produce personal reality.

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