How To Start Green Cleaning You Home – Top 5 Essential Products You Need To Have

Do you want to green clean your home but do not know what you need to get started? That's exactly how I felt until I did some further digging and discovered lots of useful and very practical information. So I've put together a list for your quick & easy reference of what I found to the top 5 essential products you need to have in order to start green cleaning your home, naturally and safely.

1. White distilled vinegar:

White distilled vinegar, is a powerful, all natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial cleaning product and a must have product for every home. Mix vinegar with water and you have an excellent all purpose cleaning product for windows, mirrors, floors, counter tops, bathroom toilets, tile & showers, and just about anything. Using vinegar as a natural all purpose cleaner for your home is much safer, less expensive and works just as well as, if not better than most commercial chemical products.

2. Lemons & Lemon Juice:

Another excellent product to have for natural green cleaning is lemons. Lemons not only provide a fresh clean citrus spray, they also have natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties which are great for cleaning. Use lemons or lemon juice to clean and disinfect floors, counter tops, even your sink drains and garbage disposals. Mix lemon juice with vinegar for a powerful all purpose cleaning product with a fresher, less vinegar smelling scent or with olive oil for a great all natural furniture polish.

3. Club Soda:

Using a carbonated soda such as club soda is widely known as being a safer alternative to using commercial chemical products for getting out tough stains and spots whether in your clothing or your carpet. By pouring club soda generously over the stained area, then letting it set, the soda's carbonation will bring the stain to the surface and then by blotting with a rag, the salts will lift the stain from the clothing or carpet. Club soda is another must have item that I recommend having on hand especially if you have children or pets.

4. Baking Soda:

Another must have product I recommend for every household is baking soda. Baking soda is not only a great deodorizing product to keep in dark, potentially smelly places like your refrigerator or closet, but also an excellent natural cleaning product to use in your home. You can sprinkle baking soda directly or mix it with water to gently clean and scrub bathrooms, counter tops, stove tops, microwaves and almost anything. Baking soda is also an excellent fabric softener to use in your laundrey. Just pour one cup of baking soda directly into your washing machine for remarkably softer clothes, sheets or towels.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Lastly, using bleach in your home is hazardous to your health as well as your family's or pet's health. Instead use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to straight bleach. Hydrogen peroxide works as an all natural bleach and is much safer to use in your home. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting, removing stains and spots as well as cleaning your toothbrushes. When using peroxide, be aware though that peroxide is easily broken down by light so use only what you need and pour the rest back in the brown bottle and store in a dark place such as a cabinet or closet for safe keeping.

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