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Hibernation Concept Until a Cure is Found

Occidentally a loved one dies of a disease, which is currently non-curable, yet science is on the verge of a break through. Of course these people with such illnesses do not wish to die either, in fact most likely they would like to see their future grandchildren graduate college. Such unfortunate events happen all the time and many would say this is certainly part of life, however there is another interesting new discovery, which could change all that. Mark Roth and his associates have discovered that it is possible to inducible hibernation in mice using hydrogen sulfide gas. Normally the hydrogen sulfide gas is a very deadly and toxic gas, but when used in the right ratios can put a small mammal into suspended animation or hibernation, just like the Bears do in winter.

Once induced the vital signs of the hibernating rats went down 90%, meaning their bodies were still working but at only 10%. If we could do this for dying humans of disease we could stop the disease from spreading and allow the patient to remain in hibernation for 9 times their current life expectancy, which should be long enough to allow the scientists working in various fields to come up with new cures for their ailments? Although this has not been tried on humans there are many stories of kids going into hibernation, coma victims returning to normal life and some cases where adults were frozen in an icy river, slowly thawed out and were perfectly fine afterwards. This maybe the answer to life extension for many or possibly a second chance and possible way to buy some more time until a cure is found. Think on this.

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