Diet Tea and Diet Soda – Is There a Difference?

The perception about anything so called 'Diet' is that that will help in weight loss. Will there be a big difference when you take diet tea as against diet soda?

There are studies which have shown that diet soda will not really help you lose weight but rather may increase the risk for you to become overweight. Added to this, there are also

1. When you drink diet soft drinks or soda it contains artificial sweeteners without any calories so your body may not be able to distinguish how many calories it already has consumed which will make you crave for more and may lead to overeating or indulging in more food . You also get psychologically addicted to the drink.

2. When you give up regular soda and take diet soda just to be able to eat dessert, the tension is that instead of consuming about 3 tablespoons of sugar and 150 calories you tend to double your sugar and calories take. This is so because you tend to miscalculate just because you had diet soda.

3. Switching from regular to diet soda does not really make you lose weight because you do not really change your eating habits and still pursue your high calorie and fatty foods.

4. It is said that carbonated drinks sucks the calcium from the bones so there is a high risk especially for women to develop osteoporosis.

5. Drinking too much soda which uses artificial sweeteners such as aspartame may give you cancer or an overdose of caffeine.

Diet tea, although it contains less calories and sugar as compared to diet soda, may also have similar effects if taken excessively. It also has more diuretic ingredients which increases your liquid (urine) discharge.

Comparatively, there is a very small difference between diet soda and diet tea. Although tea would be better than soda in terms of sugar content, it is still the best option to either drink water or tea infused and brewed from fresh tea leaves or tea bags. If you want or crave for the sweeteners, use honey to sweeten your drink or add a slice of lemon to your water or fresh tea for a refreshing taste. For those who like carbonated drinks, then you can take soda water which has no sugar, no artificial sweetener and no caffeine content.

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