Causes of Cellulite

In most cases eating too much, indulging in the wrong food, too many sugary drinks, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and no exercise. However there are some other conditions which could cause cellulite when he or she is not eating excessively.

Thyroid hormone deficiency: an inactive thyroid gland, whether it is moderately active or severely inactive could be a cause of cellulite. This gland situated in the neck and secretes the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone is rich in iodine which helps to burn fat. So a deficiency can cause excessive weight gain.

Pancreas and diabetes: the pancreas is a gland that secretes insulin and is located behind the stomach. When insulin is in insufficient supply or the body cells resist the effects of insulin it results in diabetes causing cellulite in some.

Disorder of adrenal glands: these little glands are just above the kidney. A disorder in these glands could give rise to cellulite.

The cortisone groups of drugs: Cortisone is sometimes used by doctors in treating sick patients. This can lead to considerable gain in weight.

Damaged circulation – if the flow of fresh blood and the flow of used blood are restricted, radicals build up and the supply of oxygen decreases leading to improper circulation and causing cellulites. This is basically caused due to wearing tight fitting clothes, sitting continuously for long periods of time and over exerting oneself.

Free radicals- Radicals are present in the environment as well as in the body. Radicals cause reactions with everything that they make contact with and cause damage. The circulatory system when damaged by radicals’ causes’ cellulite. Some of the free radicals inside our body which causes cellulite are viral infection, high exerting exercises, allergic reactions, physical and emotional stress, overeating, insufficient sleep, indigested food, hormone imbalance and poor elimination.

Some of the free radicals outside our body responsible for cellulite are processed food, alcohol and coffee, preservatives, smoking , burnt food, frozen food, read meat, herbicides, over exposure to sun, household cleaners, industrial pollution, chlorinated water and pesticides and birth control pills.

Estrogen imbalance – Though estrogen has its positive side, excess estrogen in the body weakens the connective tissues and causes cellulite.

Lack of exercise- exercise plays an important role in building up out metabolism.

Over exertion – though exercise is important to thwart cellulite. Over exertion damaged the tissues causing serious damage

Poor diet – include fiber rich food in your everyday diet and avoid junk food which builds up toxins in the body.

Digestion – is the largest factor which helps to maintain good health. Inadequate chewing cause indigestion and builds in unwanted fat.

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