How to Treat Rosacea – Rosacea Natural Remedies

What Is Rosacea?

Hmm…Great question. Commonly seen in people with fair skin and can occur between the ages of 20-40 years of age.

Rosacea, although non scarring, is a long lasting skin condition of the face that can quite often be misdiagnosed as adult acne. It’s important to determine if you have acne so you can treat that appropriately. If you think you may have adult acne, there are numerous guides to reference this. Rocacea can vary in severity and can pretty much stay the same, not worsen. With Rocacea, you can experience flushing inappropriately, which is not associated with facial redness and sweating. Telangiectasias, (broken blood vessels) can appear on the cheek area. Inflammation of the skin can cause small bumps to appear. Although common to acne, blackheads and whiteheads are not symptoms of rosacea.

It is said that about half of rosacea suffers can experience conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and sties that reoccur. Most  commonly for men it can cause the nose to become enlarged.

Here are some symptoms that are associated with rosacea.

Do you have one or more of the following?

 * Blood vessel on the face

 * Eyes dry and gritty

 * Stinging or burning sensation on the face

 * The redness from blushing stays and becomes persistent

 * Skin on the nose feels thicker

 * Pimple like appearances

Rosacea Treatment

* Knowledge of the condition

* Know that it is a chronic condition

* Know what triggers it for you and try to avoid those factors

* Get control of the signs and symptoms of rosacea

* Utmost maintenance of the condition and it’s associated complications

Help Yourself

Try to keep your core body temperature low by:

* Working out in cooler areas and drink plenty of water

* Avoid exposure to cold, wind and sun

* Foods, drinks that are hot and alcohol

* Avoid certain medications that can expand your blood vessels

* Do not use cosmetics that are drying or greasy, but rather a mineral based foundation such as Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover


* Avoid using exfoliators, astringents and drying toners

* Rosacea sometimes is associated with dandruff

* Do not use hot water, harsh towels or ruff loofahs


* Using certain creams for redness or a cover-up before applying make-up can be helpful

* Again, using a mineral based foundation instead of liquid foundations will allow your skin to breathe and the natural elements in mineral based make-up are actually good for your skin.

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