Can Juicing Cure Your Starbucks Addiction?

Probably not, but having a great vegetable / fruit juice combination can keep the caffeine freak away for a few days anyway. You can use "juicing recipes" to help curb many of your appetites for destruction simply by incorporating the benefits of great nutrition, and utilizing different vitamin combinations to soothe the beast of craving.

Juicing may seem as mind numbing as mopping the kitchen floor, and yes, it's so much easier to stop at the local coffee house to get a quick energy boost before a long day at work. However, juicing is the one thing we can easily do for a positive improvement in energy and health, and it does not involve excess amounts of sugar or caffeine. So why is it the one thing we rarely follow through, when the benefits are so obvious?

If you are one of the few who may have received a juicer as either a wedding gift or a present from your least favorite uncle, it's more than likely that the appliance is collecting dust in your kitchen just because it seems like so much hassle and work to make proper juice. Maybe that was true 10 years ago, but now we have juicing 2.0. The quality of mechanics in good juicers these days make it easy, fast, and actually quite entertaining to juice. If you have yet to buy a juicer, buying one at any quality appliance store will give you a powerful tool to use on your way to a healthier life. Avoid the cheaper model juicers like you would avoid the plague. Cheap juicers are the reason most of us give up on our pursuit to incorporate juicing in our daily lives, because they work in direct proportion to the amount of money you spend. When you go cheap, the results are disheartening, and can turn you off from a lifestyle choice that will bring you benefits for the rest of your life. Beside, cheap models are brutally hard to clean and they contain shoddy, negligible parts. You will be lucky to get 6 good months from a cheap juicer, while a sound product is easy to maintain and can last decades.

* factoid 1: The juicer is probably the most effective delivery system for nutrient density calories that one can have, and due to shameful entry level products it often becomes the first thing neglected in our lives.

In a perfect world juicing would be as easy as reaching into your fridge and pouring a glass of goodness, and the reality is that it's almost that easy! If you have a juicer, there are plenty of recipes available, and if it takes longer than 8 to 10 minutes to juice, consume and clean your kitchen up afterwards, you are doing something very wrong. To get a boost of repeating, usable energy you can research many recipes, one may even become your new addiction.

* factoid 2: Juicing can significantly help you avoid many of the problems that affect our health by simply injecting nutrient density calories into our diet. Did you know that by cooking vegetables you lose a significant percentage of their nutritional value? Some would say there's more nutrients on the ceiling above your stove than cooking vegetables than there is in the food you consume. Fresh juicing allows you to retain as much value from your vegetables and fruits as possible.

If you ever had a thought that juicing products could help you transform from an imperfect, tired and aging being into a vibrant, young and healthy person, juicing recipes can turn that possibility into reality. By adding fresh recipes and content as much as possible to your daily routine you can add quality years to your life, it's really that simple.

Try this recipe in place of your morning Java …

Super Juice

1 kale leaf

1 collard leaf

small hand of parsley

1 stalk of celery

1 carrot, greens removed

1/2 red pepper

1 logo

1 broccoli floret

celery stalk for garnish

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